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  1. Is There Such a Thing as "Free Will"?
  2. Scientists Invent Particles That Will Let You Live Without Breathing
  3. AP: Scientists to announce they have enough evidence to show existence of Higgs boson
  4. 17 Animals That Became Extinct In Our Lifetime
  5. Welcome to MARS
  6. Higgs Boson For The Layman
  7. Science videos!
  8. Genetically modified mosquitoes may limit the spread of fatal diseases
  9. Amazing new robot controlled by human thought alone
  10. How Humans Shape the Evolution of Other Species
  11. Higgs boson find could make light-speed travel possible, scientists say
  12. New video offers a remarkable space trip for those grounded by reality
  13. Sounds of Northern Lights confirmed
  14. X-ray belching black hole discovered by astronomers
  15. Science Off-Topic Thread
  16. Astronaut Photo Captures Elusive, Strange Lightning
  17. Texas drought tied to man, thialand floods not so much.
  18. BPA can cause interspecies mating: Study
  19. Scientists Set The Higgs Boson To Music
  20. Stunning vortex appears on Saturn’s moon, puzzles scientists
  21. Scientists find anti-Alzheimer's gene mutation
  22. White LEDs Grown on Paper
  23. Ghost Galaxies' of Early Universe Seen by Hubble Telescope
  24. Gigantic Prehistoric Turtle Discovered
  25. How can we continue to afford it?
  26. Alaska Landside Largest North American Slide Recorded
  27. What would disprove evolution?
  28. Lightning captured at 7207 images per second
  29. Meme theory: Do we come up with ideas or do they, in fact, control us?
  30. NASA Planning for Mars Mission in 2030s
  31. Dark matter is the thread connecting galaxy clusters
  32. HIV meds approved to prevent HIV
  33. Considering the shootings today it might be good to analyze this.
  34. Pacific Ocean acid levels jeopardizing marine life
  35. Scientists Create "Fake Jellyfish"
  36. What will be the most significant scientific breakthroughs over the next 50 years?
  37. Satellites See Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Melt
  38. Cloaking Technology
  39. how we see ech other depends on the sex of the viewee, not the viewer.
