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  1. Democrats you ACTUALLY like
  2. Colorado House Passes Civil Union, Expected to Take Effect May 1st
  3. Ohio poll worker charged with voting six times (also voted illegally in 2008 & 2011)
  4. How do you Interpret the Constitution?
  5. IRAQ VS Vietnam,or how Republicans have Murderder Americans for profit.
  6. Corporate shell games wreck retiree families
  7. Assault weapons ban dropped from Senate gun control bill
  8. Harry Reid Implies Sequester Caused Explosion That Killed 7 Marines In Nevada
  9. Israel Finally Apologizes to Turkey for Gaza flotilla deaths
  10. What happened to the 14.75?
  11. The United States Senate Has Finally Approved A Budget — Its First In Four Years
  12. Karl Marx's Revenge
  13. Interactive Drone Map
  14. Supreme court audio.
  15. I love it when the daily show turns it's ire towards the left.
  16. How the Monsanto Protection Act snuck into law
  17. The incarceration of America
  18. Anybody know much about Machiavelli?
  19. political corruption in America
  20. Kalamazoo tar sands oil spill being buried in national Media
  21. The labor force participation rate declined to 63.3%. Lowest since 1979
  22. why our Debt crisis will never be resolved
  23. Obama Nominates Partner of Wall St Defense Firm to Head SEC
  24. Voting Rights Under Attack
  25. Does the NRA have too much say in our government?
  26. Why are Americans scared of their government?
  27. Boston: After the Marathon Bombing
  28. Intellectual Foundation of Austerity Discredited
  29. Stock Act Change Just Made It Easier For Top Fed Employees To Inside Trade (HP)
  30. Pro sports leagues are tax exempt
  31. Supreme Court rules states can limit FOIA requests to their own citizens
  32. The 2013 Special Elections Thread. (MA, SC, IL & MO)
  33. NY Times: Keeping Up, Not Getting Ahead
  34. GOP seeks alternative to overtime pay
  35. I am so sick
  36. multiculturalism VS Homogeny
  37. IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups
  38. Benghazi memos reportedly revised 12 times, official 'concerned' they would hurt Stat
  39. Carbon dioxide in atmosphere passes milestone level...
  40. Is obama really all that different from bush?
  41. Did the Obama adminstration purposely miscategorize a terrorist attack?
  42. Dr. Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty; Implications?
  43. Justice Department Secretly Obtains 2 Month Phone Records From AP Journalists
  44. Bachmann Threatens to Leave Minnesota Over Marriage Equality
  45. Barrack O'bama: Criminal or Incompetent?
  46. Left wing men are the fairer sex.
  47. Report: IRS Deliberately Chose Not to Fess Up to Scandal Before Election
  48. The american anti-corruption act
  49. Obama Wants Mindless, Unquestioning Drones
  50. Apple avoids taxes with ‘complex web’ of offshore entities, Senate inquiry finds.
  51. Question for Obama bashers
  52. Banks’ Lobbyists Help in Drafting Financial Bills (The New York Times)
  53. Gallup Poll And A New Study Both Confirm America Is Starting To Lean Left
  54. Jim Graves drops Bachmann challenge
  55. IRS Employees Stayed in $3,500/Night Presidential Suites for Business Conferences
  56. Death of Senator Places Christie in Difficult Spot
  57. The Protests in Turkey
  58. Mitt Romney wishes that Hurricane Sandy never happened since it cost him the election
  59. NYT Editorial: Obama Administration Has Lost All Credibility On Anti-Terrorism Acts
  60. (U.S.) Guilty in Guatemala
  61. ITT: Obama’s SEC Cop-Out
  62. Dirty Wars
  63. Aquitted after killing an escort who didn't have sex with him.
  64. Senate passes five-year farm bill in 66-27 vote (Rejected By House - Post #9)
  65. Lets Focus on the Positive Things About our Government
  66. Why is there zero discussion over "PRISM"?
  67. Study: Democratic Judges More Susceptible to Business Money Influence
  68. Is forced fatherhood fair?
  69. Candidate Obama Debates President Obama on Government Surveillance
  70. Rubio Says It Should Be Legal To Fire Someone For Being Gay
  71. Texas Gov. Perry signs 'Merry Christmas' bill into law
  72. US to give Syrian rebels aid.
  73. Background checks
  74. Voter Fraud
  75. CNN Poll: Obama approval falls amid controversies
  76. supreme court strikes down Arz voter ID law.
