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  1. Unempolyment rate rises to 10.2%
  2. PELOSI: Buy a $15,000 Policy or Go to Jail
  3. Projected marijuana tax revenues (CNN)
  4. Democratic consultant says he got a warning from White House after appearing on Fox N
  5. Health Care (passed house)
  6. Japan Airlines executives not receiving pay due to company not making a profit
  7. CBS: Obama's Afghan Plan: About 40K More Troops UPDATE PAGE 3, SENDS 34K TROOPS
  8. Who owns the tea parties
  9. 237 Millionaires in Congress
  10. Chris Dodd vs. the Fed
  11. Veterans’ Day / Armistice Day
  12. GOP Senators: pushing for term limits in Senate
  13. Lou Dobbs quits CNN; where will he end up?
  14. God, I love opinion shows...
  15. China proves to be an aggressive foe in cyberspace
  16. Obama's East Asia trip: Japan, Singapore, China, South Korea
  17. Top Republican says White House hiding info on Fort Hood
  18. US treasury Confident Congress will increase Debt ceiling
  19. Fed Tax Payment/Allotment Per State
  20. Jobs 'Saved or Created' in Congressional Districts That Don't Exist
  21. Judge: Corps’ failure led to Katrina flooding
  22. More than $98 billion in taxpayer dollars spent by government agencies was wasted
  23. The Filibuster
  24. ACORN Decided the 2008 and 2009 elections?
  25. Digg Dialogg: Julius Genachowski
  26. Should polticians children be in the public eye?
  27. Can the Democrats get 60 closure votes and prevent a Republican filibuster on HCR?
  28. Dobbs Considers White House, Senate
  29. Obama reviewing options to spur jobs
  30. Republicans considering ideological purity test for candidates
  31. ClimateGate: The Fix is in
  32. US Census worker in KY took own life
  33. Charges Filed in Kenneth Gladney Case (Beating took place at a tea party)
  34. Charlie Rangel, John Murtha, and PMA ... Scandalicious
  35. New Obama policy bars lobbyists from federal advisory panels
  36. Pakistan’s Leader, Under Pressure, Cedes Nuclear Office
  37. Protect Traditional Marriage
  38. Why Raising Sales Tax in a Recession is a Really Stupid Idea...
  39. ARRA is working
  40. The Stories Obama Doesn't Want Told...
  41. (R) Sen. Judd Gregg's official guide to GOP obstructionism
  42. End The Fed
  43. Senator moves to slow Bernanke's Fed confirmation
  44. Inflation by Country [Infographic]
  45. Binghamton Professor stabbed to death
  46. Palin gets a hero's welcome at Fort Hood
  47. Excellent! Burns tops write-ins for NYC mayor
  48. How/When/Why did you get interested in Politics
  49. House likely to move on regulatory reform by end of the week
  50. Uganda, Gays, Agendas?
  51. Building A Bigger House
  52. Financial Reform Bill
  53. Did Law and Order go to far
  54. Ideology Versus Reality
  55. Marijuana legalization initiative headed for 2010 ballot (California)
  56. Political speaking, which would be worse for Obama
  57. Is the Consititution suited for the modern times of today?
  58. Mexico City legalizes gay marriage
  59. Rep. Parker Griffith switches to GOP
  60. a way forward for republicans
  61. health care insurance reform poll - predict the outcome
  62. The Price of 'History'
  63. Obama's 1st Year: His record of achievement is clear; much work remains to be done
  64. Kucinich: Obama should fire generals who spoke out on Afghan surge
  65. Thousands revolt against Iranian regime on Ashura (Shia day of mourning)
  66. Obama ends golf game early, ambulance spotted at family compound.
  67. I normally wouldn't do this...
  68. Security/Safety/Civil Liberties
  69. Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, most admired women in America
