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  1. Rays Prospect Thread
  2. Baldelli eying return; role undetermined
  3. David Price call up???
  4. Posturing or Legit? C.C. Sabathia Rumors Begin
  5. Tampa Bay vs New York
  6. Mark Teixeira?
  7. Rays to be active in trade talks
  8. Red Sox(50-33) vs Rays(49-32) 6/30-7/2
  9. Well well well
  10. Imagine...
  11. Percival likely to return to disabled list
  12. Longoria AL's Player of the Week
  13. Yes, we're the best in the MLB right now!
  14. Rays In On Fuentes
  15. Royals(38-47) vs Rays(52-32) 7/4-7/7
  16. The perfect guy for a stretch run?
  17. Bartlett on DL with right knee sprain
  18. Kazmir, Navarro going to All-Star Game
  19. Carl Crawford stole his 300th base in a loss to the Royals on Monday.
  20. Rays(55-33) vs Yankees(47-42) 7/8-7/9
  21. Rays(55-35) vs Indians(37-52) 7/10-7/13
  22. Rays fold their tent early before All Star break.
  23. Rays Want Relievers
  24. Longoria aims for solid Derby showing
  25. Al Reyes expected to be activated off the DL when play resumes
  26. Charges dropped against Reyes
  27. Blue Jays(47-48) vs Rays(55-39) 7/18-7/20
  28. Al Reyes (shoulder) will be activated off the 15-day
  29. How about trading for Ichiro....
  30. What would you like to see what the Rays do at the trade dead line?
  31. Rays designated RHP Gary Glover for assignment.
  32. Well, This is Somewhat Disappointing
  33. Athletics(51-47) vs Rays(57-40) 7/21-723
  34. Rays The Favorites for Nady?
  35. Rays are targeting Casey Blake
  36. Bartlett to Return Soon
  37. I'm worried about Tim Beckham
  38. A quick question from an Astros' fan.
  39. Manna from Atlanna
  40. Jeff Kent
  41. Rays(59-41) vs Royals(45-57) 7/24-7/27
  42. Bay watch
  43. Tyler Walker May Return?
  44. Rays Connected to Sherrill
  45. Brignac on the move?
  46. Deadline Talk: Blake to Dodgers; Rays To Look In House
  47. Topkin on Trades
  48. A New Name to Ponder
  49. Rays Unlikely to Net Tex
  50. Rays(61-44) vs Blue Jays(54-52) 7/29-7/30
  51. Rumor Wrapup speculating relievers like Sean Green, Arthur Rhodes, and Eddie Guardado
  52. Willy Tavares?
  53. Rays Deep In Talks For Bay
  54. Adam Dunn
  55. Yankees Acquire Pudge For Farnsworth
  56. Rays have interest in Jayson Werth
  57. Brignac Not Available
  58. Olney: Rays unlikely to make a deal
  59. Rays better make a move
  60. Bay to Tampa talks back on, Deal is almost done (Post #3)
  61. Jason Bay traded to Rays? Conflicting reports
  62. Tigers(55-53) vs Rays(63-44) 8/1-8/3
  63. Disappointment?
  64. Do you believe that the Rays have enough to keep their WS hope after the deadline?
  65. Indians @ Rays IGT (8/4 - 8/6)
  66. David Price
  67. Oh painful world why must you do
  68. The Rays will call up infielder Ben Zobrist
  69. Rays scouting Freddy Garcia
  70. Rays(68-45) vs Mariners(44-69) 8/7-8/10
  71. Maddon said OF Rocco Baldelli is pretty much ready to be activated
  72. Rays looking to improve in road games
  73. Rays Acquire Chad Bradford for PTBNL
  74. Rays designated RHP Al Reyes for assignment
  75. Rays placed outfielder Carl Crawford on the 15 day DL. Will be out of season.
  76. Rays activated outfielder Rocco Baldelli from the 15-day disabled list
  77. Rays(71-46) vs Athletics(54-63) 8/12-8/14
  78. Moves
  79. Rays place 3B Evan Longoria on the 15-day DL think he can be up 9/1
  80. The Season's Not Over
  81. Bonds?
  82. Scott Kazmir Shortens Stride
  83. Sheffield?
  84. Rumor: ibanez
  85. Rays possibly pursuing Giants' Winn and Aurilia
  86. Troy Percival left Thursday's game with a right leg problem