  77. Your Silence Can Be Used Against You in the Court of Law
  78. Handing out free Obamaphones (Exclusive)
  79. ExxonMobil CEO: What good is it to save the planet
  80. U.S Congressman says he's anti-abortion because he believes fetuses masturbate
  81. More evidence of corporate corruption...BofA employees claim" we were told to lie"
  82. GOP congressman: Children should take classes on traditional gender roles
  83. MJ: The GOP Tries to Redefine Rape Exemptions—Again
  84. Democratic Congressman: 'Not Fair' To Subject Congress To Obamacare..
  85. Former Miss America Called 'Street Walker' by Local GOP Leader
  86. Political refuge seeks assylum
  87. Twinkies are back....Twinkies are back...OMG Twinkies are back!!
  88. Supreme Court limits federal oversight of Voting Rights Act
  89. Texas abortion bill and Wendy Davis filibuster
  90. Supreme Court gives two big victories for gay rights
  91. Rick perry makes insensitive rape jokes
  92. George W. Bush defends Barack Obama on continuing PRISM.
  93. The mandate for Obamacare being extended for a year.
  94. Perry strikes blow against pay equity (women STILL DONT get equal pay in texas)
  95. Is every generation becoming more and more accepting?
  96. Canadian Senate Scandal
  97. Wal-Mart says it will pull out of D.C. plans should city mandate ‘living wage’
  98. Detroit files largest municipal bankruptcy in US history.
  99. effect of minimum wage jobs
  100. Bill O'Reilly Challenges Obama
  101. Republicans threating to shut down the government unless Obamacare is overturned
  102. A particular effect of min wage jobs *part 2*
  103. Halliburton Pleads Guilty To Destroying Gulf Oil Spill Evidence
  104. National Debt
  105. Arkansas teachers to carry 9mm guns on campus this fall
  106. RNC To CNN, NBC: Drop Hillary Films Or We’ll Pull Presidential Primary Debates
  107. George W. Bush undergoes heart pocedure.
  108. Granite State Poll - GOP
  109. NSA loophole allows warrantless search for US citizens' emails and phone calls
  110. considering moving from NY state to PA for tax purposes
  111. Members of Congress Being Exempt for the New Health Care Plan
  112. VB: Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?
  113. War With Syria: Yes or No?
  114. In 5-Year Effort, Scant Evidence of Voter Fraud
  115. Social/Political Attitude Test
  116. Harvard Study: No Correlation Between Gun Control and Less Violent Crime
  117. Presidential Politics of the Syria Vote
  118. Illegal immigrant wants a law degree
  119. Iranian leader: U.S. will 'definitely suffer' if it leads strike on Syria
  120. August Jobs Report - Unemployment falls .2% as 312,000 drop out of workforce
  121. Obama Claims He’d Be Treated Better In Europe
  122. Politician-poster nominations
  123. White House Wants 'Hard Look' at Syria Weapons Offer
  124. Republicans threaten to push nation into default unless Obama agrees to delay ACA
  125. Did Bill Clinton do enough to stop 9/11 from happening?
  126. Richest 1% earn biggest share since Roaring '20s
  127. Russian president trolls Obama, entire United States with NYT op-ed
  128. BREAKING: CIA begins delivering weapons to rebels in Syria
  129. AFL-CIO calls ObamaCare 'highly disruptive' to union health plans
  130. Stay away from Iowa!
  131. Buffett: Scrap Obamacare and Start All Over
  132. Politics: Obamacare and the Debt Ceiling
  133. Presidential Candidates
  134. Obama: "Raising The Debt Ceiling Unpatriotic"
  135. Senate OKs short-term spending bill to fund government after removing anti-Obamacare
  136. House GOP plans another Obamacare vote on shutdown deal
  137. over half of House Rs would be *privately* OK with letting clean CR pass:
  138. Sen. Ted Cruz to donate salary to charity if Harry Reid forces government shutdown
  139. Shutdown Could Last "Weeks"
  140. Obama Admin Rejected Veterans' Exemption Request That Would Let Them Visit Memorial
  141. Obama is peddling "crack cocaine health care" says michele bachmann
  142. Democrats were for a D.C. shutdown exception before they were against it
  143. Less than 1% of visitors are signing up for Obamacare on state health exchanges.
  144. MJ: The GOP's Obamacare Suicide
  145. ITT: Why the GOP Is Really Waging Its War on Food Stamps
  146. Shots Fired at Capitol: Placed on Lockdown
  147. GOP Congressman Makes Park Ranger Apologize for Shutdown
  148. Government shutdown causing America to our standing in the world
  149. The Emerging Republican Offer
  150. Park Service Ranger: "We've been told to make life as difficult for people as we can"
  151. discharge petition to bring a clean CR to a vote:
  152. Hot Mic Catches Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell Discussing Their Actual Gov Shutdown.
  153. Fox News falls for fake story claiming Obama is funding a "Muslim Museum."
  154. Obamacare Website Cost $634 Million, Faces Months of Glitches
  155. Neutral Observer - Why is this the Republicans fault?
  156. Ted Cruz is Living on Another Planet
  157. The Affordable Care Act: Three years later
  158. The quasi humorous republican dilemma
  159. Boehner has agreed to take up the Senate's plan and allow it to pass with Dem votes
  160. Promotion of the two major politcal brands
  161. 9 of 10 Americans Are Wrong About Wealth Inequality
  162. Cruz is unwilling to rule out a fiscal standoff or shutdown next year
  163. CBS News Video: "Obama Admin misleading Prices"
  164. BI: Racist 'Daily Show' Interview That Cost A Local GOP Chair His Job
  165. 60 Minutes: Gut-Wrenching Report On Benghazi
  166. Economists to Congress: It's Time for a "Robin Hood Tax" on the Rich
  167. US emergency food providers brace as $5bn food stamp cuts set in
  168. Will Republicans keep the house?
  169. Conservatives: A Time for Choosing by Ronald Reagan speech.
  170. Three Big Elections Today Will Tell Us About The Future Of The GOP
  171. Do dems have an issue with liberal media outlets "fat shaming" Chris Christie?
  172. White, Anti-Gay Republican Wins Local Election After Pretending To Be Black
  173. Is there a pro science party and a anti science party?
  174. Bill Clinton tells Obama to keep his promise
  175. BI: The 11 Nations of America
  176. Poll: Obama approval ratings drop, Americans say he's not trustworthy
  177. I went to Baltimore and it's the worst place I've seen
  178. House GOP to try to impeach US Attorney General Holder
  179. D.C. insurance commissioner fired a day after questioning Obamacare fix
  180. Census faked 2012 election jobs report: insider
  181. Oprah Says Obama’s Being Bashed “Because He’s African American”
  182. MJ: Expect More Long Lines for Voting in 2016 for Milennials, Blacks and Latinos
  183. Can/should equality be forced
  184. Senate Dems weaken GOP power with major filibuster rule change
  185. UK internet filters
  186. Iran nuclear deal reached!!
  187. Your Brain on Poverty: Why Poor People Seem to Make Bad Decisions
  188. Life on $7.25 an Hour
  189. Raul Labrador Uses Colorful Language to Target Democratic Hypocrisy
  190. Santorum: Fight Against Obamacare Like Fight Against Apartheid
  191. How politicians extract our money
  192. Mellisa Harris Perry implies that the phrase "Obamacare" compares to the N-word.
  193. Why the US Shouldn’t Nuke Iran
  194. Ann Kuster (OH D) Dodges Question On Benghazi
  195. Obama shakes hands with Raul Castro
  196. Prescription Price
  197. GOP asks Obama for meeting on Obamacare replacement
  198. Sometimes, we can learn from our enemies.
  199. Kerry says Israeli-Palestinian deal possible by April
  200. Guess who said it!
  201. How does the budget deal effect Paul Ryan's future?
