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  1. Has anybody read what's in the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009?
  2. Bipartisanship? What bipartisanship?
  3. GM considering Chapter 11 filing, creating new company
  4. Lindsey Graham says that we may have to nationalize the banks
  5. Bad news if you live in Kansas
  6. RSS Feeds
  7. Recovery.gov
  8. Obama Approves Afghanistan Surge
  9. Obama Opposes "Fairness" Doctrine
  10. Why Do People Want Obama to Fail?
  11. Ron Paul on Real Time w/ Bill Maher 02/20/2009
  12. Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA) to refuse elements of stimulus
  13. Gov. Schwarzenegger on "This Week"
  14. U.S. plans "substantial" pledge at Gaza meeting
  15. Analysis: Clinton's mockery of Obama proves true
  16. I hate Fox News, and I hate Glenn Beck... But how can you ignore this? It's true!
  17. Steele to punish GOP defections?
  18. President Obama addresses Congress -- Open Thread
  19. Is this the beginning of the end of fearmongering?
  20. Stevie Wonder Performing For Obamas At The White House
  21. Tennessee Gov (DEM) may refuse elements of stimulus
  22. Byrd: Obama in power grab
  23. Can Obamanomics break down the Reagan coalition?
  24. Don't look now but...
  25. Ron Paul: They're working on a one world government
  26. How is this a "Stimulus"
  27. Jewish Leaders Blast Clinton
  28. Youngest Member of Congress
  29. ??? A question to Republicans (serious)
  30. Larry Kudlow: Obama declares war on investors, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, And More
  31. Conservapedia.com
  32. Obama goes to war against lobbyist and big interest groups
  33. Republicans 2012...
  34. Kathleen Sebelius nominated for HHS
  35. Paul Harvey has died
  36. Who is in charge of the GOP?
  37. The problem with 41
  38. Sri Lankan cricket team assailed in Pakistan
  39. Glenn Beck discusses FEMA camps on Fox & Friends... can't debunk it.
  40. Obama's Budget
  41. British PM Brown to address joint session of Congress
  42. Opinions on Rush Limbaugh
  43. Ted Kennedy Knighted
  44. Sorry Rush!
  45. Find out and Vote on what the stimulus does in your state
  46. Obama's Home modification plan
  47. The Thin Line Between Socialism and Capitalist Nirvana
  48. "Cons" and "Libs"