  70. Rasmussen: America - Land of the free and home of the... pro-torture majority
  71. The Past, the Present, and the Future of the Minimum Wage Across America
  72. Airport security
  73. High hopes: Feeling better about 2010
  74. (D-Conn) Chris Dodd retires
  75. New Dems Met With Wall St. Execs While Pushing to Weaken Financial Reform
  76. I'll trade you this person for that person.
  77. Report may show 1st job gains in 2 yrs; Obama to announce more cash for jobs
  78. State of the Union: 2010
  79. Jim DeMint Stands By Hold on TSA Nominee
  80. I Hope We Can All Agree This Is Wrong
  81. Harry Reid
  82. James Fallows: How America Can Rise Again
  83. No Televising of Prop 8 Trial
  84. Sarah Palin signs with Fox News
  85. Divorce Rates Higher in States with Gay Marriage Bans
  86. American Needle Inc. v. National Football League
  87. Another Republican Retirement
  88. Bailout Tax
  89. MA Senate Special Election
  90. Biden holds Non-Transparent Transparency Meeting
  91. Some Strange Comments on Haiti...
  92. Coakley concedes
  93. Coincidence or Hoover and Senator Mcarthy are not dead?
  94. MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski on the Media:'It's Got a Liberal World View' -
  95. Haiti gets hit with a 6.1 aftershock
  96. Time: The Fort Hood Report: Why No Mention of Islam?
  97. CNSNews.com: Obama to nationalize Student lending with pending bill
  98. Obama's first year, in photos
  99. John Edwards admits he fathered a child with mistress
  100. Justices Overturn Key Campaign Limits
  101. Judge Orders New York to Correct Bias in Fire Department
  102. Air America shuts down
  103. Leading Health Care Experts Tell House To Pass Senate Health Care Bill
  104. Democracy's decline
  105. What the hell is "reconciliation", anyway?
  106. The POTUS to skip jury duty
  107. Obama Seeks Freeze on Many Domestic Programs
  108. The State of the Union Address
  109. James O'Keefe
  110. Why crossing state lines as a way to lower health insurance rates can't work
  111. Economy in U.S. Grew at 5.7% Pace, Most in Six Years
  112. Jury Finds Scott Roeder Guilty
  113. predict the new paradigm in DC
  114. Obama Meets with GOP Leaders
  115. Fox News - The Most Trusted Name in News
  116. At Superbowl halftime, CBS will run pro-life ad, will not run pro gay marriage ad
  117. Venezuelan police fire tear gas at protesters
  118. 2011 Budget Eye Candy
  119. What happens now with health care reform?
  120. Top Defense Officials Seek to End ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
  121. Top TARP Cop Warns: The Bubble is Back
  122. The Labor Reports
  123. An Interview with Jim Lentz - President and COO of Toyota
  124. Jon Stewart on the O'Reilly Factor
  125. US Citizen Executed Without Trial?
  126. Congressman Murtha, dead at 77
  127. Helmand Offensive to Begin Soon
  128. Is the Stimulus Bill Creating Jobs? Ask These Republicans
  129. Iranians 2/11 Threat?
  130. Fmr Congressman Charlie Wilson dies
  131. What Obama could learn from Bush
  132. Palin not qualified - 70% say
  133. GOP Rep. Deal insists birth certificate question not a knock on Obama’s ‘legitimacy’
  134. Obama admin supports warrantless tracking
  135. Bill Clinton Hospitilized with Chest Pains
  136. Would banning abortion violate separation of church and state?
  137. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) will not seek re-election
  138. Harkin's crusade to end the filibuster
  139. Meg Whitman
  140. Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-FL) will not seek re-election