  40. Rolling Stone: Global Warming's Terrifying New Math
  41. US flags still on the moon, except one: NASA
  42. Animals you believe will go extinct in our lifetime
  43. Reality is Liberating
  44. Theoretical physicists win massive awards
  45. I don't know if this is economics, science or art... But it is awsome.
  46. Researchers Discover Gene that Permanently Stops Cancer Cell Proliferation
  47. Do you think we'll have a time machine invented in our lifetime?
  48. Do you think we'll have a teleporter invented in our lifetime?
  49. Congratulations to Curiosity
  50. Scientists grow bacon from stem cells
  51. Science Journalism, and talking about sex, and same sex animal behavior.
  52. Theories for why the American Crime Rate has dropped dramatically in the last 20 year
  53. Power of Images: California Maps Greenhouse Gases
  54. 1,000,000,000,000 Frames/Second Photography - Ramesh Raskar
  55. Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram
  56. Scientists Convert A 53,000-Word Book Into DNA
  57. First man on moon Neil Armstrong dead at 82
  58. New Study links MJ with somewhat irreversable neurocognitive decline
  59. Japanese Scientists Create Touchable Holograms
  60. This is a classic "not because they are easy, but because they are hard."
  61. Jupiter meteor video: Dan Peterson catches Jupiter taking massive meteor hit on video
  62. NASA starts work on real life warp drive
  63. Dark Energy Camera Publishes First Photos
  64. The Evidence Against Evolution Part 1: Second Law of Thermodynamics
  65. Hubble XDF image compared for size with the Moon
  66. The Evidence Against Evolution, Part 2: Irreducible Complexity
  67. Mars Curiosity Rover Discovers Rocks Formed By Rushing Water
  68. New comet might blaze brighter than the full Moon
  69. Test your scientific literacy
  70. SciShow and the Vlog Bros.
  71. How scientists recreated Neanderthal man
  72. Italian scientists guilty of manslaughter in 2009 earthquake
  73. Sweden Wants Your Trash
  74. Scientists measure the universe’s first starlight
  75. The Evidence Against Evolution Part 3: A Fine-Tuned Universe
  76. Smartphone Battery Life Could Be Doubled Or Tripled With Silicon Graphene Tech
  77. Stone Tools Point to Creative Work by Early Humans in Africa
  78. Studying what happens to women denied abortions.
  79. Oliver Sacks did lots of drugs.
  80. Hubble, Spitzer Find Most Distant Galaxy Yet Seen (13.3B years)
  81. A personal observation...
  82. 332nd consecutive month where the global temperature was warmer than average.
  83. Nose cell transplant enables paralysed dogs to walk
  84. Mars discovery called "one for history books"
  85. Other Animals have a "mid-life crisis"
  86. I knew I should have married a porn star
  87. Coursera
  88. Water On Mercury
  89. preventitive breast removal
  90. How NASA might build its very first warp drive
  91. Voyager 1 probe leaving solar system reaches "magnetic highway" exit
  92. The Singularity: Will it happen in our lifetime? Or at all?
  93. Mars One Project
  94. Who loves NO
  95. Land Creatures Might Not Have Come From The Sea
  96. I used to work here.
  97. 27 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2012
  98. The Year in Space (photo gallery)
  99. All Episodes of Carl Sagan's Cosmos on YouTube
  100. Quantum gas goes below absolute zero
  101. A contradiction concerning the idea of "multiverse", find the flaw
  102. Honestly don't know else to this.
  103. Does Quantum Physics have any relation to Free Will?
  104. Asteroid mining: US company looks to space for precious metal
  105. Man grows new nose in his arm
  106. Inattention Blindness effects radiologists
  107. A Bionic Breakthrough: A Hand that Lets Amputees ‘Feel’
  108. fMRI shows differences in the activity of the brains' of Conservatives and Liberals
