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  1. are we not still "in it"?
  2. Doc returns for Canada Day - it's a Festivus miracle! Jays/Rays June 29-July 1st
  3. Does Aaron Hill look really worried/tired to you?
  4. Romero's Change and the Jays chances
  5. Jays Autographs
  6. Roy Halladay vs AJ Burnett, Part 2?
  7. Gaston's decision making
  8. Adam Loewen scuffling in A ball
  9. Free agent pitchers
  10. Scott Richmond vs. AJ Burnett
  11. VERNON WELLS SUCKSS!!!!!......at home
  12. why there's no fans at home
  13. OT: Jason Bay to become US citizen
  14. Last Chance to Vote Hill and Co. Into All Star Game!!! ('Til 11:59PM)
  15. could Rios be a fit with the Mets?
  16. Is Yankee stadium so small that even Mac can hit a HR? Jays/Yanks July 3-6
  17. Blue Jays call up Dellucci,, designate Adams for assignment
  18. Lind/Snider?
  19. Another Pitcher on DL
  20. Vote Adam Lind for Final All-Star Roster Spot
  21. 83 Games In: Have You Given Up?
  22. official vote lind/kung fu panda thread!!!!!!
  23. Sell high on Scutaro!
  24. Marc Rzepczynski to get start Tuesday
  25. ESPN: jays gm open to trading hallladay
  26. Halladay on the Trade Block?
  27. Randy Ruiz
  28. Wilner mentioned PSD today
  29. Rzepczynski gets the first start as the Jays try to take third; Jays @ Rays, July 7-9
  30. Gaston/Halladay/Riccardi
  31. Guess who's back...
  32. Report: JP acting on orders from Doc
  33. BJ Ryan RELEASED!
  34. Vote
  35. Welcome, Mark Rzepczynski!
  36. Roy Halladay trade thread - ideas and discussion ONLY. UPDATES IN NEW THREADS
  37. Would you still watch the Jays without Halladay?
  38. 'Roy Halladay's Trade Value'
