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  1. Raptors Actually Sign Mickael Pietrus
  2. Game 17 (TOR v. PHO) Nov 30: Raps Look to Avoid being Torched by the Suns
  3. Casey is partly to blame for Andrea's struggles
  4. Bargnani/Jose for Gasol?
  5. Game 18 (TOR v. DEN) Dec 3: Raps Look to Hit Gold in the Mile High City
  6. Game 19 (TOR v. SAC) Dec 5: Raps Look to Steal the Crown from Kings
  7. Casey's Rotations
  8. Rival Execs Think The Raptors Are The Most Likely Landing Spot If Lakers Trade Pau
  9. why casey should be fired
  10. The Future
  11. Valanciunas could get moved to the bench in favour of Amir Johnson
  12. Raptors Trade Ideas Thread - Winter Edition
  13. Back to the basics
  14. Game 20 (TOR v. UTH) Dec 7: Raps Look to Make Jazz Sing Their Tune Tonight
  15. Raptors look to hire Hakeem to work with Valanciunas next offseason
  16. fire casey, hire SVG!!!!
  17. Fact!
  18. The Utah Massacre Reactions
  19. I want Sam Mitchell Back
  20. Firebc.com
  21. Raptors’ play ‘embarrassing,’ says GM Bryan Colangelo
  22. Game 21 (TOR v. LAC) Dec 9: Raps Look for a Win in the City of Angels Against Clips
  23. Bargnani speaks on trade rumors
  24. Quit Whining
  25. The Motion Offense
  26. Jonas - Your Views On Him So Far
  27. Game 22 (TOR v. POR) Dec 10: Raps Look to Stop the Bleeding in Portland
  28. Draft Pick Clarification
  29. AB on trading block, Calderon requests for a trade
  30. What are the chances..
  31. Player meeting
  32. Amir suspended 1 game
  33. Raps' Anderson close to returning
  34. Game 23 (TOR v. BKN) Dec 12: Raps Finally Back Home in T.DOT to face Struggling Nets
  35. Bargnani out indefinitely
  36. When do we get our next win?
  37. A curious Raptors Stat
  38. Grange on Raptors: The Future of Colangelo
  39. Bargnani Tells Italian press...
  40. Game 23 (TOR v. DAL) Dec 14: Raps Look to tame Mavs at ACC
  41. Embry, Colangelo meet with ownership, trade talk on hold.
  42. All-time Low?
  43. all hope is not lost.
  44. why trading young players right now will be better down the road
  45. Game 25 (TOR v. HOU) Dec 16: Raps Look to Prevent Rockets from Launching off at ACC
  46. Carter in Favor of Toronto Retiring Jersey
  47. Anyone Else Think We Could Still Make The Playoffs?
  48. Lowry Vs Calderon Going Forward - Who Would You Rather Keep?
  49. Ed Davis gaining popularity around the league
  50. Raptors are not interested on Gasol
  51. Fields back !!!
  52. Game 26 (TOR v. CLE) Dec 18: Raptors Look to Make it 3 in a row Against Cavs
  53. Game 27 (TOR v. DET) Dec 19: Raps Look to Take Apart Pistons at ACC
  54. Terence Ross projections
  55. Jonas ripped off of 2 points?
  56. should we send Ross (and Acy) to the Dleague to let them play 30+ mpg?
  57. Amir's New Haircut!!! Sick!!
  58. ALAN ANDERSON appreciation thread
  59. Knicks considered trading Amare for Bargnani, Dolan vetoed it
  60. Game 28 (TOR v. ORL) Dec 21: Apocalypse and Merry Christmas Game Thread!
  61. Amare
  62. Soooo Who Starts once the Injured are Uninjured?
  63. Latest JVal Injury News
  64. Sign Fisher to mentor Lowry?
  65. Raptors Are Looking to Land a Big Name SF
  66. Game 29 (TOR v. SAS) Dec 26: Raps Look to Stay Hot Against Spurs
  67. Biggest Cancer to the Toronto Raptors
  68. Who is holding the raptors back the most?
  69. Raptor Threads
  70. Jose Calderon?
  71. nate Robinson has been released?
