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  1. Welcome to the 2008 Election Forum
  2. New Rules of the Election 2008 Forum
  3. Possible VP's for both sides
  4. What is the most insane political thing you've ever heard
  5. Intrade?
  6. Official Election 2008 Polls Thread
  7. Is it time for blacks to abandon dems?
  8. Don't you talk back to me!
  9. Shock: Anthony Kennedy Learns to Read the Constitution; Guns Rights Saved
  10. Official Energy, Gas Prices, Oil, and Drilling Thread
  11. Possible McCain VP pick Jindal deals blow to separation of church and state
  12. Barr & Wesley Clark strike at McCain
  13. Romney emerges as top pick for McCain VP
  14. Bush and McCain Lie About GI Bill...Again
  15. If Bush COULD have a third term...
  16. Presidential Candidate Tied to African Dictators
  17. For liberals, progressives & genuine conservatives
  18. McCain wants U.S. Troops to Die!
  19. Obama may accept at Mile High instead of the Pepsi Center
  20. Keep Your Laws Off My Body
  21. One patriot's voice this holiday weekend
  22. bin Ladin: Mission Accomplished!!!
  23. McCain or Obama?
  24. Conservatives battle McCain over platform
  25. A purely independent POV
  26. Iraq insists on withdrawal timetable for US troops
  27. Irony-one of McCains greatest assets is costing him conservative votes
  28. Some Obama voters really demean him
  29. Keep your laws of my TV and Radio
  30. I am going to stand up for Michelle Obama
  31. In reality the battle is for the 30-60 age group
  32. Anyone else just want this to be over with?
  33. Protesters
  34. It's only a mental recession!
  35. Views on Gas, Oil, Energy
  36. Obama Supporters: Is Socialism The Answer?
  37. Ractually, McCain not eligible for highest office
  38. Does Obama scare Wall Street?
  39. Czechoslovakia doesn't exist anymore.
  40. Bush Admin Diplomat to Meet Iranian Nuclear Negotiator
  41. "I know how to win wars" - John McCain
  42. McCain Praises Obama
  43. 9/11 billboard draws flak from Florida Democrats
  44. JibJab 2008 Video
  45. McCain has decided to copy Obama's Afghanistan position
  46. Price of War
  47. Interesting Article
  48. Political Phrases you can't stand hearing anymore
  49. Do you Believe Global Warming is REAL?
  50. China isn't drilling offshore in Cuba; Katrina did cause oil spills
  51. Media is in LOVE with Obama--The McCain website videos
  52. Republican Money Woes Continue
  53. State Polls Indicate Obama, National Polls Indicate Toss-Up. Who's Right?
  54. McCain Campaign Calls for Withdrawal From Iraq Sooner than Obama's Plan
  55. McCain trash talk hits new low
  56. McCain ad on PSD
  57. Obama wanted to cut and run, but with the surges success Iraq wants tourist
  58. Obama would use "big sticks and big carrots" ??????
  59. Why Obama? He gets it...
  60. Campaign humor/bloopers/etc. thread
  61. Bush Admin Bans U.S. Government Workers from Berlin Speech
  62. Fox’s Kilmeade confuses bin Laden and Obama twice in five seconds
  63. Enviromental question...
  64. Pollster.com's Map Is Up
  65. McCain Receives Nearly $2k per Month in Social Security; Says The System is Broken
  66. Why can't there be someone else!!
  67. A European Bounce for Candidate Obama
  68. He ventured forth to bring light to the world - UK Times
  69. Study Finds Media Biased
  70. McCin brings back the "Happy Iraqi"
  71. My problems with McCain.
  72. McCain says he could support 16-month Iraq timetable
  73. Obama Doesnt Visit Landstuhl
  74. President with No Military Experience
  75. More Evidence of Convergence
  76. Is McCain making the Giuliani mistake?
  77. Another Republican crook indicted
  78. Truth and Fiction about the Candidates
  79. "Celebrity" ads and responses
