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  1. Nash FINALLY retires!
  2. Our wanted pick!
  3. Philly must win!
  4. Tournament standouts/disappointments
  5. Lakers vs Philly!!!
  6. Why is there no urgency to bring a legit shot blocker to the Lakers?
  7. Thunder vs Lakers
  8. Consensus: Could a combo of Clarkson and JLin be the answer at PG moving forward?
  9. Lakers/Timberwolves GT
  10. Minni vs Lakers Who tanks harder?
  11. 2015 NBA Draft Sleepers
  12. Lakers vs Raptors
  13. Predictions on how many games will they win out of the 11
  14. Players been telling Scott they would love to come to Lakers
  15. Who do you want to pick with our first round pick?
  16. YOUR realistic to semi-realistic dream offseason.
  17. Nets vs Lakers
  18. gamethread
  19. Based on previous lotteries..........
  20. Worst case Pick...Who do you take at #5?
  21. Lakers vs Pelicans
  22. Lakers addinga PG!
  23. Jordan Clarkson wins Rookie Of The Month honors for March
  24. Lakers vs Portland
  25. Would you make Clarkson the starting PG for next year?
  26. Lakersvs Clippers
  27. Clippers owe us a 2015 2nd round pick if...
  28. gamethread 4 lAKers and clipperz
  29. Are Clarkson and Black two steals?
  30. this is the lakers vs nuggets gamethread
  31. magic win .... Lakers losing.. 4th spot locked in...
  32. Lakers 1st Overall Trade
  33. you may discuss the wolves lakers game here in this thread
  34. Don't ever feel sympathy for the Lakers
  35. Summer league 2015 dream team!
  36. Let's talk about our Houston 1st round pick...
  37. April 12: Lakers vs Mavs
  38. thread of the game tonight of mavs and lakers
  39. Rondo vs Clarkson analysis
  40. lakers and queens thread of game
  41. Is there anyone else you wanna keep for next year?
  42. Priority: Lakers To Explore Nick Young Trades
  43. it ends tonight GT
  44. Vet Min guys for next year - Here's a list
  45. 2015-2016 NBA draft standings - June 25th
  46. Ed Davis truly wants to stay with the Lakers
  47. Jalen Rose- Insider Scoop. Predicts Love and Rondo to the Lakers this summer
  48. Let's put this KLove to the Lakers thing being pushed by Momo to bed
  49. If we get the #1 pick, who do we pick and why?
  50. Will Kobe's new extension be 2 years at $20M or 3 years at $15M ?
  51. Should we hire Steve Nash as an assistant coach?
  52. 2015 NBA Draft - Mitch don't screw this one up.
  53. The 2 biggest draft steals Mitch Kupchak must target
  54. Report: Lakers preparing to offer Jimmy Butler max contract
  55. 2015 NBA DRAFT Combines: What the Lakers are doing...L
  56. Future Star Jordan Clarkson Back in the Gym
  57. Jordan Clarkson Made First Team All Rookie!
  58. 2015 NBA lottery: predict our position
  59. Clippers inerested in signing Wesley Johnson
  60. What do we do at C?
  61. Lakers had a handshake deal for a Kevin Garnett trade in 2007
  62. Got my Lakers gear on
  63. Lakers are in the top 3!!!
  64. ?
  65. Lakers Will Pick #2: Who Do You Want?
  66. Prepare for Okafor: K.A.T. and Wiggins are good friiends. No Brainer pick for Minny
  67. And now the Agents Take Over...
  68. Report: Lakers to Pursue Thibs
  69. Our new SF?
  70. Jahlil Okafor: Playing with Purpose
  71. Los Angeles Lakers: Short-Term Objective 2015
  72. Frank Kaminsky: I would take Jahlil Okafor No. 1 over Karl-Anthony Towns
  73. Kobe's contract
  74. FYI: Key 2015 Offseason Dates
  75. Lakers draft workout thread
  76. If we take Russell, free agent big we should consider
  77. Mitch Kupchak on trading the 2nd pick. "It would take a heck of a deal"
  78. Okafor-Randle-Black rotation
  79. The Myth of Rim Protection Importance.
  80. Watch Mudiay destroy Russell
  81. Wade to the Lakers?
  82. #27 + #34
  83. The next Jordan Clarkson and our next steal....FA K.J. McDaniels
  84. Tobias Harris?
  85. Pick your RFA: Middleton-Carroll-Harris
  86. Chad Ford predicts Lakers will DRaft Jahlil Okafor and Joseph Young in the Rd 1
  87. 2010 Lakers championship team: crazy, Kobe and Pau are the only survivors
  88. Kupchak and co. Take Mudiay to dinner. Mudiay will work out tomorrow.
  89. Would you consider trading Clarkson or Randle for Paul George?
  90. KAT Pre Draft Workout & Interview
  91. #2 pick is in... for a workout...Russel today/Jahlil tomorrow.
