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  1. Best perimeter defenders of all time?
  2. Prime Kobe or prime Lebron?
  3. Prime Kobe or prime Lebron?
  4. BEST SEASON COMP: James Harden vs Brandon Roy
  5. Which Duo would be more dominant in their prime: Shaq/Kobe or Duncan/LeBron?
  6. Mark Aguirre, & Bill Laimbeer, HOF?
  7. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the GOAT of basketball.
  8. Kobe finals clinching games numbers vs MJ's
  9. Does this championship solidify Lebron's status over Kobe, perhaps MJ?
  10. Another LeBron comparison thread
  11. Feedback needed
  12. Top 20 NBA players that have won a ring since 1983
  13. Who would you rather have: Kawhi Leonard or Paul George?
  14. Lebron/Hakeem or Magic/Duncan or Kobe/Kareem or Bird/Russell
  15. top 10 players of all time?
  16. Tmac/Duncan or Wade/Garnett or Lebron/Barkley
  17. Numbers Show LeBron Will Never Be Jordan No Matter How Many Rings He Wins
  18. Predict how many rings will KD, Melo, CP3 and D Howard have before they retire?
  19. Dirk Nowitzki vs Tim Duncan
  20. Greatest All-Around Shooter of All-Time?
  21. Rank these Point Guards
  22. Top #1 picks all time, what order would you take them?, who would you take #1 overall
  23. POLL: Best player since first lockout (1999 season)
  24. Top 20 Players That Started Career No Earlier Than 1979
  25. Which team will be better next season, Rockets or Warriors?
  26. Start a Team: Carmelo Anthony or Paul Pierce
  27. Start a Team: Carmelo Anthony or Paul Pierce
  28. Prime Tim Duncan vs Prime Hakeem Olajuwon
  29. Where does Roy Hibbert rank among centers?
  30. More likely to leave: Durant or Melo or Lebron
  31. Allen Iverson/Lebron James or Carmelo Anthony/Magic Johnson
  32. Can Al Horford be the best or 2nd best player on a title contender?
  33. How does a prime Shawn Kemp stack up against the elite power forwards of the past?
  34. Could this super team ever work?
  35. Start a Franchise - Dwyane Wade or Kevin Durant
  36. Who wins in a 7 game series? Prime Nets vs Prime Heat
  37. Tmac/Garnett or Wade/Dirk
  38. Who Will Win More Games? Lakers or Rockets
  39. Who would win Kobe-Shaq or the Three Amigos?
  40. Who would win Kobe's Lakers('09/'10) vs. Lebron's Heat('12/'13)
  41. Valančiūnas, Drummond, Favors, Kanter,Vučević , and Davis
  42. Plumlees or Zellers?
  43. Novak vs. Battier
  44. Bigger Bust: Stromile Swift or Marcus Fizer?
  45. 1995-96 Chicago Bulls vs 2012-13 Miami Heat
  46. Where do you rank John Wall among other PGs?
  47. Dirk/Kobe or Lebron/Dwight - Start a Team
  48. B.Roy or J Harden?
  49. 6 Prime yrs of Lebron or a career of Stockton
  50. Harden & Dwight OR Wade & Shaq?
  51. Alonzo Mourning or Yao Ming
  52. All time best all star game
  53. Damian Lillard or Kyrie Irving
  54. Larry Bird vs Kevin Durant. One on One - who you got?
  55. Hibbert or Howard
  56. Higher Ranking On All Time Great List, KG or Dirk?
  57. Melo or durant !!!!!!!!!!!
  58. Eric Gordon or James Harden?
  59. The best duo there never was
  60. Who is the best GM of all time?
  61. Predict who has the best comeback
  62. 01 Iverson vs 13 Curry
  63. How many rings would LeBron have if he played on the lakers in place of Kobe?
  64. Kobe/Jordan/James
  65. Deepest Bench in the NBA?
  66. Top 10 NBA players in the post-season!
  67. Would Jordan Have Eight Rings Had He Not Retired In 94 and 95?
  68. create a contender from non all-stars
  69. Top 5 Lebron James Defenders
  70. Ellis v Gordon
  71. Tmac 2003-2005 or Durant 2011-2013
  72. James Harden a top 5 NBA player?
  73. Duncan vs Dirk vs K.Malone vs Barkley vs Garnett
  74. Channing Frye
  75. Orlando Magic (08-09) vs Miami Heat (11-12/12-13)
  76. How much points would peak Olajuwon average into day era?
  77. Pick a duo to build around
  78. Top 10 3 point shooters of all time
  79. Name me 5 players you would start a franchise with over Paul George
  80. Who are the best SHOOTER'S of all time?
  81. Stupid Question
  82. Best Pure Athlete of all time
  83. Who had the Better Stat Line? Chris Paul or Michael Carter Williams
  84. Current or Recently Retired Players in Top 50 All Time
  85. Tougher to Guard - 2006/2007 Kobe or 2012/2013 Lebron or 2009/2010 Wade
  86. Create a team with your most 'fun to watch' players
  87. Top 5 Big Man/Guard combos of All-Time
  88. Rank the All-Star Point Guards since 2000
  89. Rank the All-Star Power Forwards Since 2000
  90. Do you think Andre Miller is the most underrated player of all time?
  91. What team would you put up against MJ's pickup team?
  92. Your favourite teams all time starting 5
  93. Hakeem/Grant Hill or Lebron/Dwight
  94. Kevin Garnett/Tracy Mcgrady or Dirk Nowitzki/Dwyane Wade
  95. Bron vs Vince!!!!!!! Who has the better in game alley-oop dunk right here?
  96. Lebron vs Vince Part II!!!!!!!!!The jump over a player dunk contest!!!!!!!!!!!!
  97. Isiah Thomas vs Tracy Mcgrady - Starting a Team
