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  1. Game 76 (TOR v. ORL) April 3: Raps Look to Perform a Magic Show At ACC
  2. How good can Demar be?
  3. Raptor PG battle
  4. Toronto Raptos Draft Thread 3.0
  5. PSD Raptors Draft Website
  6. Demar Derozan on the NBA.com MIP list.
  7. ESPN's Raps Discussion: The Realistic
  8. Game 77 (TOR v. NYK) April 5: Raps look to Sink their Teeth into the Big Apple
  9. Raptors will Select #5 in the 2011 NBA DRAFT
  10. Game 78 (TOR v. CLE) April 6: 4 Games Left for the Young Raps to Prove their Worth
  11. Colangelo to the...Knicks?
  12. How good can Bayless be?
  13. Game 79 (TOR v. PHI) April 8: Raps Looking Forward to a Philly Cheese Steak Tonight!
  14. Raptors off-season trades/signings
  15. The Raptorsí 2010-11 report card- Eric Koreen
  16. Game 80 (TOR v. NJN) April 10: Raps Now Control Third Place in the Draft Lottery
  17. Free agents: Summer 2011
  18. Free Agents: Summer 2011 *NOT ANOTHER DRAFT THREAD*
  19. Trading Sonny Weems might be a problem!
  20. Explosive Players vs Explosive Knees
  21. Game 81 (TOR v. MIL) April 11: Two Teams Playing for Nothing but Pride
  22. Reggie Evans 2.0?
  23. Who Should Stay or Go: Doug Smith
  24. Game 82 (TOR v. MIA) April 13: Season ends tonight, It has been a pleasure everyone!
  25. OT Thread: "The Revival"
  26. A Tribute to Maha. The GOAT.
  27. 'The Chop' Speaks about Son Ed Davis
  28. Silvestri Makes Raps Look Bad to Rival NBA Executive?
  29. Should The Raptors Keep Triano as Head Coach?
  30. JJ or Bayless - Better Piece for the Future
  31. Nets To Host Multi-Player Draft Workout Open To All 30 NBA Teams
  32. Chisholm: It's time for the raptors to trade bargnani
  33. First Round Playoff Discussion: Raps Edition
  34. Off-season options and the path to respectabiity
  35. Chisholm: Who Will Raps Target With Their Pick?
  36. Thoughts on Colangelo's end of season press conference
  37. would adelman be a good head coach of the toronto raptors?
