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  1. Election Scams Against Ron Paul Exposed?
  2. What Craig James does when he's not getting SMU bribes or getting Leach fired
  3. Legal Curiosity
  4. Lawsuit by Alaskan claims Obama can't be president because he is....
  5. Hate Crimes
  6. Wikileaks exposes a part of the Military Industrail Complex
  7. The Dow
  8. Politician Auto-Reply
  9. Snowe announces she won't seek re-election
  10. Climate Change conspiracy comparison.
  11. Goodbye First Amendment. Goodbye Freedom.
  12. Let the Conspiracies Begin on Andrew Breitbart
  13. Allen West rails against Obama because it costs $70 to fill up his Hummer
  14. Sheriff Joe: 'Probable cause' Obama certificate a fraud
  15. Rush Limbaugh: Sandra Fluke is a sl**
  16. One thing...
  17. G-8 Summit pulled out of Chicago
  18. Why Is, and Whose Fault Is Bipartisanship Missing
  19. Super Tuesday Scoreboard
  20. The President Can Kill You.
  21. Marcy Kaptur Beats Dennis Kucinich In Ohio 9th District Primary
  22. This Central American Nation Is Spending Roughly 50% Of Its Entire Economy On...
  23. Ron Paul Wins Virgin Islands Caucus
  24. Game Change
  25. US Staff Sergeat Alleged to Have Murdered 16 Afghanistan Civilians
  26. GOP Primary Alabama, Mississippi
  27. We make decisions based on what we know
  28. More good news on the economy
  29. More reproductive insanity
  30. San Diego Tea Party leader arrested for rape
  31. Fred Karger
  32. Experts: Fundamental Steps Needed Now in Global Redesign of Earth System Governance
  33. Jeb Bush endorses Romney
  34. Martin shooting.
  35. Infographic The slow death of prohibition
  36. 'The Real Obama': The Imperial Presidency
  37. Awsome new Santorum Ad
  38. Does anyone know what a collateral trigger is?
  39. Another weird ad from Herman Cain....
  40. Canada to Kill the Penny!
  41. Parents of murdered British students criticise Barack Obama
  42. The 2013 Budget Discussion
  43. If you had an opportunity to be in...
  44. Anti-gay's National Organization for Marriage's strategy exposed
  45. Santorum: California Universities ruining America
  46. Activist Judges
  47. MIT Researchers Predict Global Depression by 2030
  48. The Masters - The gift that just keeps on giving.
  49. O'Keefe Voter Fraud Investigation: Young Man Offered Holder's Ballot
  50. Netflix has NOT formed a pro-sopa Superpac
  51. Santorum to end his Campaign
  52. New Study Ties Conservatism To 'Low-Effort' Thinking
  53. Presidential Race- Romney vs Obama vs Ron Paul
  54. Ted Nugent's Comments on Obama
  55. Conrad’s Budget Surprise: Simpson-Bowles
  56. Student Loan Forgiveness Act
  57. Examples of Rumors Fabricated by the Falun Gong-operated Epoch Times
  58. Orrin Hatch To Face Primary In June - Fails To Clinch GOP Nod At Convention
  59. Guess how many recent college graduates are un/underemployed?
  60. 10 years ago today Ron Paul predicted the next 10 years...