  92. Draft picks 27 and 34.
  93. Lakers to extend to the GLOAT - Robert Sacre
  94. Rumor: LA is locked on drafting Okafor
  95. Perfect Draft Day
  96. What about Carlos Boozer...
  97. Let's play a game
  98. Rumor: Przingis getting a look by Lakers at #2
  99. The Plumlees
  100. League Sources. Jimmy Butler interested in signing with the Lakers
  101. David Lee...
  102. Lakers bring in Nebraska Guard Terran Petteway for a 2nd look...Could be picked 27th
  103. Lakers are actively taking trade calls for the #2 pick....
  104. Jordan Clarkson Got Big. 😯
  105. Lakers unlikely to exercice Jordan Hill's option
  106. HOOPSRUMORS Source: Joseph Young has received a 1st Round Promise from the Lakers?
  107. Towns refusing to work out for the Lakers...Could mean Minny handshake deal
  108. Ed Davis looking for 8-10 mil per on new deal
  109. Harrison Twins
  110. Mitch Don't Be an Idiot
  111. What can be had for Julius Randle, Jusitce Winslow?
  112. Video of Julius Randle in preseason going up against Draymond Green...........
  113. D'Angelo Russell makes his case as Laker's draft pick...r
  114. breaking news! 3 team trade in the works?
  115. Justin Anderson Ranked 27th on Draft Express!
  116. KJ McDaniel
  117. Sixers looking to move up...Could offer Lakers their 2016 1st round pick back?
  118. Ockhams Razor and the case for Lakers selecting Okafor.
  119. The Official 2015 NBA Draft Thread
  120. trade down idea
  121. UPDATE: Kings and Lakers continue to discuss Demarcus Cousins trade...
  122. UPDATE: Kings and Lakers continue to discuss Demarcus Cousins trade...
  123. Sheridan Hoops: D'Angelo Russell apparently is the favorite now according to the FO?
  124. No to Cousins
  125. Draft night comments!
  126. Aldridge wants Lakers
  127. Very most you would give for just cousins.
  128. The Aldridge Plan!!
  129. Keving Ding: Okafor did not impress in 2nd workout ...Lakers will draft Russell
  130. GS has the SPLASH BROS Lakers' Russell and Clarkson will be named...
  131. Mitch On NBA TV Interview: Unofffically Officially Picking Jahlil Okafor!
  132. Lakers take d'angelo russell with no. 2 pick- deserves own thread!
  133. Wtf?
  134. Nance removes rapist tweet
  135. Extremely disappointed w/ our late round picks
  136. $24m
  137. Lakers Contacted and Will Have Robert Upshaw Commit For The Summer League Team!
  138. lakers sign Robert Upshaw
  139. The Kobe Bryant Thread
  140. Brook Lopez
  141. DLO and Sports Science Video
  142. Byron Scott: Russell and Clarkson Will Start Together at Backcourt!
  143. Report: Sacramento gave agent permission to seek Laker trade for Cousins
  144. Can Ed Davis be our starting Center?
  145. What kinda player would u like Russell to become
  146. videos of Russell's in game passing and shooting abilities
  147. Marc Gasol has NO interest in signing w/ Lakers
  148. Kobe, the reason for Lakers Downfall?
  149. Marc Gasol didn't say Kobe
  150. Report:The Lakers would trade Russell for Cousins straight up...
  151. Los Angeles Lakers Prepare Contract Offer for LaMarcus Aldridge
  152. 76ers file grievance against Lakers for Bynum trade, seek $3 Million compensation.
  153. Greg Monroe meeting with Lakers
  154. 2015 NBA Free-agency (June 29)
  155. Report: Jimmy Bitler wants to sign a year deal with the Lakers...
  156. Lakers inform Jordan Hill they wont pick up his contract
  157. Spurs are not in position to sign LeMarcus Aldrigde...
  158. Lakers introduce 2015 draft class
  159. Can they go over?
  160. Lakers interested in Iman Shumpert
  161. Russell Already Recruiting Free Agents to Come to the Lakers!
  162. Lakers working to unload contracts/free up money
  163. Lakers Didn't make a good impression on Lamarcus Aldridge (Lakers Nation)
  164. Jordan
  165. what are our options at C?