  38. Toronto Raptors OT thread: Saddler the Gr8 Edition
  39. Bryan Colangelo: "We need a bigger, better post presence"
  40. Are you rooting for any ex-Raptors that are in the playoffs?
  41. Do the raptors need a top 10 player ?
  42. Former Raptor arrested for pistol whipping
  43. Building this team - Direction, Future Contention
  44. Stein: If No Colangelo, Raps To Draft in Embry?
  45. greg oden
  46. Where does Demar rank in his draft class?
  47. Yahoo: Raptors may not want Colangelo around this summer
  48. Raps OT Thread: Part II- The Sexy Edition
  49. Jack Armstrong Gives It To Bargs
  50. How many Ex-Raptors?
  51. Chad Ford: Raptors likely to pick D-Will if they win lottery
  52. gm situation
  53. Iggy ??
  54. Tristan Thompson
  55. Second Round Playoff Discussion: Raps Edition
  56. OT Thread: Tha most swag filled action!!!
  57. Bargnani for Gay
  58. Raptors Off-Season Signing / Trades Discussion
  59. Which Toronto Raptors are on Twitter and what are their usernames?
  60. Do you keep Barbosa?
  61. Worst comparison of All-time
  62. Poll: Should the Raptors try to trade their 2011 draft pick
  63. lol Bosh
  64. Andrea Bargnani Speaks: Leggo Sport News
  65. What they are saying about our franchise...
  66. Chisholm: BC's 5 Best Moves
  67. Chisholm: BC's 3 Worst Moves
  68. Teachersí Looking To Buy TDís Stake In MLSE
  69. DeRozan Interview with DimeMag.com
  70. Raptors OT Thread - Luv, Peace, and Chicken Grease.
  71. Ed Davis Gets Snubbed again...
  72. All time worst raptors
  73. Bell Or Rogers To Pay $2.25B For MLSE?
  74. Raptors OT Thread- MHC, Bigger than life itself..
  75. NBA Proposes $45 Million Hard Salary Cap
  76. Raptors OT Thread- Saddlers FTW
  77. Raptors and Colangelo closing in on contract extension: Sources
  78. Raptors, Colangelo Agree To A Multi-Year Extension
  79. espn mock draft lottery
  80. Bryan Colangelo re-signs with the Raptors.
  81. Amir Johnson to Have Ankle Surgery
  83. big rumors of il mago trading and signing marc
  84. Raptors Draft THREAD 4.0
  85. Toronto Raptors Draft Thread 4.0 (5th pick)
  86. Raptors OT Thread - Ever fired your gun in the air and yelled, 'Aaaaaaah?'
  87. kanter rejects interview with raptors
  88. Is It Time To Move Bargnanin To Small Forward?
  89. Brandon Jennings?
  90. Kanter DOESN'T Reject Raptors
  91. Bargnani Speaks...
  92. Report: Raptors interested in Rudy Gay
  93. Raps OT Thread: FREE WALLACE!!!!!
  94. Raps looking to replace Maurizio Gherardini?
  95. Reggie Evans not back with Raptors?
  96. Colangelo Impressed With Tristan Thompson
  97. BC in search of a GM replacement?
  98. Chisholm: Raptors Need TO Evaluate Coaching Options
  99. Where would our young guys be drafted?
  100. Is BC going to use the trade exception?
  101. Raps OT Thread: Mavs/Cheat
  102. Do you want the purple jerseys back?
  103. Weems Finally Forced To Pay Up?
  104. new posters. expose yourself.
  105. Valanciunas' Buyout To Be Raised To At Least $3M
  106. what if
  107. Triano no longer Raps coach!
  108. Who do you want as next Head Coach?
  109. Amir Johnson to have ankle surgery friday
  110. Raptors Canada's Team?
  111. Raptors Off-Season Signing / Trades Discussion Part II
  112. Dear Bryan Colangelo
  113. Who should the raptors take?
  114. DeMar at the 2011 Drew League
  115. Flynn And The Raptors?
  116. raps front runners for the 2nd pick
  117. The ones that got away on BC
  118. Demar untouchable
  119. Stein: Raptors interested in Former Hawks coach Mike Woodson
  120. Casey or Frank next Raptors coach
  121. Colangelo looking to aquire another top 10 pick, derozan NOT included in any package
  122. Raptors OT Thread - The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
  123. Raptors Draft THREAD 5.0 - No more hoopsworld rumours!!!
  124. Barbosa - Opt Out and Options
  125. Bosh and Marion back to the Raptors next year?
  126. Building a team.
  127. Andrea's stock value sky rocketing?
  128. BC European Interview for BasketUSA.com
  129. Model Chick Exposes Kyrie Irving?
  130. Former Raptors - Chris Bosh - No regrets leaving TO
  131. Hometown Kids' Raps Workout
  132. Casey Close To Being New Coach?
  133. Stat breakdown on possible coaches...
  134. Mock Draft Consensus
  135. does hiring Casey means a big chance to chandler?