  72. Have We Lost Love For Lowry?
  73. Lowry-surgence?
  74. Lowry to come off bench for Raptors. Possibly trying to deal him?
  75. Game 30 (TOR v. NOH) Dec 28: Raps Look to Rip Apart Hornets Down in the Big Easy
  76. Game 31 (TOR v. ORL) Dec 29: Raps Look to Make A Disappearing Act Out of Magic
  77. Marc Stein: Raptors are a lock to trade Bargnani
  78. Dwane Casey... revisited
  79. ESPN playoff odds, predicts Raptors make playoffs.
  80. Players Raptors are looking at in Bargnani trade
  81. Game 32 (TOR v. POR) Jan 2: Raps Look to Snap 5 year skid Against Blazers
  82. Sam Mitchell says he wasn't allowed to coach Andrea Bargnani the way he would have li
  83. If the Raptors make the playoffs do they still fire BC?
  84. What to do about Linas!
  85. T-Ross interview on Tim & Sid (Dunk Contest & Raps Win Streak) 7 mins
  86. Ross moving up NBA.com rookie ladder
  87. DeMar DeRozan skipped New Year’s Eve parties to watch videos to improve his play
  88. Game 33 (TOR v. SAC) Jan 4: Raps Look for Payback Against Kings
  89. Bargnani Could Be Out Another Month
  90. Ed Davis secures starting role?
  91. Game 34 (TOR v. OKC) Jan 6: Raps Face Toughest Test of 2013 Yet in the Thunder
  92. If Chris Bosh was still on the team
  93. Which Ex-raptors players do you see Coaching the team in the future?
  94. D Casey's meeting with the MLSE board
  95. Raptorized John, RIP
  96. Hoopsworld: Bargnani to Celtics deal a possibility?
  97. Raptors & Grizz Agree in Principal to Send RUDY GAY to Toronto
  98. Game 35 (TOR v. PHI) Jan 9: Raps Look to get back to on Track Against 76ers
  99. News at 4:00 ?
  100. Raptors' Ed Davis up to coach's challenge
  101. Kyle Lowry has Stephen Curry Talent/Abilities
  102. Greg Oden
  103. Road to the playoffs/Road to the lottery
  104. lowry or calderon
  105. Game 36 (TOR v. CHA) Jan 11: Raps Look to Bring the Fight to Cats at ACC
  106. Trade or no trade?
  107. Game 37 (TOR v. MIL) Jan 13 @ 1 PM: Raps Look to Take Down Some Bucks at ACC
  108. Does It Seem Like The Raptors Are Trying To Become The 2000/2001 Raptors?
  109. SLAM: DeMar DeRozan Fresh Out The Box
  110. Raptors where clairvoyantly foretold by George Lucas in 1983
  111. Game 38 (TOR v. BKN) Jan 15 @ 7 :30 PM: Raps Look to Feast on Nets in the Big Apple
  112. Casey on Lowry: "Make the right basketball play!"
  113. Is Amir Johnson a "Keeper"?
  114. Game 39 (TOR v. CHI) Jan 16: Raps Look to Wrangle up Some Bulls
  115. Ed Stefanski interview with Jeff Blair
  116. Durant: I wanted to play for the Raptors
  117. How much do you feel that Derozan has improved?
  118. Is Alan Anderson a better overall player then Demar Derozan?
  119. Game 40 (TOR v. PHI) Jan 18 @ 7 PM: Raps Look to Chow Down on the 76ers in Philly
  120. Josh Harrellson and Kris Joseph
  121. NBA admits ref's mistake AGAIN
  122. Valanciunas & Bargnani practicing (Non contact)
  123. Game 41 (TOR v. LAL) Jan 20 @ 1 PM: Raps Host Kobe and the Lakers at ACC
  124. ESPN suggests Bargs to Bobcats might be a possibility
  125. Game 42 (TOR @ MIA), Jan 23: Raps look to cool down Heat
  126. Game #43: Raptors hoping to re-capture their Magic in Orlando