  202. John Podesta: "Republicans are a cult worthy of Jonestown"
  203. 26 charts that taught me something surprising in 2013
  204. New Mexico Legalizes Same Sex Marriage
  205. Few employers considering private exchange and few are stopping insurance
  206. CNN Poll: Health care law support drops to all-time low
  207. Benghazi Attack Not Work of Al-Qaeda
  208. New Poll says 43 percent of Republicans believe in evolution
  209. Melissa Harris Perry mocks Mitt Romney's African American adoptive grandson
  210. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  211. WSJ Essay: The Late, Great American WASP
  212. Colorado Recreational Weed Law Officially In Effect
  213. What To Do With America's Drug Business
  214. Angry workers seize managers in 'boss-napping' at French tire plant
  215. Texas Forces A Dead Woman To Incubate A Fetus
  216. Chris Christie: Six Question that remain about the GWB Fiasco
  217. Chris Christie: Six Question that remain about the GWB Fiasco
  218. People Not In Labor Force Soar To Record 91.8 Million; Participation Rate Plunges To
  219. Return of the Political Compass Test
  220. Iran: All Sides Agree to a Nuclear Deal.
  221. Indiana voting on HJR-3 today.
  222. Obama's big trade deal(TPP & TPA) is not getting enough attention from media.
  223. Is "American Exceptionalism" a conservative concept?
  224. Scott Walker To Propose Nearly 1B In Tax Cuts
  225. Obamacare enrollment continues to rise in January
  226. GOP May Use Threat Of Default To Sabotage Obamacare
  227. Mitt: The Netflix Documentary
  228. The Official Debt Ceiling Debate Thread: More Gloom and Doom in Feb?
  229. Senate GOP Announces Obamacare Alternative
  230. Randy Weber ® - Tex Calls Obama "Kommandant-In-Chef"... the Socialistic dictator
  231. GOP Congressman Physically Threatens NY1 Reporter in Post-SOTU Interview
  232. How does raising the minimum wage lead to more unemployment?
  233. The state of the union speech Barack Obama would never give
  234. Life after Jan1: Kentucky clinic offers early glimpse at realities of health-care law
  235. Report Opens Way To Approval For Keystone Pipeline
  236. R's may be forced to pass clean debt bill due to lack of support among R's
  237. Sheila Jackson Lee: Writing executive orders for Obama to sign ‘our number one agenda
  238. Republicans Are Setting Up Fake Websites for Democratic Candidates
  239. Delayed: Obamacare’s employer mandate for small businesses
  240. Tax Policy Discussion
  241. Kansas State House Passes Bill Allowing Refusal Of Services To Same-Sex Couples
  242. Top five myths about the U.S. economy
  243. In Idaho a doctor could refuse to see you if you are gay in this proposed bill
  244. Can We Talk about the Ukraine?
  245. Restaurants in FL chain are asking customers to help foot the bill for Obamacare
  246. Federal Deficit Falls to Smallest Level Since 2008
  247. S&P Reach Record High
  248. Ukraine-Russia
  249. Harry Reid Denies All Obamacare 'Horror Stories'; 'All Are Untrue'
  250. Romney and Palin were right!