  61. Mexico Seized 68,000 guns traceable to the U.S.
  62. Senate probe finds little evidence of effective "torture"
  63. Barack Obama White House Correspondents Dinner Speech
  64. Arizona bans funding of Planned Parenthood
  65. CIA foils al-Qaida bomb plot Near anniversary of Bin Laden's death
  66. 21 Members of the neo-Nazi Party Elected to Greece Goverment
  67. Six-term Sen. Lugar defeated in Ind. GOP primary
  68. NC voters approve constitutional amendment defining marriage
  69. Obama: Same-Sex Marriage SHOULD be legal
  70. Mitt Romney Was A HS Gay-Bashing Bully+, Romney wants gay marriage constitutional ban
  71. U.S. Notches First Budget Surplus Since '08 in April
  72. Discussion on the Iraq War
  73. Ron Paul suspending campaign
  74. George W Bush Guilty of War Crimes
  75. Wisconsin Recall Election
  76. Mitt Romney, Bain Capital defrauded US of 25 Million dollars
  77. George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin
  78. Mitt Romney on Debt
  79. Obama lit agent shocker: 'born in kenya and raised in indonesia and hawaii'
  80. Expatriation Prevention by Abolishing Tax-Related Incentives for Offshore Tenancy
  81. Obama Administration Writes Him Into Presidential Bios
  82. Women in the Obama Administration
  83. The Science and Politics of Global Warming
  84. NATO summit chicago
  85. Obama's campaign promises
  86. What's sauce for the goose....
  87. How to Reform the Banking System
  88. Real Federal Deficit Dwarfs Official Tally
  89. New Jersey/Christie to Defy Fed Law. Allow sports gambling
  90. I'm Just Trying to Make Fairer Elections...
  91. Really bummed out about the slaughter in Syria
  92. The New York Times On Obama's Secret "Kill List"
  93. We can all have a sigh of relief...
  94. The Bogus Uproar Over Obama's "Polish Death Camp" Gaffe
  95. Unemployment slightly rises for May and March/April revised downward
  96. Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran
  97. Who should be Mitt Romney's VP???
  98. Obama's Clinton Nightmare
  99. Raising the Minimum Wage to $10/hr
  100. GAO: Trillions of Barrels of Recoverable Oil in Colorado, Utah; End of Peak Oil?
  101. Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers
  102. Chart showing breakdown of American wealth from 1917 to Now
  103. Obama makes election-year change in deportation policy
  104. 165 Days Later Ron Paul Wins Iowa...
  105. 44 Senators Urge More Action on Iran
  106. Rubio being vetted for VP
  107. Isreal/US launch viruses on Iran
  108. DEA Refuses to Admit Heroin Worse than Marijuana
  109. Obama Discovers the Convenience of Executive Privilege
  110. Barack Obama Wants Your Birthday, Wedding, and Anniversary Gifts
  111. SCOTUS issues ruling on AZ. immigration law
  112. Rubio v. Stewart: Incredible Debate
  113. Obama Is Crushing Romney In Swing States
  114. Should Washington DC Be Granted Statehood?
  115. BREAKING NEWS: Individual Mandate Has Been Upheld
  116. What ObamaCare Means for Your Taxes
  117. Religious Freedom vs. Zoning Laws
  118. Who Said This - Romney or Obama?
  119. What has lead to black opposition to the Republican Party?
  120. Source: Condoleezza Rice frontrunner for VP
  121. Senate Dems ready $272b tax-cut extension bill
  122. proof that rush limbaugh is a crazy man.
  123. Christian College Files Lawsuit Over HHS Mandate to Provide Contraceptives
  124. John McCain Slams Michele Bachmann's 'Unfounded' Attacks On Muslim-Americans
  125. Navy's "Great Green Fleet" debuts in Pacific
  126. NYPD Gets Busted Spying on Americans
  127. House passes Ron Paul’s ‘audit the Fed’ bill
  128. What U.S. President in History would you most resemble if you were President?
  129. Interesting video on the 2nd Amendment
  130. Gore Vidal Dies at Age 86
  131. Congress proposing to cut NSF funding for Political Science
  132. Green Party nominee arrested in Philly bank sit-in
  133. US is funding Al-Qaeda in Syria
  134. Unemployment rate rises higher to 8.3%, who gets the blame this time?
  135. David Petraeus as Romneys VP?
  136. Is the concept of "Representative" dead?
  137. Why Do Veterans Get Unquestioned Affirmative Action?
  138. Romney to announce Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as running mate tomorrow morning
  139. Republican promised voter ID laws will land Romney Pennsyvlvania
  140. Fit to serve????
  141. Obama launches 170 million dollar bailout of farmers hurt by the drought
  142. Presidential and Vice Presidential Debate Moderators Announced
  143. If the Economy wasn't getting better.....
  144. "They gonna put ya'll back in chains!"