  127. Report: Lowry on the Trade Block...again.
  128. Game 44 (TOR v. CLE) Jan 26 @ 7:00 PM: Raps look to Chow Down on Cavs at ACC
  129. Calderon as a Starter
  130. Game 45 (TOR v. GSW) Jan 28 @ 7:00: Raps Look to Rip Apart the Warriors at the ACC
  131. Chad Ford: Colangelo was torn between Bargnani and Gay on draft night
  132. Game 46 (TOR v. ATL) Jan 30 @ 7:00: Welcome Rudy Gay Game Thread Edition
  133. Thank You Jose !
  134. What's Next?
  135. Rudy Gay to the Raptors Trade Discussion Part II
  136. Thank you casey
  137. Thank you Ed Davis
  138. Raptors Trade/FA Ideas Thread - Post Calderon Edition
  139. Raptors Admit To Looking At Bargnani Trade Options. Bargnani would not mind trade
  140. Colangelo on Brady & Lang
  141. Emailing the League
  142. Dwane Casey: "Go back to Canada"
  143. Is Bryan Colangelo lock for an extension?
  144. Interesting Butch Carter on the Fan590
  145. Casey fined by NBA
  146. Game 47 (TOR V. LAC) Feb 1 @ 7:00: Raps Look to Shut Down LA's Best Team
  147. Rudy Gay press conference at 12:30
  148. davis or ross
  149. Well done Colangelo
  150. The Sample Size Grows (DeRozan)
  151. Stein: Raptors still want to Pursue Gasol
  152. Amir Johnson the PF of the future for us?
  153. gay wanted out of memphis
  154. Bargnani could play Sunday vs Heat
  155. Kendall Marshall wants an all Raptors dunk contest
  156. Game 48 (TOR v. MIA) Feb 3: Raps Look to Bring the Heat to Miami on Super Bowl Sunday
  157. Time to fire Casey
  158. Wade comments on Raptors
  159. Future Cap Situation
  160. Wade, DeRozan Want Ross to Dunk
  161. SI Likes What Raps Are Doing
  162. Rudy Gay on Tim & Sid
  163. How Rudy's role may have hurt his %
  164. Game 49 (TOR v. BOS) Feb 6th: Raps Hope to Steal Some Luck of the Irish from Celtics
  165. 1 minute for Jonas?
  166. "Fields out for a while" - Casey
  167. BARGNANI for BOOZER ??
  168. #RossWillDunk
  169. Chisholm: Fans now know the market price for bargnani
  170. Game 50 (TOR v. IND) Feb 8th @ 7PM: Raps Look out Pace Indiana in the Hoosier State
  171. Raptors Media
  172. Makes you wonder
  173. Val/Drummond
  174. Game 51 (TOR v. NOR) Feb 10: Raps Look to Take the Sting out of the Hornets at ACC
  175. The 6th Man
  176. Free tickets
  177. Tomislav Zubcic
  178. Jonas doesn't know opposition players names
  179. 2013 Draft Pick Hypothetical Question
  180. barbosa out for the season
  181. Remaining Games and Playoff Possibilities
  182. Ed Stefanski interview
  183. Game 52 (TOR v. DEN) Feb 12: Raps Look to Strike Gold Against Denver
  184. Game 53 (TOR v. NYK) Feb 13: Raps Look to Make it 4 Straight Heading Into Break
  185. DeMar DeMolishes Mozgov: #1 on NBA.com Dunk Ladder
  186. Anderson dishes on Raptors teammates
  187. Andrea Bargnani for Paul Millsap?
  188. Raptors "Engaged" in Trade Talks with Sixers Centered on Bargnani
  189. Tony Allen questions Rudy saying 'Demar's the best SG I've played with'
  190. 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend Discussion
  191. marc stein : Charolette is another designation for bargnani? Bargs for Gordon?