  87. Rays(73-47) vs Rangers(61-61) 8/15-8/17
  88. Any chance to sign K-Rod
  89. Another Man to DL!
  90. Rays Not Interested In Bonds
  91. Angels(76-46) vs Rays(74-48)
  92. Kenny Lofton
  93. Rays(77-49) vs White Sox(73-53) 8/22-8/24
  94. Paying Pena
  95. Blue Jays(67-63) vs Rays(79-50) 8/26-8/28
  96. Rays On TV
  97. Rays keeping their eyes on the prize
  98. Orlando Rays fans!!
  99. Rays Likely to Claim Fuentes
  100. An MRI on Wednesday detected no serious problems with Dioner Navarro's hamstrings
  101. Orioles(63-70) vs Rays(81-51) 8/29-8/31
  102. Rays secure first winning season
  103. Kurt Birkins Released, 40 man spot open
  104. Rays acquired infielder Jorge Velandia from Cleveland for cash considerations
  105. Yankees(72-64) vs Rays(84-51) 9/2-9/4
  106. Perez & Jaso Coming
  107. Percival returns as Rays' closer Off DL
  108. Rays(85-53) vs Blue Jays(73-66) 9/5-9/7
  109. Carlos Pena named Tampa Bay Rays recipient of the 2008 Roberto Clemente Award
  110. Missed opportunity costs Rays
  111. Rays(85-56) vs Red Sox(84-58) Must win series for Rays
  112. Maddon said Sunday that Troy Percival remains the Rays' closer
  113. Roster moves - Joel Guzman DFA'd
  114. Price Might Start Double Header
  115. Rays(87-57) vs Yankees(77-69) 9/12-9/14
  116. Injury Updates
  117. Price Called up
  118. Rays recalled RHP Jeff Niemann and RHP Mitch Talbot
  119. Red Sox(88-61) vs Rays(88-59) 9/15-9/17: Battle for 1st Place IN AL East
  120. Carl Crawford said Monday that he's "ahead of schedule"
  121. B.J. Upton (quadriceps) took batting practice and ran prior to Monday's game
  122. No Retirement for Cliff just yet
  123. Finally!
  124. Love the Mohawks
  125. Rays to open '09 with tough road stint
  126. Why Dont You Support Your Playoff Bound Team
  127. Twins(82-70) vs Rays(90-60) 9/18-9/21
  128. Magic Number to clinch playoff birth
  129. Riggans goes on DL
  130. Rays Clinch Playoff Spot
  131. David Price will make his first major league start Monday
  132. Rays(92-62) vs Orioles(67-87)
  133. Carl Crawford's Option 2009
  134. Congrats Rays
  135. Who would you rather face White Sox or Twins for the playoffs?
  136. White Sox(0-2) vs Rays(2-0) ALDS Games 1,2
  137. Jackson - Will not being on the playoff roster hurt the Rays chance of moving him?
  138. Interesting Moves...
  139. White Sox(0-2) vs Rays(2-0) ALDS Game 3
  140. Rays(2-1) vs White Sox(1-2) ALDS Game 4
  141. Rays win!!!
  142. looking forward to it
  143. Quick Question
  144. Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays ALCS Game 1
  145. Boston Red Sox vs Tampa Bay Rays ALCS Game 2: Ray most win
  146. Tampa Bay Rays(1-1) vs Boston Red Sox(1-1) ALCS Game 3
  147. Tampa Bay Rays(2-1) vs Boston Red Sox(1-2) ALCS Game 4
  148. What do you think of Edwain Jackson as the closer next season?
  149. Rays 150/1 Shot to win world series!
  150. Tampa Bay Rays(3-1) vs Boston Red Sox(1-3) ALCS Game 5
  151. What sort of contract for B.J Upton??????
  152. Boston Red Sox(2-3) vs Tampa Bay Rays(3-2) ALCS Game 6 Rays need to clinch it
  153. Rays Please Win Game 7
  154. Boston Red Sox(3-3) vs Tampa Bay Rays(3-3) ALCS Game 7: Desperation for a win
  155. BJ Upton
  156. A question
  157. Rays win rays win rays win
  158. Buster Olney's blog on David Price
  159. Philadelphia Phillies(0-0) vs Tampa Bay Rays(0-0) World Series Game 1
  160. Bandwagon Thread
  161. Philadelphia Phillies(1-0) vs Tampa Bay Rays(0-1) World Series Game 2
  162. Tampa Bay Rays News, Transfers, and Rumours
  163. Tampa Bay Rays(1-1) vs Philadelphia Phillies(1-1) World Series Game 3
  164. What to Do With Rocco?