  49. When Will Voters Blame Obama?
  50. California Prop 8 Supreme Court Hearing
  51. General/Off-topic discussion
  52. Obama...no pork huh? Yeah right.
  53. There's Trouble A brewing, with women and their bodies
  54. U.S. jobless rate hits 8.1%, worst since 1983
  55. Gupta Opts out
  56. Jim Cramer calls Obama's plans "Wealth Destruction"
  57. New Stem Cell Rules
  58. John Boehner, House GOP go for full-on embrace of Hooverism
  59. A War on the Rich?
  60. 14 year old Conservative Pundit
  61. Obama offends Brits with Gift Gaffe
  62. Obama's Plan for Education
  63. Oh No...The Obama Deception - A Film by Alex Jones
  64. Carville Wanted Bush to Fail
  65. No Cost Stimulus Act?
  66. Obama, Geithner Get Low Grades From Economists
  67. Religion and Politics
  68. Justice Dept. Investigates Arizona Sheriff Regarding Enforcing Immigration Law
  69. Is Michael Steele done for?
  70. AFL-CIO to support Specter if he votes for Employee Free Choice Act
  71. Jon Stewart's Interview of Jim Cramer
  72. Biden rolls out $1.3 billion for Amtrak
  73. Ginsburg: Possible court opening soon
  74. Obama chooses a drug czar who recognizes the war on drugs hasn't worked.
  75. Obama's New Strategy: Blame Bush
  76. Norm Coleman to head RNC?
  77. Obama Tells Treasury Chief to Block A.I.G. Bonuses
  78. An Arlen Specter Question
  79. Cheeney Talks......again
  80. Relations with Turkey
  81. Obama to privatize VA treatment?
  82. Amid AIG Furor, Dodd Tries to Undo Bonus Protections He Put In
  83. John McCain's "Twitterview" with George Stephanopoulos
  84. Oh The Republican Budget Hypocrisy
  85. BMD plays DD: Russia wants world currency
  86. Bush is still classiest President and will be like everyone else and write a book
  87. HR 875: The End Of Organic Farming?
  88. U.S. To Sign UN Gay Rights Declaration
  89. New Mexico gov signs bill banning death penalty
  90. Obama's Special Olympics Gaffe on the Tonight Show
  91. Palin polling Iowa
  92. News From Minn about Senator Franken
  93. Republicans start taking credit for stimulus projects they voted against
  94. Graphic visual explanations of the financial crisis
  95. GOP predicts Doomsday if Obama budget passed
  96. Coming Soon: Declassified Bush-Era Torture Memos
  97. Buy American during stimulus? Not with rubbers
  98. Fed Up with Washington?
  99. EU presidency: US economic plans 'a road to hell'
  100. Obama opposes legalizing marijuana
  101. Details of GOP Budget Plan
  102. BMD caused the recession. Sorry guys!
  103. Justice Department: 'Zip it' on Ayers Probe
  104. Krugman on Newsweek cover, and the need for a real left
  105. Senator Grassley
  106. Who is your House Representative and how do you feel about him/her?
  107. Does anyone not care what Obama is doing?
  108. Obama Signs Major Land Conservation Law
  109. "If I'm corrupt, it's because I take care of my district" -John Murtha
  110. Hindsight is 20/20 etc. etc.
  111. NY-20 Results (a.k.a. I miss Albany)
  112. Barbra Boxer to the Rescue (I'm not kidding!)
  113. House Minority Whip Cantor Attends Britney Spears Concert Instead of Obama Presser
  114. GM to File For "Controlled Bankruptcy?"
  115. PROMISES, PROMISES: Obama tax pledge up in smoke
  116. The G-20 Summit
  117. Man-Caused disasters?
  118. Well, it's offical...
  119. Gov Blavo Gets ****ed
  120. Iowa Legalizes Gay Marriage
  121. David Horowitz says better than I could what I've been trying to say
  122. I am so sick of hardcore Liberals
  123. Where is the outrage over bonuses to Fannie and Freddie?
  124. North Korea Launches Rocket
  125. Most in Poll Back Outreach to Muslims
  126. Vermont Passes Same-Sex Marriage Legislation
  127. The Real Unemployment Rate? Try 15.6%
  128. Harvard Student Takes On Barney Frank Over Economy
  129. Obama makes surprise visit to Iraq
  130. Obama, Gates to increase defense budget by 4%, overhaul military
  131. Obama to Push Immigration Bill Despite the Risks
  132. Obama to seek $83.4 billion for Iraq, Afghan wars - ap
  133. Rove Calls Biden 'Liar' as Bush Aides Challenge VP's Boasts
  134. Karl Rove Cites Pew Poll, Ignores Pew’s Polling Director
  135. Stimulus Aid Being Doled Out, Slowly
  136. Socialists in Congress - Egad!
  137. Conflict of Interest?
  138. Senate seat party switch likelihood rankings
  139. Does one sense of Obama's "bipartisanship" actually amount to...
  140. The Obama Deception
  141. Obama no longer has a choice...
  142. Obama's big speech on the economy
  143. Homeland Security on guard for 'right-wing extremists'
  144. Awesome Illustration of How Government Spends Your Money
  145. The Tea Parties
  146. Do You Remember the Las Vegas Disneyland RR
  147. President Obama holds secret, private meeting with ... The Dead
  148. Us vs. Them: The People and the Political Class
  149. Is this a coincidence? (pure speculation on my part)
  150. I always thought the bushes were NAZI's
  151. Obama to order $100 million in cuts
  152. Political Communication or Let's Stop Talking Past Each Other
  153. Campaign Finance Reform?