  141. The Death of global warming
  142. Evan Bayh will not seek reelection
  143. Top Taliban Military Chief Captured: Joint effort between US and Pakistan Raid
  144. Obama set to announce Nuclear Power
  145. Back to the 1950's?
  146. Scott Brown
  147. The Stimulus Worked
  148. GOP the party of NO?
  149. Plane Crashes Into Austin Federal Building
  150. Obama, the next Taft?
  151. Why did we give Bernanke another term again?
  152. Who Runs the Democratic Party?
  153. Latest Poll Results on the Approval Ratings of the GOP, Democrats, and Obama
  154. Cpac
  155. Anti-Gay Speaker Booed Off Stage at CPAC
  156. Political Orientation Quiz: what is your political orientation?
  157. Obama unveils his Health Care Bill
  158. Mitch Daniels: Open to presidential Bid
  159. Two approaches to terrorism
  160. Michael Steele's Spending Spree
  161. For what issues are you an advocate?
  162. Midterm Elections Will Cost at Least $3.7 Billion
  163. Political Twitter/Rss feed
  164. Haiti Disaster Relief: Breaking Down the Global Effort [Infographic]
  165. Where the Tarp money went
  166. Wyden-Gregg Tax Proposal
  167. Finally, once and for all, something we all can really agree on
  168. Insurance Companies are no longer exempt from anti-trust legislation
  169. The Reconciliation Process: A normal legislative procedure, not a "nuclear option"...
  170. Political posters serving currently update from overseas
  171. 1.2 million Americans lose their income Monday
  172. Senators to NASA chief: Go somewhere specific
  173. Chinese leader had townhall-ish meetings with the people
  174. Supreme Court beings Hearing Chicago Gun Ban Case Tuesday
  175. AP: Farrakhan predicts 'white right' trouble for Obama
  176. EPA Limitations
  177. Doctors tell Obama to quit smoking, and his physical info
  178. Economists warn another finacial crisis is on the way
  179. Charlie Rangel stepping down as chairman of House Ways and Means
  180. Will China Use Its U.S. Bond Holdings as a Weapon?
  181. The Latest Effort to Monetize Reagan
  182. Eric Massa (D-NY) to retire amid allegations he sexually harassed a male staffer
  183. RNC document mocks donors, plays on "fear"
  184. Obama might change mind on 9/11 plotters terrorist trials
  185. China continues to focus on domestic issues over international disputes
  186. Eric Massa: Democrats ousted me over health care
  187. Chinese leaders utilizes microblogging in an attempt to be more transparent
  188. Will the core economic values of parties change.
  189. Recent results on the approval ratings of Obama, Congress, the GOP, and the Democrats
  190. Patrick Kennedy's Rant
  191. Martha Conyers Gets 37 Months
  192. One reason the War on Drugs should concern us all
  193. Reid's wife and daughter in serious car accident
  194. Move to Kill Filibuster Gaining Steam Among Democrats
  195. GMAC May Never Repay Part of Government Aid
  196. Ban on Salt in NY Restuarants
  197. China has a shortage of workers
  198. latest round-up of Obama's poll ratings state by state
  199. Politics, Inc. (brought to you by SCOTUS)
  200. Is bipartisan tax reform actually possible?
  201. Waste 102: The 102 worst ways the government is spending your tax dollars
  202. Is Obama Obsessed with Healthcare?
  203. PROMISES, PROMISES: Records not so open with Obama
  204. Congress pressuring Obama to start an economic war with China
  205. US citizens arrested for terrorism in Pakistan
  206. Got a good idea for the energy of the future? Want to win $300K for it?
  207. Do You Want to Pay a 'National Broadband Fee'?
  208. The Right to an Education
  209. Public Education vs. Public Healthcare
  210. Acorn Done?
  211. Student loan reform will save over $60 billion, help more students get loans
  212. Forgive Student Loans to Stimulate the Economy
  213. So after health care reform, what's next?
  214. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) yelled IT'S a baby killer
  215. Health care reform bill dooms America to Pharma-dominated sickness and suffering
  216. Repeal the 17th Amendment?
  217. Let the Banshee wail
  218. Initial polling shows public opinion warming to health care reform
  219. FBI Investigating Cut Gas Line At Home Of Dem Rep's Brother
  220. Afghanistan and Iraq
  221. The 2012 Republican candidate field
  222. Recess Appointments
  223. Eric Cantor (R-VA) campaign office shot at Monday
  224. Here goes that union pandering that I told you them Dems were all about.
  225. Palin to tea party rally: "We're not going to sit down and shut up"
  226. The Rage is Not About Health Care?
  227. Immigration Reform
  228. Hate crimes force Jews out of Malmo (Where is the Swedish Gov?)
  229. US Govt. says it will begin selling Citi shares
  230. Fox News is trying to redefine fascism as far left movement...
  231. Are you more liberal or more conservative?
  232. Pro-Life Democrats Who Switched Vote for Health Bill Request Billions in Earmarks
  233. When the Big Tent gets too big
  234. McCain Calls for National Guard to Seal Border
  235. Obama goes back on word, allows drilling off Atlantic
  236. Latest from the CBO on ARRA
  237. Global Wellbeing
  238. Mexicans Crossing the Border Asking for Asylum
  239. Article I Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution- Is a Standing Army Unconstitutional?
  240. Bill O'Reilly Does A Very Good Thing
  241. GOP hopes repeal-the-bill fire won't burn them
  242. America's 35 Hardest Hit Cities [Infographic]
  243. Is today's America more violent?
  244. A Public Pat On The Back For ari
  245. Is "Black Rage" a Legitimate Defense?
  246. Phil Hare - Fail
  247. President not saluting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  248. Census Returns
  249. Wikileaks: Classified footage of Reuters Journalists' deaths leaked
  250. Could Senator Ensign face a federal indictment?