  39. Bad moves/deals should now be known as "Ricciardi's"
  40. This Die hard isnt throwing any towels in
  41. Create Your Package from the Brewers: for Halladay
  42. All Star voting: Lind got screwed
  43. Pardon my pessimism...
  44. Battle of the AL East bottom-feeding birds, Jays@Orioles, July 10-12
  45. Rebuilding
  46. Do they really want to win? next Expos?
  47. Blue Jay All Star Snubs
  48. Can anyone identify these signatures?
  49. Comparing Wells and Rios
  50. Frasor, not Halladay
  51. MUST HAVE Prospects for Halladay
  52. Report: Doc to start the all-star game.
  53. Hill to start in the All-star game!
  54. Adrian Gonzalez
  55. Cubs interested in BJ Ryan
  56. Halladay puts 50-50 chances on trade
  57. Which free agent do you think can help us get back in the race?
  58. When will the Jays sign their draft picks?
  59. Rios to Pirates?
  60. Jays in the All-Star game
  61. What will it take for the Jays to get a new GM?
  62. Halladay not the only jay who could be moved
  63. What would you accept for Wells?
  64. A different option
  65. Scott Richmond's shoulder
  66. Jays start back up at home versus the Red Sox- Jays vs. Sox July 17-19
  67. Beeston says he wants to sign Halladay to a contract extension
  68. Why the **** didnt we do this? (regarding BJ)
  69. Start preparing for next year?
  70. If we KEEP Halladay we will be a LEGITIMATE contender next year! So lets keep him
  71. The Vernon Wells is a bum thread!
  72. All aboard, Cleveland's riding in on the Choo Choo train - Indians/Jays July 21-23
  73. Do Not Want Happ
  74. Would you guys support a Florida Marlins type system?
  75. Best option
  76. Status on Marcum/Richmond
  77. Heyman Twitter rumour: Mets Reject Blue Jays' Offer
  78. Time for a fire sale???
  79. Travis Snider
  80. From Brewers Fan...who else do you want besides Mat Gamel
  81. Randy ruiz
  82. Am I crazy or...
  83. Just an idea....regarding Wells
  84. What would the Jays need to trade Rios?
  85. JP thread - for him or not?
  86. JP's record WITHOUT Doc......Ouch!!!
  87. Wells wants Jays to be shoppers
  88. Do You Remember When....
  89. Is WELLS starting to turn it around?
  90. McGowan Update
  91. The Jays need their Doctor, Stat! Rays and Jays. July 24-26
  92. I'm not a Ricciardi fan, but...
  93. How Will You React When It's Official?
  94. Jays All-Time Team
  95. Prospect Profiles Board - Roy Halladay trade
  96. Scott Downs - third straight blown save opportunity
  97. Blue Jays, Reds Discussing Rolen Trade
  98. [Volume 2] 98 Games In: Have You Given Up On The 2009 Blue Jays?
  99. The Jays must conduct a TRUE rebuild
  100. Has the USS Halladay's ship sailed? Jays/M's July 27-29
  101. What type of park is the Rogers Center?
  102. The Twins inquired about Marco Scutaro
  103. What could we offer for Lee?
  104. Sorry, JP, Hollywood isn't interested...
  105. Marcum, Richmond Injury updates
  106. Rogers wants to control costs
  107. Boston Adds Clay Buchholz To Roy Halladay Deal
  108. The Yankees are still after Halladay
  109. I'd Prefer Doc Traded to the Rays
  110. New President after this season
  111. Lee Dealt to Phillies, What Now?
  112. Dodgers might include Billingsley in Halladay trade?
  113. Ricciardi says he expects to keep Halladay through 2010
  114. Check out what we have commited to for 2010 contracts
  115. Jays looking to trade Lyle Overbay
  116. Do You Want Halladay Traded?
  117. Rangers Not Giving Up on Halladay
  118. Trade Scenarios (Red Sox, Yankees, Dodgers)
  119. Screw the Angels deal
  120. Hallady: The creation of an ace
  121. jays keeping everyone
  122. V-Dub Question
  123. Bob McCowan on the FAN: JP The Clown
  124. Blue Jays Rap
  125. Other Trade Possibilities?
  126. Jays and Pirates make a move
  127. Rolen is officially going to Reds
  128. ESPN News is reporting Halladay possibly traded
  129. Campbell: All is not Wells
  130. Please let this be the start of something! please...
  131. A's vs Jays game thread 7/31 - 8/2
  132. Best Season by a Jays Shortstop?
  133. Can Adam Lind Play 1B?
  134. Jays Jersey
  135. New, Roenicke, wants to close
  136. Will Aaron Hill Hit 40 Home Runs This Year?
  137. Eric Hinske seeks his revenge as the Yanks come to town - Jays/Yanks August 4-5
  138. Do we really have a chance to compete in this division?
  139. Randy Ruiz
  140. Projected Lineup, in 3-4 years
  141. Looking at 2010....
  142. Waivers and Trades after the Deadline
  143. Scott Rolen Held Out Of Reds' Opener With Cubs
  144. Why did Scott Rolen Want out?
  145. Ricciardi: Likes where Jays are headed
  146. where did Rolen rank for you All time fav jays??