  165. Tampa Bay Rays(1-2) vs Philadelphia Phillies(2-1) World Series Game 4
  166. Cliff Floyd has been removed from the Rays' World Series roster
  167. Tampa Bay Rays(1-3) vs Philadelphia Phillies(3-1) World Series Game 5 Rays most win
  168. Great Season
  169. Offseason Acquisitions
  170. Rays + Milton Bradley = Happy Times?
  171. Minor League Bullpen Options
  172. Rays Decline Options On Floyd, Miller
  173. Predict the trade...
  174. Pena scoops up first Gold Glove
  175. More awards expected for Rays
  176. Question About Percy
  177. Longoria Wins Rookie of the Year
  178. Maddon shoo-in for top AL manager Update he wins it
  179. B.J. Upton underwent surgery Tuesday to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder
  180. Kerry Wood
  181. Edwin Jackson vs. Andy Sonnastine
  182. Cliff Floyd
  183. Rays to get Percival's decision soon
  184. Mailbag: What's the outlook for '09?
  185. Price to be in rotation in 09
  186. Why You Do Not Trade Andy Sonnanstine
  187. Giambi to Rays
  188. Three pitchers nearly fill out roster
  189. Mailbag: Is Zobrist right man for job?
  190. More Rumors: Dye, Giambi
  191. Justin Ruggiano
  192. Bogar Leaves Rays For Red Sox
  193. Rays Spring training schedule
  194. This Rumor Stinks
  195. The Mariners have offered arbitration to free agent Raul Ibanez
  196. Mv-jb
  197. Friedman on Percival: "We expect he will be back to anchor our bullpen in 2009"
  198. Rays Put Bradford On Trade Block
  199. Traveling to Tampa
  200. Jackson to Detroit
  201. Rays selected RHP, Derek Rodriguez rule of 5 pick
  202. Rays Contact Nelson, Proctor
  203. Abreu's asking price? Reportedly, 3yr/48 million
  204. Update on the Baldelli news
  205. Topkin: Rays "cautiously optimistic" on getting big bat
  206. Big League Stew Gives Us Reasons To Sign Jonny Gomes
  207. Rays Sign Joe Nelson
  208. Garret Anderson != DH
  209. Rays Sign Olmedo, Salinas, Sadler, Weber
  210. Burrell to Rays
  211. 2009 Lineup?
  212. Longoria Card
  213. Rays Sign Kapler
  214. FERNANDO PEREZ live in NYC
  215. 2009 Rays Outcome
  216. More on Arbitration and Dioner Navarro
  217. USA Today and Bullpens
  218. Rays' Pena has minor surgery, will sit out WBC
  219. Rays and Brian Shouse agree on 2 years
  220. Niemann
  221. BJ Upton
  222. Rays Bullpen=Weakness?
  223. Rays Add John McLaren, Again
  224. Dh---what do you think??
  225. Favorite Player
  226. Additional Rays Spring Training Notes
  227. Willy Aybar
  228. Adam Kennedy
  229. Juan Salas?
  230. February 20th Tampa Bay Rays Camp Notes
  231. Rays reportedly sign Jason Isringhausen
  232. Rays Signing Veterans For Depth. Why Not Ivan Rodriguez?
  233. Wasting Time with the Tampa Bay Rays Batting Order
  234. The 2009 DRaysBay Season Preview
  235. Willy Aybar To Play For Dominican Republic in 2009 World Baseball Classic
  236. DRaysBay Interview with All-Star Catcher Dioner Navarro
  237. Evan Longoria Likely Had The Best Rookie Season By a Third Baseman. Ever.
  238. All Time Rays, One-Liners, Slogans, and Chants
  239. James Shields To Start Rays Season Opener
  240. Percival and Injuries
  241. Morgan Ensberg, Cake, Carlos Pena, and Carlos Hernandez
  242. Biz Journals ranks pro sports franchises
  243. Matt Joyce in Air Cast and Wade Davis Nearing Durham
  244. Grant Balfour has bruising and swelling on his right elbow
  245. Attendance and the Rays
  246. Fernando Perez Injury Feared To Be Serious
  247. Tampa Bay Rays Farm System Value
  248. For David Price, Change Is Good
  249. Regarding Matt Garza and His Fastball
  250. Spring Training Needs to End