  136. Ford: Raptors are seriously looking at biyombo and will potentially trade down
  137. Toronto Raptors Youtube Videos (Players & Team)
  138. Vince Carter
  139. Dwane Casey Hired as Next Raptors Head Coach
  140. And you were hoping for a major free agent splash this summer...
  141. Andrew Bogut
  142. Chrisholm latest take on the draft
  143. Doug: Raps top 4 are...
  144. Casey News Conference Today at 1pm
  145. Tony Parker for the 5th?
  146. Poll: Who would you draft?
  147. Question on the lineup?
  148. Raps' Barbosa Would "Love To Play With Parker"
  149. Draft Thread 6.0 - Raptors Select Jonas Valanciunas
  150. Raptors OT thread: Where amazing, and Jonas Valanciunas happens
  151. WTH Raps dint pick knight
  152. Draft Thread 7.0: Raptors select Jonas V.
  153. Are you happy with who the Raptors drafted?
  154. Jonas Valanciunas Mix - Welcome to Toronto!
  155. "We plan to target a free agent centre" - Casey
  156. Does BC Want To Tank Next Season?
  157. Do you think Ed outplays Bargnani?
  158. Raptors Draft Thread 8.0: Closing Time Edition
  159. Is Amir Johnson expendable?
  160. Jonas Watch
  161. Buyout with Valanciunas reached
  162. Raptors exercise options on DeMar, Johnson and Davis
  163. Casey Assembles Staff! Johnny Davis Named Lead Assistant
  164. Are Raps fan expecting too much from Bargnani?
  165. Is Casey the Best Coach for Bargnani? Lets take a look at Mavc vs Tor
  166. Raps Mixed Culture Revealing Deep Racism?
  167. Barbosa Opts IN
  168. 2011-12 Toronto Raptors Salaries and Flexebility
  169. Who is this dude who wears #10 for us?
  170. Raptors Extend Qualifying Offer to Weems
  171. Jonas Negatives
  172. Valanciunas and Bargnani Can Work?
  173. Do The Raptors Need a Tradional Sytle PG to Succeed at The Next Level?
  174. Reggie Evans.
  175. Casey: Bargs is not going to be starting C
  176. Strong Game For Valanciunas In Exhibition Play
  177. Gherardini to sign new contract with the Raptors?
  178. Alex English gone
  179. Canada Under 19 men's team
  180. Who do you think is the favorite for C.
  181. Toronto Going Hard After Tyson Chandler
  182. Raptors going after Dalembert?
  183. Lock-out: Good for Us or Too Much to Give Up
  184. Changes coming in Raptors front office?
  185. No more money.... Weems
  186. Scouting 2012 draft: SF edition
  187. Gilbert Arenas: Rebuilding Teams
  188. Profession Basketball Next Year NBLofCanada
  189. Video: Harrison Barnes The Player Raptors Need
  190. I think every raptors fan should watch this
  191. David Aldridge's Opinion On Lockout
  192. Jonas/Bargnani vs. Jonas/Ed
  193. Does Bautista's All Star Votes Prove Bosh Wrong?
  194. Last chance for Bargnani?
  195. Sonny Weems Tribute Mix
  196. Raptors OT thread: Im on one
  197. Raps Affiliated With Bakersfield (Calif.) Jam Of DL
  198. DeMar and Sonny "Teammates for life"...?
  199. Amir Johnson 2010-2011 Mix
  200. "And his name is Jay Midi!" (Julian Wright)
  201. Raptor Grades: Andrea Bargnani
  202. Lithuanians' Excited For Jonas & Raptors
  203. Wolstat: Lots to like about Valanciunas
  204. Next stop, Eurobasket 2011!
  205. Is Andrea Bargnani arguably the worst defensive player in the league?
  206. Raptor Grades: Demar Derozan
  207. Casey Announces New Coaching Staff
  208. are you happy with the teams new direction??
  209. Raps and Thunder Get Better Courts
  210. Raptor Grades: Jose Calderon
  211. NBA Playbook: Full scouting report on Valanciunas
  212. Toronto's new GM....?
  213. Jonazzing Over Jonas
  214. Eurobasket 2011 - JV vs AB - Who Takes Who?
  215. Casey Aims To Make Toronto An Attractive Destination For NBA Players
  216. Raptors OT thread: Who needs a Big 3 when you have a big Jonas
  217. 50 Dubious Raptor Moments Recap (2006)
  218. NBA Schedule To Be Released Tuesday
  219. Team Canada News: FIBA AMERICAS 2011
  220. Raptors 2011-2012 "Schedule"
  221. Alex McKechnie- Working with Bargs & Jonas?
  222. DeRozan Taking Part in Drew Vs. Goodman
  223. Raps OT Thread: Swaggin like Caillou
  224. Hoopsworld: Top 5 most promising back-courts...DeMar and Bayless?
  225. Kleiza To Star In TV Series
  226. David Aldridge: BC weeks away from hiring GM
  227. 2011-2012 Season Likely Cancelled: Union Chief
  228. Tyson Chandler's Prelockout Talks w/Mavs were "So Far Apart"
  229. Euro Basketball.
  230. Nike Global Challenge: Canada vs. USA for gold 11pm est tonight
  231. Derozan Showing some Fire
  232. Raps OT Thread - The Wrath of PillowPants
  233. Jonas Watch 2.0: Eurobasket 2011 & Euro League
  234. James Johnson: Basketball Player, Kick-Boxer, and Enigma
  235. Breaking: Barbosa close go signing in Brazil
  236. Goodman League vs Drew League
  237. NBL Draft done, next step get out and support your team
  238. Hopeless?
  239. Yahoo NFL Draft - Raptors Forum Only!
  240. Raptors Outside of the NBA
  241. Players Losing Public Perception War?
  242. Raptors' Colangelo Wants A Sidekick?
  243. Raptors OT thread: Luv, peace and chicken grease part 2
  244. Who has more potential? Ed, DeMar or Jonas?
  245. My Boy Bargs, New and Improved
  246. Andre Drummond: Officially going to UCONN this year
  247. Question about the lockout ....
  248. Rip Hamilton
  249. Raptor's Roster right now:
  250. DeMar Derozan to show off the dunks he didn't get to do