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  44. Religious people are less intelligent than atheists, study finds
  45. Anti-gay family sets sail from US, trusts God, gets lost at sea
  46. Woman Hung Her Nephew's Dog For Chewing On Her Bible
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  50. Not abour religion or athiesm itself, but an interesting read nonetheless.
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  52. Can someone explain to me why this guy is still called a "journalist"?
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  55. Man vs Nature; how monotheism changed our cosmotheory
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  57. Everybodies goal in life should be enlightenment!
  58. literalism and enlightnement
  59. Atheist lawsuit rejecting 'under God' part of Pledgeto be heard by Mas. Supreme Court
  60. atheists how have you been discriminated against?
  61. Is it possible to actually talk religion?
  62. Many Americans link U.S. military strike in Syria to end times
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  74. Election Over, the Mormon Church Quietly Re-enters the Gay Marriage Fight
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  77. Church Officials: Child Sex Abuse Victims Were Just Looking For Love and Fulfillment
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  84. Dolan Says Church Is ‘Caricatured’ as Antigay
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  91. Library Rejects $3K Donation From Atheist Blogger, Saying He Belongs To 'Hate Group'
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  93. Malcolm X, a man that understood the system
  94. South Carolina Wants to Make School Prayer Mandatory
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  98. When was the concept of trinity intoduced in Christianity?
  99. Another Jewish Infant in New York Contracts Herpes During Ultra-Orthodox Bris
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  102. do you think less of people if they believe in God?
  103. jane goodall talks on science and spirt
  104. Can you be both an Atheist and Religious?
  105. Pope says "no literal hell" "adam and Eve" a fable
  106. Why do you still believe?
  107. Indian village worships interesting god
  108. What do you think of Kent Hovind?
  109. Why do Christians follow the republican version of Christianity?
  110. What do you think of Kalam's cosmological argument?
  111. You are now God
  112. Religious beliefs and truther beliefs: a study of PSD posters.
  113. Is starlight from distant stars a problem for a 6,000 year old earth?
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  115. Chi Healing Video
  116. Any atheists consider yourself spiritual?
  117. Children Exposed To Religion Have Difficulty Distinguishing Fact From Fiction
  118. Say one nice thing about a religion practice that isn't your own
  119. Using pew research where do the political beliefs of different religious groups
  120. To atheists: A question about the calendar
  121. Adrian Peterson and sparing the rod, the religious aspects
  122. what if the world was divided into religious states instead of nation states
  123. Comedic article about some of the crazier moments of the old testament.
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  125. TYT Reza Aslan interview
  126. Nuns on the run
  127. Washington National Cathedral hosts friday Muslim prayers
  128. What do you think happens when we die?
  129. Poll- Age of Earth & Evolution
  130. Priest bans panties
  131. Atheists of America to put up "war on christmas" billboards
  132. Using religious text as means of controlling others, vs non religious text
  133. Veena Malik sentenced to 26 years in jail for blasphemy in Pak
  134. Will religion ever disappear?
  135. The war on Xmas
  136. Why to do people who are adamant about there faith or lack there of seem so parnoid
  137. What is the best argument for Gods existence
  138. Anti-Muslim (and Hindu?) vandalism in Washington
  139. Religious people: Do you feel religious guilt?
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  141. Is America Greater Without God?
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  144. How do animals fit into your religion?
  145. If Jesus had a baseball team
  146. Why religious organizations should be taxed
  147. "Don't believe in evolution? Try thinking harder."
  148. Removal of Ten Commandments monument
  149. If "Redskins" must go, then why not "Devils"?
  150. Religion: What's the harm?
  151. Is religion or atheism the problem?
  152. Why is there so much obsession and paranoia over President Obama's religion?
  153. Where is God?
  154. More evidence that Dawkins is more concerned with fame and attention than anything el
  155. Are Omnipotence and Morality Compatible?
  156. Open Season on Christians?
  157. Ohio church’s $1,000 tip saves pizza delivery woman from eviction
  158. Why so many atheists here?
  159. Is Christianity unique?
  160. Why is it so hard for Christians to admit to scientific explanations?
  161. This guy brings down the house
  162. The Negative Association between Religiousness and Children’s Altruism across World
  163. Sharia!!!!
  164. Ask An Atheist
  165. Do you partake in religious activities despite not being sold?
  166. The Jews don't need to accept Christ as there savior to be saved
  167. Teacher gives students Arabic calligraphy assignment and parents freak out
  168. FBI Says 94% of Terrorist Attacks in the US Since 1980 Are by Non-Muslims
  169. Texas Restaurant Chain Holiday Policy. We say Merry Christmas
  170. UK Muslim family barred from flight to America
  171. Atheism=Satanism?
  172. Is politics the new religion in America?
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  174. Do you believe in Platonic Truth?
  175. Up to 50 Dead In Orlando Nightclub Mass Shooting
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  177. What's up with all the kid raping?
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  210. Pakistan acquits Christian woman Bibi in iconic blasphemy case
  211. GOD: A Biography
  212. Do you believe in the Zodiac?
  213. "Our loss but Heaven's gain."
  214. Pro Life, Pro Choice: Does any of this come from God?
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  217. The Epicurean Paradox at work: Does going to church help?
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  238. Why I might believe in God after all
  239. Happy New Year!!!!!
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