  98. 2014 Prime Lakers Vs 2014 Prime Mavericks
  99. Rank the following Centers according to their primes
  100. Rank the following power forwards according to their primes
  101. Rank the following wing players according to their primes
  102. More athletic Jordan or LeBron?
  103. With that being said, is Kevin Love better than Amare Stoudemire in his prime?
  104. Doc or Thibs
  105. Gordon Hayward vs Chandler Parsons
  106. 2004 Pistons or 2014 Pacers
  107. Jordan + Pippen or LBJ + Wade?
  108. Larry Bird vs Lebron James - Greatest SF of all Time
  109. Who is better? (Game)
  110. Pacers in the West
  111. Who would you start your franchise with? Irving? Lillard? Or Wall?
  112. RIGHT NOW: Who's legacy is greater?
  113. Dion Waiters or Terrence Ross?
  114. Durant/James/Bryant vs. Bird/Magic/Jordan
  115. Top 10 Point Guards in NBA?
  116. Durant/KG/Shaq or Kobe/Duncan/D-Rob or Lebron/Dirk/Hakeem or Wade/Malone/Kareem
  117. Klay Thompson vs lance Stephenson
  118. Player A vs. Player B
  119. Starting A Team For Next 10 Years
  120. Kyrie Irving vs. John Wall now
  121. 2010 Lakers vs 2013 Heat? Who Wins
  122. Marc Gasol or Joakim Noah?
  123. Why is Kobe a better player than Lebron.
  124. Random Who's Better List Take 1
  125. Random Who's Better List Take 2
  126. Beverley vs Lillard
  127. Rank These Players From Best to Worst In Their Primes 1-12
  128. Where does Iverson rank all time?
  129. Where do you rank Kobe...
  130. Dragic vs Lillard - Who is Better?
  131. 14 Durant vs 13 Lebron vs 08 Kobe
  132. greatest dunk of all time?
  133. Paul George vs Kawhi Leonard
  134. Who do you pick? Bradley Beal or Dion Waiters?
  135. Great centers that are capable of defending great power forwards
  136. Who's better?
  137. Can we put to rest that LeBron isn't better than MJ?
  138. 2002-03 Tim Duncan VS 2012-13 Lebron James
  139. This needs to be said ... MJ vs LeBron
  140. Why is Kobe always under ranked among the all-time greats?
  141. The Kobe vs. Duncan debate
  142. Were the Spurs of 2014 like the Pistons of 2004?
  143. Where Does Popovich Rank Among All-Time NBA Coaches
  144. Charles Barkley, "Lebron is closer to catching Kobe than he is michael."
  145. So we had MJ, then Kobe, now Lebron, WHOS NEXT?
  146. Replace Lebron with Jordan in his Prime on the Heat. What happens in this series?
  147. After watching these finals, I can't rate Lebron higher than Kobe.
  148. lets be real: iverson is top 30
  149. Kobe or Wade?
  150. Which is the better pairing for LeBron: Wade or Kobe?
  151. Pick one of these "Big 2"s
  152. Isiah Thomas and Nique or CP3/Durant
  153. Who Was A Better PlayerJason Kidd Or Gary Payton?
  154. Better Defender Currently: Chris Bosh or Pau Gasol
  155. 6 years of Prime DRob Vs Prime Kobe, who would you rather build around to win a ring.
  156. Michael Jordan 86-90 vs 95-98
  157. Current best teams today with players back into their primes
  158. Melo vs Duncan
  159. All Time No Rings Team
  160. Nash or Iverson?
  161. Better Frontcourt in the NBA? Love/Varejao/James - West/Hibbert/George - Griffin/...
  162. Taj or Pau
  163. Chamberlain vs Russell... one of the most one-sided rivalries of all-time.
  164. Best stepback jumper?
  165. '05-'06 Nash OR '14-'15 Curry
  166. Does Kobe winning 'ships as the second option to a prime SHAQ tarnish his legacy?
  167. Harden or Thompson: Start a team - who do you take?
  168. Stephen Curry vs Russel Westbrook, who's better?
  169. Klay Thompson vs Danny Green
  170. Tmac's first year in Houston (2005) or Current Harden (2015)
  171. Yao vs d12- both healthy
  172. Who do you sign: Russell Westbrook or LeBron James?
  173. Top 5 PGs of all time
  174. Kawhi Leonard vs. Paul George
  175. Comparison of the stars from the NBA toughest two era (80s, 90s)
  176. Tim Hardaway + Mitch Richmond or Steph Curry + Klay Thompson
  177. Better of the 2000s: Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan?
  178. Best teams in the east and west if players were in their primes today?
  179. Who was actually better in their primes? Kevin Garnett or Lebron James
  180. Greatest of all time
  181. Curry vs Lebron: 1v1 at the Rucker. Who wins?
  182. Which of These Two Players is/was a Better 3pt Shooter?
  183. Rose vs Arenas
  184. Curry's Warriors vs Bird's Celtics in 7: Who wins?
  185. All Time: Dwyane Wade vs. Oscar Robertson
  186. Triangle vs. the "Jordan Rules" (Draft Essay through the scope of a Neutral Era)
  187. The Best 25 Players of the Last 25 Years?
  188. Clippers vs. Spurs
  189. Hakeem Olajuwon and Dwyane Wade or Karl Malone and Lebron James
  190. Best teams right now if players were restored back into their primes
  191. Which of these two players would you rather have on your team in a must-win game?
  192. Which of these players would you rather build around?
  193. kobe bryant is the greatest player ever! that is all