  109. Superhydrophobic Surfaces
  110. US science to be open to all
  111. SpaceTop 3D see-through computer revealed
  112. Vaccines
  113. Another breakthrough in the hunt for HIV cure?
  114. Fossils Discovered In Metorites?
  115. Physicists now "confident" that a Higgs boson has been found.
  116. Super Massive black holes and quantum phisics
  117. Moroccan Metorite May Be First Mercurian Meteorite
  118. 10 Youtube channels that will make you smarter
  119. Cell Size and Scale
  120. Abiogenesis
  121. Asteroid in a Bag: NASA’s Long, Strange Trip
  122. Kepler mission makes big splash with possibly habitable super-Earths
  123. Could Life Be Older Than Earth Itself?
  124. What is your vision for space exploration?
  125. Scientifically literate?
  126. How are humans going to become extinct?
  127. LED streetlamp aims to improve public's view of stars
  128. Just another awesome VlogBrothers video (re: Time Elapsed Google Satellite Images)
  129. Astronaut Chris Hadfield......sings
  130. Scientists Clone Human Stem Cells Using Skin Cells
  131. Question; what would happen if.....?
  132. Why you regret posting in Anger.
  133. My best friend's research was mentioned in a Verge article!
  134. The race for Pilocene Park begins.
  135. BDSM associated with better mental health.
  136. Interesting Chart on the production of greenhouse gasses.
  137. Do you believe man will actually travel out of this solar system?
  138. Interesting critique of Science
  139. Do you research?
  140. Genetically Modified Food
  141. TD: Greenland’s Great Melt Is Pinned on Climate Change
  142. Scientists sequence oldest genome yet: a 700,000 year-old horse
  143. We are all outliers.
  144. Recommended Reading Thread
  145. CIA Backs $630,000 Scientific Study on Controlling Global Climate
  146. "Cosmos" returning; to be hosted by NDGT
  147. New explanation for near death experiences.
  148. Politicians sticking their noses in science.
  149. UMD scientists reach controversial finding that Voyager 1 has left the Solar System
  150. Archaeology Question
  151. Anybody notice that their hasn't been....
  152. Nigerian grad student proves he's an idiot... With SCIENCE!
  153. Doctors grow nose on forehead
  154. MIT and Harvard Researchers Discover...Photon Molecules!
  155. What the World Needs: A Jellyfish Shredder
  156. Billions of habitable planets?
  157. 10 Mysteries We've Solved in the Past Year
  158. Anti-biotic resistance
  159. Movie: "Alien Planet"; Enthrallingly Spectacular While Scientifically Believable
  160. Critique of Dawkin's Selfish Gene
  161. Scientists to Image Black Hole by Turning Earth into Giant Camera
  162. Lions, Tigers, Ligers, Liliger?
  163. This woman took a picture of us from Saturn
  164. WIRED Science's most popular image galleries of the 2013
  165. Momentum is it real or an epiphenomenon
  166. Colder games = less penalties
  167. I know, I know, Climate Change is a conspiracy thought up by scientists but:
  168. How Science Goes Wrong
  169. Fukushima update
  170. Would Aliens Be More Advanced?
  171. Facebook will die like a disease
  172. Dogs pooh in line with the earth magnetic field.
  173. DMT and the positive power of hallucinogens
  174. Bill Nye is on a roll...
  175. don't believe everything you read
  176. Crack in moderation
  177. Do you believe science has secretly breed human/chimp hybrids?
  178. Cool experiments
  179. Theories
  180. cool animal behaviors
  181. Manipulate the memory of human
  182. Advanced civilizations before us?
  183. MJ and neurological changes.
  184. Recommended Science Documentaries
  185. long but interesting article on brain surgery
  186. Future of space
  187. Is electricity the most fundamental element of modern life?
  188. what future technologies do you want?
  189. interesting study showing that wild animials and captive animals aren't so different
  190. Stop Misunderstanding Science
  191. well aint that some ****
  192. Bad luck: Dinosaurs might have survived a better-timed asteroid
  193. Texas leading the way in poor education.
  194. The difference between solar flares and coronal mass ejections
  195. Conspiracy theories and Anomoly hunting.
  196. Watch commit probe landing.
  197. Thoughts on homeopathic medicine...
  198. lefty, righty, brain hemispheres, the 5 senses, and learning
  199. what the hell is a time cloak
  200. Can Personality Traits and Intelligence Compensate for Background Disadvantage?
  201. Is academia's liberal bias is killing social science?
  202. how do you feel about Scientism?
  203. Man trying to build wrap drive in his garage
  204. The origin of life and evolution
  205. What a Shaman sees in a mental health hospital
  206. Only work out a little says science
  207. The Psychology Behind Why Some Kids Go Unvaccinated
  208. No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning
  209. virtual maddness
  210. Does consciousness shape the physical world, does the physica world shape consciousne
  211. Easy Human Gene Editing
  212. Dinosuar/Chicken hybrids
  213. Across the Thin Blue Line: Police Officers and Racial Bias in the Decision to Shoot
  214. Why respectable scientists shouldn't engage in debate with Quacks.
  215. Anyone into planets?
  216. Flat Earth
  217. Creation of Life?
  218. Evolution has brought us....
  219. Why do you accept evolution?
  220. NASA Twins Study Verifies Long-Term Health Effects of Space Travel
  221. Octopus MDMA party!
  222. Interesting podcast that will change the way you think of natural selection
  223. Professor flips' Abnormal Psychology Class Discussion week 1: Why the stigma?
  224. Professor flips' Abnormal Psychology Class Discussion week 2: Neurodiversity
  225. The Ig Nobels are out this year!!!!
  226. The Social Dilemma
  227. The Age of the Earth
  228. The Beginning
  229. James Webb Space Telescope
  230. Red Nova to Happen This Year?
  231. Voyager 1 Still Alive and Well
  232. Faster than the Speed of Light?
  233. Artemis 1