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  1. Introduce yourselves, Pads fans!
  2. Padres Minor League News
  3. Chris Young
  4. Advice please
  5. NL All Star Voting
  6. Jason Bay
  7. pad @ rox
  8. Padres set to sign Latin American talent
  9. What would it take to get A. Gonzalez. (Giants)
  10. This Is A Pretty Good Idea....
  11. most important series of the year so far
  12. i'm flip-flopping; we gotta find a way to keep giles
  13. Headley on fire
  14. What would you like for Maddux?
  15. The Pathetic Western Division, Who Will Win It: Poll
  16. fire sale looming ahead?
  17. marlins @ d-bags (just for you Padreson)
  18. Gonzalez passed over for Braun in HR Derby
  19. what should we do with khalil? discuss.
  20. UT article that's good
  21. Padres Rumors: Maddux, Wolf, Clark
  22. Braves-Pads
  23. Kouzmanoff believer
  24. Rodriguez(free agent) or Bell as closer
  25. Solid performance by Adrian
  26. Padres Deadline Rumors/Trades Thread
  27. pads at cards
  28. DePodesta Foreshadows Clark Trade
  29. i've had enough: bench greene and fire black
  30. eerily excellent old article that points out idiocy of moneyball
  31. Wolf Is Gone
  32. Is This Wrong???
  33. Tell me if you agree
  34. Padres at Pirates (7/24-7/27)
  35. PSD Fantasy Football League
  36. Is It just me
  37. Allan Dykstra
  38. Maddux hints that he is probably traded
  39. Maddux Won't Accept Trade to Phils
  40. Barrett makes clubhouse return
  41. Dodgers & Padres unable to reach Maddux deal (Page 2)
  42. khalil is injured
  43. Is Faris our next option at pitching?
  44. Who Should the Pads Sign in FA
  45. Khalil hate thread
  46. tad's back
  47. San Francisco Giants @ San Diego Padres (8/1-8/3)
  48. should we ?
  49. Padres @ Mets (8/05 - 8/07)
  50. i think ive found our problem
  51. Apparently Giles was put on waivers and was claimed
  52. interesting bit of news from rotoworld...
  53. Sean Kazmar
  54. Some statistical improvement
  55. Management to slash payroll; rebuilding next season
  56. Padres call up Sean Kazmar
  57. young to DL
  58. Marital squabble adds to Padres' woes
  59. Padres Discussing Deal With Heath Bell
  60. Padres Sign Allan Dykstra
  61. Philadelphia Phillies @ San Diego Padres (8/15-8/17)
  62. Headley proving he's worthy of the hype
  63. the ESPN telecast tonight
  64. maddux to dodgers
  65. what 2009 lineup do you THINK we'll see, not want to see
  66. Good News
  67. San Diego Padres @ San Francisco Giants (8/22-8/24)
  68. don't look now, but...
  69. How cheat is Khalil Greene?
  70. Shooting Blanks? Not this guy.
  71. september callups
  72. later khalil
  73. Padres Release Tomko And Iguchi
  74. Wil Ledezma
  75. San Antonio
  76. enough with baek
  77. questioning hitting coaches at ALL levels
  78. just when management started to look good
  79. management/fan consensus: we really shouldn't let kouz walk this offseason
  80. hundley shouldn't be our catcher of the future until further notice
  81. if the padres bring back hoffman i cannot go to any games or support that team
  82. Chris Young Perfect Game Through 7.2 innings!
  83. random thoughts
  84. not what my eyes wanted to read
  85. padres claim RHP Scott Patterson
  86. Don't bet on big changes in '09 Padres
  87. weak links are obvious, yet continue to play
  88. extremely impressed with geer/leblanc
  89. Ned Yost
  90. Offseason outlook: San Diego Padres
  91. ive had a bad day and this makes it by far even worse
  92. Hooters chicks. I should have known from their play.
  93. we actually swept a team!/official padre off-topic thread
  94. another new hitting coach...
  95. proof we will ******* up our pick in the upcoming draft
  96. "I'm excited to pitch in this series. I get to pitch in a meaningful series,"
  97. Fire Black and hire Bobby Valentine
  98. next season is already looking gloomy and this one hasnt ended yet
  99. should giles' $9 mil option be picked up?
  100. maddux deal complete
  101. allen dykstra&Cedric Hunter
  102. I hadn't realized how good Kellen Kulbacki's numbers are
  103. Jake Peavy, The Mets
  104. good god we are F'ing cheap
  105. New Hitting Coach?
  106. Teams can make pitch for Peavy, but to Towers it's just fact-finding
  107. 2nd base
  108. 2nd base
  109. best news ever?
  110. bard and estes gone
  111. we're getting younger, so why aren't we getting faster?
  112. Peavy Trade!?
  113. Offseason questions
  114. Brian Roberts for Kyle Blanks
  115. pro and cons to trading peavy
  116. more bull**** from our beloved management
  117. Padres Ownership...
  118. Prospose trade for Peavy
  119. Mark Prior
  120. Outside fan looking in for your offseason...
  121. Padres' Pitching
  122. Brian Giles
  123. What was wrong with Peavy in 2006?
  124. Jake Peavy Rumors: Monday
  125. CUBS names being tossed around for Peavy are NOT THAT BAD.....
  126. Maddux "almost certain to retire"
  127. who would the padres expect in return for Greene from the bluejays.