  80. Barack Obama: We Can't Afford The Bush-McCain Economy
  81. Hillary to give keynote speech on 2nd night of Dem Convention
  82. House panel votes to cite Karl Rove for contempt of Congress
  83. Wal-Mart is Anti-Democrat?
  84. The old politics is alive and well - "they'd better take steps to innoculate him".
  85. Where do you get your information?
  86. Obama criticizes McCain Energy plain, despite voting for "Cheney" plan
  87. McCain Going All In
  88. What are the longer term campaign strategies for both candidates?
  89. When You Get to the Voting Booth
  90. National ID card?
  91. questions for Obama
  92. MoveOn.org ignored Obama's demands.
  93. The Olympic Ads
  94. John Edwards affair
  95. Convention crash?
  96. Cheney to speak at GOP Convention
  97. Will the DHL story help Obama clinch Ohio?
  98. An interesting conversation about where the campaign is at and where it's going
  99. 7 worrisome signs for Obama - AP
  100. How Old are You and What is You Affiliation
  101. Stuck threads for the (D) and (R) conventions?
  102. What, if any, effect will the Geogria/Russia conflict have on the race?
  103. Democratic National Convention Thread
  104. Republican National Convention Thread
  105. John McCain's theme song
  106. Measuring the 'Colbert Bump'
  107. U.S. Troops Deployed Abroad Have Donated 6 Times More To Obama Than McCain
  108. 'The Pledge of Allegiance' - by Senator John McCain
  109. In the 21st Century Countries Don't Invade Other Countries
  110. People Obsessed with War Heroes
  111. Obama Campaign Mapping Out Aggressive Counter-Attack Against Swift-Boating
  112. Russia Threatens Poland With Nuclear Attack
  113. 32 times that McCain voted "NO" and Obama voted "YES"
  114. If Obama is elected as our next president...
  115. The Faith and Values Forum Interviews
  116. Baracky II has finally came out!!!!
  117. The pro-_______ Thread
  118. Did McCain lift "cross in the sand" story from Solzhenitsyn?
  119. Why do we only vote Democartic or Republican?
  120. Test Your Presidential IQ
  121. Does Bush Believe McCain Was Tortured?
  122. McCain takes 5 point lead over Obama--a 12 point swing from last month
  123. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones dies
  124. Health Care
  125. Am I the only one voting for Obama because he's.....
  126. McCain, Obama agree on fall debates
  127. Houses
  128. McCain’s Denver office evacuated after threat
  129. Obama And McCain Campaigns Agree On Format For Debates
  130. The Smear Gap
  131. Favorite Political Pundit
  132. Obama Picks Biden!!
  133. Obama's Eligiblity is being question, by a Dem!
  134. so now Obama picked Biden, Who does Mccain get to counter?
  135. Censorship
  136. If you want to understand Obama's economic plan, read this
  137. Respect and Deep Thought
  138. Iraqi Prime Minister insists that all foreign troops leave Iraq by 2011
  139. The Media Thread
  140. The Inconvenient Obama
  141. Men under arrest for plot to assassinate Barack Obama
  142. Michelle Obama's Speech
  143. Should Obama go Patton on McCain?
  144. Why do you support your paticular candidate?
  145. The Inconvenient Cindy McCain
  146. Most suucinct argument I have seen for why we went to war with Iraq
  147. The Biggest Issue!
  148. Clinton supporters have party with McCain campaign
  149. Clinton: Would you vote for a candidate that can’t ‘deliver’?
  150. Obama Claims He's Visited 57 States
  151. Republicans continue their attempts to peddle the "not ready" message
  152. McCain's VP Strategy
  153. Would you pick lettuce for $50/hour?
  154. Anyone know if this is true?
  155. Obama Speech Stage Resembles Ancient Greek Temple
  156. what time is obamas speech tomorrow?