  147. Halladay may have rejected trade to Rangers
  148. Article: Blue Jays GM Confirms There Never Really Was A 'Roy Halladay'
  149. Opinion : Will JP make it to the winter meetings??
  150. It's a return to the glory days for the Jays - O's/Jays August 7-9
  151. Carlos Delgado?
  152. Off-season: SS trade market?
  153. Rios claimed on waivers by the White Sox?
  154. Bring back the old uniforms
  155. Why Did Richmond Miss His Start This Week?
  156. The onion on Halladay trade talks
  157. Cecil injures MCL
  158. Toronto's hoping to avoid EmBarajasing themselves in rematch vs Yanks - Aug 10-12
  159. The Halladay Trade Saga
  160. Rios Traded
  161. Ruiz possibly called up
  162. So with Rolen and Rios now gone, what does this mean $$$ wise?
  163. The Blue Jays Had That Amazing Start to the Season, What happened?
  164. Rios Situation Exposes Front Office Questions
  165. Toronto Blue Jays Off-Season Thread Ideas
  166. Did you know... Jason Bay.
  167. Jeff Blair: Chasing Alex (out of town)
  168. loudest crowd in the t.dot
  169. Ruiz called up
  170. Update on Marcum/Janssen
  171. A Rant and a Bet on Alex Rios
  172. Edwin Encarnacion
  173. BJ Upton... would you?
  174. Rios Reality Thread - Day 1
  175. Toronto signs Chad Jenkins (1st round pick)
  176. Shawn Camp
  177. Brandon League Heating up!
  178. Let's Call Up Some Minor Leaguers
  179. An Idea To Revitalize The Jays
  180. A Pena for your thoughts? Jays/Rays August 14-16
  181. Roster Moves In Offseason
  182. ...we should just start referring to bad baseball contracts as "Ricciardis."
  183. Ranking Our Bullpen
  184. Evaluating JP's Resume
  185. settle a debate for frank please....
  186. Blue Jays Promote Casey Janssen From AAA
  187. Wells: Least valuable everyday player in MLB?
  188. Blue Jays close to signing Paxton, and Eliopoulous!
  189. An interesting read regarding the Rolen trade
  190. Rios Update
  191. Jays not signing Eliopoulos?
  192. Deadline day for 2009 Drafties
  193. 2010 Offseason
  194. Can the Jays rebound from a devastating series? Jays/Sox August 18-20
  195. Something I never realized
  196. 2010 Closer?
  197. Adam Loewen
  198. Darrin Mastroianni
  199. Snider re-called early
  200. "Jays were swinging for the fences with draft picks"
  201. ESPN - Draft in desperate need of repair
  202. Ricciardi's take on unsigned picks
  203. Bench Vdub
  204. Tim Collins
  205. Bay Would Be "Comfortable" Playing in Toronto
  206. Just an observation....
  207. My 2010 Team .. FOr Fun
  208. Jays looking to Weave a winning tale - August 21-23
  209. Jays and Paxton were $350,000 away
  210. Why Do The Blue Jays Blow So Bad?
  211. USing this money for a 2nd awesome pitcher?
  212. The Money Shot
  213. Just another reason JP has to go (re: non-trading of Rios)
  214. Rich Harden
  215. Clean up Hitter
  216. Fun fact becuase I was bored
  217. Shields your eyes, the Rays are in town! Jays/Rays August 24-26
  218. Article: Best and Worst of Ricciardi's Moves
  219. Downs activated, EE to the DL
  220. Trading Wells
  221. Brad Penny Released....Hmmm
  222. If you were the GM........
  223. A Different View
  224. September Callups
  225. Spoiler Alert - Jays try to keep the Sox out of the playoffs - Jays/Sox August 28-30
  226. We need a true numba two
  227. Doc willing to help young starters
  228. Trades
  229. Bluejays want Hill to be more patient.
  230. Wells looks to finish season strong
  231. Should we have traded doc or not?
  232. Jays try to double up the Rangers down the home stretch- Jays/Rangers Aug 31-Sept 2
  233. Adam Lind grand slam
  234. Rant on TSN by former Jays Employee Will Hill
  235. won't be seeing new faces in september
  236. Missed the Boat....
  237. The Blue Jays Recall Three Players
  238. Offence - Hill or Lind??
  239. Biggest weakness next season
  240. The Empire Strikes Back - Jays/Yanks September 3-6
  241. Middle Infield
  242. 2009 Season: positives
  243. Current MLB team payrolls
  244. Condition of Rogers Center(Centre)
  245. Jays start the farewell tour against the Comedy Central - Jays/Twins Sept 7-10
  246. Time for a change?
  247. Jays Call Up Three
  248. Q&A with Kevin Millar
  249. How about Marco at third???
  250. Ruiz MUST make this roster next year!!