  192. Andrea Bargnani Trade Discussion & Possible Rumoured Deals
  193. Raptors bidding to host 2016 All-Star game
  194. Game 54 (TOR @ WAS), Feb 19: Raps look to continue magic in Washington
  195. BC possibly considering keeping Bargnani for the meantime. Talks future with Raps
  196. Raptors Trade For Telfair
  197. Rudy Gay: Interview with USA Today
  198. Derozan and the "T-Mac effect"?
  199. Game 55 (TOR v. MEM) Feb 20: Gay Squares off Against the Grizz for the FirstTime
  200. I have a feeling on Rudy Gay....
  201. We Need To Keep Bargs...
  202. Report: Telfair to Raps for Haddadi
  203. TRoss minutes
  204. An article on Rudy Gay from Memphis perspective
  205. Casey on TSN1050
  206. Game 56 (TOR v. NYK) Feb 22: Raps Hope to Feast on Knicks Once More at ACC
  207. BC media scrum (post trade deadline)
  208. Kleiza season and future in doubt, will most likely need knee surgery
  209. It's time people stop hating on Andrea Bargnani
  210. Matty D(evlin)/Wale Beef
  211. What Are The Chances
  212. New 'Raptors Shake' Coming Up?
  213. Woj: Amir getting recognition for MIP?
  214. Game 57 (TOR v. WAS) Feb 25: Raps hope for a Win in their quest for playoffs
  215. is Casey the right coach for the raps?
  216. Rudy Gay's Ceiling
  217. Game 58 (TOR v. CLE) Feb 27: Raps Hope to Get Back on the Right Foot Against Cavs
  218. Should we trade Demar Derozan?
  219. Raptors Player Efficiency Ratings
  220. Construct Your Ideal Raptors Rotation
  221. Doug Collins video i think we can relate
  222. Game 59 (TOR v. IND) Mar 1: Raps look to out pace Indiana at ACC
  223. Fire Bryan Colangelo...
  224. Game 60 (TOR v. MIL) Mar 2: Raps Running out of games and time in hunt for Playoffs
  225. Andrea Top 5; Jonas Bottom 5-MIT-Sloan Analytics Conference
  226. Game 61 (TOR v. GSW) March 4: Raps Look to Kick off West Coast Trip with a Bang
  227. Acy sent to the Dleague.
  228. Raptors Starting Five Currently #1 In Defensive Rating
  229. keeping ross a mistake?
  230. If Raptors Were Team Canada prospects how good would we be?
  231. Billups Urges Lowry To Take Advantage Of Opportunity With Raptors
  232. Game 62 (TOR v. PHO) March 6: Raps Look to avoid being Scortched by Suns
  233. Gay contract extension next in the offseason.
  234. BC era coming to an end?
  235. are we ok with what bargnani is doing now?
  236. Offseason Sign & Trade Ideas Thread
  237. Game 63 (TOR v. LAL) March 8: Raps look to get hot on Western Road Trip
  238. RUDY GAY (among the 30 least cap-appealing contracts.
  239. Jonas' Minutes
  240. At this point in I would like to summarize...
  241. Game 64 (TOR v. CLE) March 10: Raps look for some payback against Cavs
  242. What is your interest level in the rest of this season?
  243. Thoughts on Amir Johnson?
  244. Raptors To Increase Ticket Prices Next Season
  245. Spears: Raptors to pursue Carl Landry in the off-season
  246. Bargnani done for season and hopefully for good as a Raptor
  247. Game 65 (TOR @ BOS) March 13: Raps hope for "luck of the Irish" in Beantown
  248. Game 66 (TOR v. CHA) March 15: Raps Look to Tear Apart Cats
  249. Would you of rather waited for Andrew Wiggins or do you want to win now and why?
  250. something that im bitter about