  145. Chelsea Clinton won't rule out political run
  146. Shooting at Conservative Group
  147. Paul Ryan paid effective tax rate of 20% in 2011, 15.9% in 2010
  148. Iran skirt sanctions with unlikely help
  149. what a dumb ***
  150. Assange berates United States and England from Ecuador embassy balcony
  151. New study shows independents aren't so independent.
  152. NEWS FLASH: Obama NOT Crushing Romney in Swing States
  153. CU poll - election factors point to Romney wins by a few votes
  154. Tea Party radio host tries to argue with Ireland's president...
  155. quick question.weed obama the election
  156. Texas Judge Says Civil War if Obama is Re-Elected
  157. Are we sheep without reason?
  158. Piece on the Simpson Bowles vote from Brooks
  159. all 9 shot at empire state bldg hit with nypd bullets
  160. Chris Matthews accuses Mitt Romney of playing the 'race card'
  161. RNC Refused to Say Ron Paul's Name
  162. Paul Ryan Slams Obama For Not Saving Auto Plant That Closed Under Bush
  163. Here's the chart Romney should bludgeon Obama with
  164. Mitt Romney's aides say they wont let facts get in the way of their "campaign"
  165. Poverty: The New Growth Industry in America
  166. The Unofficial Funny Names in Politics Thread
  167. Rasmussen today and yesterday: Romney 48-44
  168. Link to watch Democratic National Convention
  169. Obama's Spending
  170. Quebec Provincial Election: Separtists win and then the leader was nearly assasinated
  171. Hackers Have Romney's Tax Returns
  172. Reporters Using ‘Fake’ Names to Buy Obama Campaign Merchandise at the DNC
  173. August Employment Report
  174. Interesting Test
  175. Specific details of Romney's Tax Plan?
  176. Would it be hard for a president to decriminalize drugs?
  177. Thoughts on Mass Sen. Democratic Candidate Elizabeth Warren
  178. So who do you really side with?
  179. Why I Won't Vote for Gary Johnson...
  180. RNC IS a disgrace
  181. EXCLUSIVE: Open mic captures press coordinating questions for Romney
  182. "Obama Apologizes":Why do Republicans repeat this?
  183. Kansas Goes Birther: State Board Considers Removing Obama From Ballot
  184. middle east
  185. Ron Paul one of the most corrupt members of Congress?
  186. Romney's Comments at Fundraiser
  187. Romney vs Obama
  188. Best presidential candidate
  189. We Will Never Have…Smart People On Our Side
  190. If someone who was clueless about the upcoming election
  191. Senate Republicans Shoot Down Jobs Bill for Veterans
  192. Ads getting revenge on PSD
  193. Republican staffers charged with 36 counts of election fraud
  194. Mitt Romney wonders why Ann Romney's plane's windows don't roll down
  195. Howard Stern Exposes Really Stupid Voters
  196. Romney
  197. Jesse Ventura owns Piers Morgan
  198. Paranoid man killed himself and his family because Obama might be re-elected?
  199. Obama's mom was porn star, claims DVD sent to swing-state voters
  200. Polls show Obama starting to pull away from Romney
  201. Patrick Caddell: Mainstream media is threatening our country's future
  202. Colo. girl registering ‘only Romney’ voters tied to firm dumped by RNC over fraud
  203. Unions
  204. Instant Run-off Voting
  205. These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America
  206. Do you follow Nate Silver's Predictions at 538.com?
  207. Obama Racist?
  208. Obama v. Romney Debate 1 of 3 IGT
  209. Debate tactics and the mind
  210. Third party Candidate Gary Johnson
  211. The Secret Science of Winning Elections
  212. Obama's Approval Rating Soars To Its Highest Point In Three Years
  213. Medicare fraud bust
  214. cost of living increase to disabled vets.blocked in Senate
  215. One of the Many Reasons We Need Election Reform
  216. O'Reilly v. Stewart Debate
  217. Obama ads
  218. Campaign Is Misrepresenting My Study on Romney's Tax Plan
  219. The All Purpose Poll Thread (f/k/a New poll shows Romney leading Obama)
  220. Who are your favorite politicians of all-time?
  221. To Lighten the Mood in Here :)
  222. Vice Presidential Debate, 10/11 9:00 pm ET
  223. Benghazi Attack
  224. Crisis-ridden EU wins Nobel Peace Prize
  225. CNBC: 2012 Deficit Fell to $1.089 trillion (Down $207 Billion from 2011)
  226. Polls show Obama getting 59% of early votes
  227. Have You Voted Yet?
  228. Sports Team Names Related to the Election
  229. Endorsements
  230. 2nd Presidential Debate: Town Hall Format, Tuesday October 16th 9:00 pm EST
  231. STATE DEPT: Negotiations to keep troops in Afghanistan past 2014
  232. Romney Tax Plan LOL
  233. Romney Tax Plan Details finally released!!!!
  234. Paul Ryan fakes his way to a soup kitchen photo op
  235. Technocracy?
  236. FBI Thwarts Massive Bomb Attack on Federal Reserve in New York
  237. This "binders full of women" thing is absurd
  238. Historic Presidential Debate October 23rd 9PM EST on CSPAN
  239. IVN.us to Host Online Debate: Jill Stein v. Gary Johnson, October 18th 7PM (TONIGHT!)
  240. Most important issue
  241. Why hasn't Obama fired Eric Holder?
  242. Why we must Vote Democrat
  243. Is anyone familiar with specifics of how city $$ is spent?
  244. Mitt Romney Got Bin Laden, According to Republican Voters
  245. U.S. Officials Say Iran Has Agreed to Nuclear Talks
  246. GOP registration worker charged with voter fraud
  247. Former Senator and Presidential Candidate George McGovern Dead At 90
  248. Romney Family Has Investment Ties to Voting Machine Company
  249. 5 B.S. Political Arguments You Hear Every Election Season
  250. Science in an Election Year