  128. Rockies Trade Holliday to A's
  129. padres retract hoffmans 4 mil offer
  130. Peavy To The Angels Ideas???
  131. Other Potential Trade Partners for the Pads and Peavy ?
  132. Question for the Pads fans?
  133. Rule 5 Draft
  134. Red Sox sign McAnulty
  135. Kevin Towers
  136. Report: Padres close to trading Greene
  137. Without Greene SD NEEDS a SS
  138. Is anyone here going to go to Padres games next year?
  139. Blanks named 47th prospect on Milb.com
  140. "8 questions for john moores" email
  141. Moores to sell
  142. anyone doing a mock offseason or anything like that?
  143. Peavy staying a Padre
  144. Hypothetical Marlins Bid for Peavy
  145. the braves sign furcal to 3 year deal...does that mean escobar is available
  146. Just What the Padres Needed
  147. Padres sign EX Giants Correia, Alfonso
  148. Pads extend Luis Rodriguez
  149. Let's play the padres rotation game!!!
  150. Why Are the Padres Giving Up?
  151. Padres Using Speed???
  152. What do you know about this guy?
  153. peavy trade
  154. All Time Padres....
  155. ownership situation not as beal as we all thought
  156. Pads sign Prior to minor league deal(again)
  157. Our New Shortstop???
  158. David Eckstein
  159. Andruw Jones
  160. Catcher -- Is Hundley really going to be the guy?
  161. Moores takes a**h***dom to whole new level
  162. i just thought of this
  163. Aki Otsuka
  164. too much?
  165. Does This Name Ring A Bell????
  166. 2010 rotation...
  167. Fun Story
  168. Padres Invite Brian Lawrence, Scott Elarton, and Steve Trachsel to spring training
  169. Adam Eaton may also be on the list
  170. Padres In Search Of Left-Handed Bat
  171. Padres offseason moves
  172. Pleaseeee
  173. Brian Giles...
  174. legit projected lineup for opening day
  175. Two Possible Signing...
  176. great read on our top 10 prospects
  177. Jeff Moorad's Padres...
  178. Name a Padre, any Padre...
  179. 2009 Draft Thread
  180. Anyone Watching?
  181. Floyd A Padre
  182. Two Bushes Gone
  183. Nick Hundley
  184. Ray Durham
  185. Next Outfield... Homegrown???
  186. Roberto Alomar
  187. think about it
  188. 2009 Spring Training Thread
  189. Padres Ink Brown
  190. Trade Giles???
  191. Would you take this for Peavy?
  192. Orlando Cabrera
  193. Pads win out on war on silva with yanks
  194. is anyone else as entertained by the following as i am?
  195. sorry kevin
  196. Peavy wouldn't mind ending up with Cubs
  197. Bobby Crosby trade??????!!!!
  198. we've lost just one out of our first six games!
  199. Padres Work Out Top Latin Prospects
  200. 2009 CHONE projections
  201. I guess Josh Geer will be sent to the Minors
  202. Why Not Pedro???
  203. All Time Padres One-Liners, Slogans, and Chants
  204. Blanks should be in there this year!
  205. Padres trade peavy for two minor leaguers!
  206. MLB Draft in June
  207. Andruw Jones might be a FA
  208. Worrell to undergo TJ surgery
  209. Joakim Soria
  210. Josh Bard
  211. Petco seating questions
  212. 5th Starter Thread-Greene Trade Update too
  213. Padres sign Shawn Hill and get Luke Gregerson to complete Greene trade
  214. Bush is going to jail
  215. Tailgating Party Opening Day
  216. Baek = Korean for 'poop'?
  217. Padres Claim Marlins Pitcher
  218. Sandy Alderson may be gone by tomorrow!!!
  219. Troy Aikman part of new ownership group; Alderson officially gone
  220. The Braves Jo-Jo Reyes was just optioned to AAA
  221. Foxsports.com's Review of the Padres
  222. Padres to be VERY active on waiver wire?
  223. The "Bash Khalil" Thread
  224. Agent Boras indicates that Moorad might be more willing to spend
  225. Ted Leitner Response to Josh Bank
  226. Angels NEED peavy????
  227. UT Article states front office is "Dysfunctional"
  228. Baek suffers "mild" strain
  229. last "bash alderson" thread (i hope)
  230. Padres interessted in Niemann
  231. Padres Rotation Set
  232. OF being released... Only if we didn't have Giles
  233. Padres trade Manny Ayala to Phillies..... WHY ???
  234. Brewers to waive tony gwynn jr,perfect match for padres
  235. Ways to get me to come to a game...
  236. Jeff Moorad on the Jim Rome Show
  237. Season Predictions
  238. Season Opener Thread: Jake owns the Dodgers edition
  239. Game by game positive notes thread
  240. Game by game negative notes thread
  241. No Hell's Bells but we have Heath Bell
  242. Padres to announce new team president.
  243. Nick Adenhart
  244. Great comeback by my Padres!!
  245. Moment of silence for Nick Adenhart
  246. Luis Perdomo Claimed by SD
  247. San Francisco Giants @ San Diego Padres (4/10-4/12)
  248. ***Official Mark Prior Progress Thread***
  249. Padres claim Luis Perdomo
  250. Padres sign Chad Gaudin