  157. Bob Barr only candidate in Texas
  158. Rural America
  159. What is fair? What is spin? Where's the line?
  160. Bill Clinton's Speech
  161. Bar Stool Ecnomics
  162. Putin: U.S. orchestrated Georgian war
  163. The 90-95% comment about McCain's voting record
  164. New McCain Ad
  165. The National Debt and the Result of it.
  166. Barack Obama's Speech
  167. Official Obama/Biden Thread
  168. Official McCain/Palin Thread
  169. McCain Congratulates Obama
  170. Would you vote for an Atheist Politician?
  171. Nancy Pelosi's Alternative Energy Plan "Brain Fuel"
  172. Sarah Palin or Joe Biden -- Who would you rather have?
  173. Gallup: Obama Regains Support of Conservative Democrats
  174. If you know your history, then you would know where I'm coming from...
  175. Great ******* Historical Campaign Speeches
  176. Is McCain another George W. Bush? - CNN column
  177. Not Middle class?
  178. How Good Are "Experienced" Presidents?
  179. Palin'd DS baby Trig, or is it?
  180. Is the Education System Broken?
  181. Finally! Amy Goodman got Arrested
  182. Tim Pawlenty was McCain's Other "Finalist" For VP
  183. Issues or Personality
  184. Who cares about reforming Washington?
  185. Palin RNC Speech
  186. Which VP speech did you prefer?
  187. Republicans and Diversity
  188. Palin: Iraq war 'a task that is from God'
  189. Dr. Ron Paul - Rally for the Republic
  190. T. Boone Pickens' Plan
  191. Barack Obama to Appear on Bill O'Reilly Tonight
  192. John McCain Acceptance Speech Thread
  193. How McCain Makes Obama Conservative
  194. McCain uses 9/11 video at RNC, people disgusted
  195. Economic Policy Discussion
  196. Does thing song have anything to do with our current Nation?
  197. Good, or Evil?
  198. Republican convention the most watched EVER
  199. Where are they campaigning?
  200. This guy shoud be president...
  201. The Political Ads Thread
  202. Iran
  203. Obama, McCain to Honor Victims of 9/11 Together
  204. US Mag Loses Up To 10,000 Subscribers Over False Claim About Sarah Palin
  205. The Words They Used
  206. JibJab Election Video
  207. Flipped
  208. President of the...PSD???
  209. Obama fans out, McCain stays put as strategists scour electoral map
  210. Trouble in Montana
  211. Does anyone have a list of what networks media people will be chairing the debates?
  212. The Fallacy of 'Green Jobs'
  213. Umm...isn't this War in Iraq...Unconstitutional?
  214. Ron Paul Rejects McCain, Endorses Nader
  215. The Campaign Trail Thread - re: daily news, candidates' speeches, ads, etc.
  216. "Only one poll that matters" - Craig Ferguson on Election 2008
  217. Spending seven Septembers hijacking my religion back
  218. Does your vote really matter?
  219. Pre-emption vs. Preventive War - the Bush Doctrine
  220. how about we....
  221. Tina Fey as Sarah Palin
  222. Financial Sector in the Tank
  223. what if?
  224. Powell still undecided, says Obama win would be 'electrifying'
  225. Economists take critical view of health plans
  226. Either Candidate Have Idea's to fix the Real Estate Market?
  227. Raising money....
  228. Five former U.S. state secretaries urge Iran talks
  229. Campaign Fundraising
  230. Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator
  231. Messing with the vote - voter suppression, voter fraud, etc.
  232. I re-registered to vote today
  233. Are you going to vote?
  234. Just a fun fact I realized
  235. Obama, McCain, or Firefighters??
  236. Foreign Policy - McCain and Obama
  237. Candidates answer top science questions facing America
  238. bonus's/handouts vs rights
  239. GOP brand making comeback
  240. What do NC and MN have in common?
  241. The Official Presidential Debates Thread
  242. Obama-Closing the Whopper Gap
  243. PSD'S Official "Who Is Your Vote Going To?" Thread
  244. Feelings on War
  245. Coprerations or Government?
  246. Political Social Groups.
  247. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert - "Mock The Vote" Interview with EW (GREAT Read)
  248. And the 2008 Political Buzzword of the Year award goes to....
  249. Official PSD Mock Election
  250. If.....