  166. Lakers should trade for Roy Hibbert
  167. Breaking news related to D Green!!
  168. Lakers and Aldridge have a verbal /Agreement?
  169. Lakers
  170. Kobe still eats first
  171. Lakers get 2nd meeting with LeMarcus Aldridge tonight in LA.
  172. Say adios to Davis!
  173. Jeanie Buss: Jim will resign if we donít make WCF within two years
  174. Potential Low Cost Impact Free Agents/The Future
  175. Mark Madsen is Lakers' Analytics Guru
  176. An opportunity is opening for Robert Upshaw to shine...
  177. 2016 and 2017 FA
  178. Old school Laker fan checking in, these will be some hard times and here is why.
  179. 1st move before the dominoes fall - Lakers re-signing W. Ellington...What's next?
  180. Lakers actively trying to trade for Hibbert
  181. Look Ahead 2016 Free Agency
  182. Lakers sign Lou Williams- Woj
  183. Lakers talking S&T with Mavs 4 Lin
  184. Lakers to sign Brandon Bass
  185. Bass to the Lakers
  186. Projected depth chart thread
  187. Lakers are trying to clear space!!!
  188. Lakers Bulls discussing trade???
  189. 7ft California kid Justin Hamilton on Laker's radar
  190. So how much better did we get?
  191. Lakers Summer League Team Having Their First Practice!
  192. Larry Sanders playing Basketball with Nick Young this summer
  193. Where would you rank this season for Kobe?
  194. Lakers Working on Sign-and-Trade Deal for Bullsí Taj Gibson?
  195. Word Is Getting Out On Robert Upshaw 😎
  196. Is Everyone catching on yet? Julius Randle is in BEASTMODE!!!!!! = 2015-16 Playoffs
  197. 2015 Key Acquisitions
  198. Article Written By Jordan Clarkson, "My Rookie Year"
  199. Jordan Reconsidering
  200. Brandon Bass or Taj Gibson?
  201. jordan to clippers LOL cuban
  202. Roy Hibbert trade being finalized today
  203. Byron Scott: Kobe moving to Small Forward confirmed
  204. Lakers interested in trading for Brendan Haywood
  205. Lakers 5-on-5 Scrimmage.
  206. your starting lineup
  207. Summer League Coach Mark Madsen's Take on Summer League Roster
  208. Anthony Brown - The future 3 and D
  209. Nick Young - all indications are he won't be traded this summer
  210. Upshaw Signs Two-Year Deal (First Year Partially Guaranteed)
  211. Lakers Have Offically Signed Robert Upshaw!
  212. It may sound crazy but what about Bynum to possibly back up Roy?
  213. D"Angelo Russell - The Elephant in the room
  214. Anyone watching these summer games and getting worried that LA made a Mistake?
  215. Jabari Brown has game...
  216. Is Byron Scott the right man going forward?
  217. Lakers interested in Ty Lawson?
  218. Scott: Russell, Clarkson and Lou Williams will be Lakersí new three-guard rotation
  219. Welcome to LA "Sweet" Lou Williams (Video)
  220. Lakers officially introduce Hibbert. Lou, Bass
  221. Lakers should sign Dellavedova
  222. Kobe Bryant at power forward
  223. Laker being over looked?
  224. Vitti to Retire After Upcoming Season
  225. SASHA's BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  226. Q&A w/ Kobe
  227. D'Angelo Russell needs to separate himself from his dad.....SMH
  228. Kobe Bryant Appreciation Thread: 2013 - ???
  229. Roy Hibbert has made the changes that will make him a Defensive All Star again...
  230. Lakers sign Texas Forward Jonathon Holmes
  231. Lakers and Mavs frontrunners for JaValle McGee
  232. LAL eye Mario Chalmers
  233. Lakers 2015-2016 Schedule
  234. Post Summer League Evaluation on DLO Russell.
  235. A new member for our team
  236. ESPN Unimpressed with Lakers roster
  237. Video...Jordan Clarkson is looking like he's ready to explode this season...
  238. God Shammgod: Taught Kobe how to dribble, at 16 said he would be better than MJ
  239. Happy Birthday Kobe!
  240. Ryan West Promotion
  241. Lakers Looking to Sign a Familiar Face
  242. Jordan Clarkson to play for Philippines national team?
  243. Byron Scott Plans To Use ESPN Summer Forecast As Motivation
  244. Buss: We had hibbert trade locked up before free agency began...
  245. Robert Upsahw: "I will be a Laker!"
  246. FC Barcelona point guard Marcelo Huertas has agreed to a 1-year deal with the Lakers
  247. Which Lakers player has the most value this season?
  248. Humorless Offseason Doldrums Thread
  249. WTF?...Worst move ever...Agent dumps Jordan Clarkson!!!!!...
  250. Michael Frazier or Jabari Brown...who you got?