  154. Ranking Senate partisans
  155. Gavin Newsom Running for Governor of California
  156. Why I support waterboarding
  157. Clinton: Obama's diplomacy not contradictory with America's principles and values
  158. Boehner Signs A Letter Asking For Bipartisanship .....Must Be A Punchline
  159. New Rasmussen Poll Shows Toomey Way Ahead of Specter
  160. An independent's critique of conservatism
  161. Obama's latest address: Cutting wasteful spending and reforming government
  162. Congressional Dems agree to reconciliation process for passing health care
  163. The creation of the most powerful military alliance the world has EVER seen
  164. Oh, that silly frivolous spending in the stimulus package!
  165. Fox Denies Obama Air Time
  166. Specter finally shows true colors gives Dem fillibuster proof senate
  167. Supreme Court Justice Souter To Retire
  168. Who has the better chance of winning a Presidential election?
  169. Okay, hear me out here, fellow PSD Politics Forum posters
  170. Virginia Foxx, (R,NC) member of the House of Representatives
  171. Eric Ericson Editor in Chief of RedState.com
  172. Jack Kemp dies at 73
  173. Troubling news for the GOP
  174. this is why i wrote a thread semi-supporting Obama
  175. Jeff Sessions Ranking Member Judiciary
  176. And this is a reason i dislike obama
  177. Murtha Keeps it in the family
  178. Gays In The Workplace
  179. Obama, lawmakers agree on "cash-for-clunkers" bill
  180. Democrats finally stand up to Obama.
  181. Anyone in here have some opinions on CA upcoming ballot?
  182. USA Today: Details thin on stimulus contracts
  183. L.A. Unified pays teachers 68k a year not to teach
  184. Michael Savage Banned from Britain
  185. More people supporting torture Now. BMD wants to know why
  186. Obama Stresses Joint Action Against Taliban Push in South Asia
  187. Why is the Right out to get Sonia Sotomayor?
  188. Breaking News: GOP's Top Ranking Member Quits The Party
  189. Sean Hannity Strikes Again
  190. $2 Trillion Offered in Health Savings
  191. Crist running for Senate
  192. Buchanan: Wanted a fighting Party.
  193. Why Should I pay my FICA taxes?
  194. Obama Tries to Block Release of Detainee Photos
  195. Pelosi: CIA lied to Congress
  196. The Rule of Law and the Obama Administration
  197. Top Powell Aide: Torture used to make Iraq-Al Qaeda Connection
  198. Good News, Bad News for the GOP
  199. First time ever: More Americans are pro life than pro choice
  200. Amnesty International Blast Obama - And Agrees With CHENEY
  201. Jon Huntsman named ambassador to the PRC
  202. Independent Torture Investigation
  203. The Secret to Happiness!
  204. Jury Duty
  205. If GOPers try to rename the Dems "Socialists", can we rename them "Fascists", too?
  206. CA State Legislature Member gives glimpse of how goofball CA Government is
  207. FBI defends marijuana laws
  208. Obama man can
  209. Water Boarding is Torture.
  210. Should America's top priority in Afghanistan be eliminating "safe havens"?
  211. Obama Picks SCOTUS Nominee - Sonia Sotomayor
  212. Burris Promised Blago a Check
  213. Defense contractor with ties to Murtha suspended
  214. Iowa, Are You Ready?
  215. 31 year old in charge on dismantling gm
  216. Dr. George Tiller Killed In Kansas
  217. Obama's visit to the Middle East
  218. Venezuela Chavez says "Comrade" Obama more left-wing
  219. Gordo could be gone by monday
  220. Ten reasons why gays cant marry
  221. Ballmer Says Tax Would Move Microsoft Jobs Offshore
  222. Rush and Newt Are Winning
  223. Pelosi's Pork Problem
  224. Couple Indicted on Charges of Spying for Cuba
  225. Reported by C-Span: British PM Gordon Brown to resign
  226. congress could raise tax on soda/sugar drinks and alcohol to pay for health care plan
  227. Obama Is Sort Of Like God - Newsweek Editor
  228. It's election day in Virginia
  229. Obama's jobs
  230. North Korea would use nuclear weapons in a 'merciless offensive'
  231. Photo Fight: Lieberman and Graham Threaten Senate Shutdown
  232. Whitacre Vows to ‘Learn About Cars’ as Chairman of New GM Board
  233. Shooting at Holocaust Museum
  234. Miranda rights for terrorists?
  235. The Iranian Elections
  236. US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive
  237. Obama’s issues crumbling
  238. Limbaugh thinks exercise is causing health care costs to rise
  239. An interview on the Obama Admin's reluctance to implement real financial reform
  240. Operation Iraqi Stephen - Going Commando
  241. Convicted terrorist can sue
  242. Europe, US call Netanyahu speech step towards peace
  243. Iran's supreme leader orders an investigation into charges of election fraud
  244. "Conservatives” Are Single-Largest Ideological Group
  245. Iran regime faces public anger: will it survive?
  246. More Far Right Violence
  247. Obama extends benefits to Gay Partners of Federal Employees
  248. Sen. John Ensign Hops on the Moral Hypocrisy Train
  249. PETA upset with Obama for killing a fly during CNBC interview
  250. Play Ball: Dems beat GOP in Congressional Baseball Game