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  1. Garnett vs. Kobe
  2. Stiemsma or Dwight Howard?
  3. Who would you take, Player "A" or Player "B"?
  4. Who would you take; Player A or Player B?
  5. Chris Paul/Kevin Durant or Dwyane Wade/Carmelo Anthony
  6. Tim Duncan vs Shaquille Oneal vs Hakeem Olajuwon
  7. 2009 Draft: James Harden or Blake Griffin
  8. Who would you want as your Franchise Star: Grant Hill or Tmac
  9. Which combo would you rather have?
  10. Lopez vs Asik
  11. How scary would a LeBon-Pau-Bynum trio have been?
  12. Lebron vs Magic
  13. Serge Ibaka VS. Kenneth Faried
  14. #8 Kobe vs #24 Kobe
  15. player A or player B?
  16. Beal vs. Waiters
  17. Isiah Thomas vs Dwyane Wade - Higher on the all time list?
  18. Charles Barkley vs Kevin Garnett - Higher on the all time list?
  19. Who Do You Think Is Better Than Michael Jordan?
  20. Would you rather have Lebron for 7 years or Chris Paul for 12 years?
  21. Would you rather have Dwyane Wade for 6 yrs or Carmelo Anthony for 10 years?
  22. Would you rather have Kobe Bryant for 5 years or Paul Pierce for 10 years?
  23. MKG or Barnes impressed you more so far?
  24. Better player Melo or Iggy
  25. Which team of current injured players would win?
  26. Love or Josh smith in fantasy roto? give comments
  27. Chris Paul vs Dwight Howard - New Franchise
  28. 02-03 T-Mac or 08-09 Wade?
  29. If the Clippers and Bucks do meet in the Finals...
  30. Knight/Monroe/Drummond or Evans/Robinson/Cousins
  31. Would you rather have Bill Russell for 5 years or Kevin Garnett for 10 years?
  32. Would you rather have Hakeem Olajuwon for 7 years or David Robinson for 10 years?
  33. Varejao or Noah
  34. Add Payton & Hakeem to '96 Bulls' vs '2012 Heat' with CP3 & Dwight Howard
  35. '2004 Lakers' vs. '2011 Celtics' *Everyone in their primes*
  36. Better NBA Career Thus Far - Derrick Rose or Carmelo Anthony
  37. Dream Team vs. '12 (Healthy)
  38. Is Rajon Rondo a top 50 NBA player?
  39. Prime Steve Nash vs Chris Paul vs Deron Williams?
  40. Who Has the Best "Combined" Roster: LA or NY?
  41. Prime Jordan or Prime Shaq 1 Year Rental
  42. Westbrook vs Love
  43. Prime Tmac/Prime Shaq or Prime Wade/Prime Duncan
  44. Kevin Durant in comparison to Dirk Nowitzki and Tracy Mcgrady
  45. Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant
  46. Who Ends Up Higher On The All-Time List? Lebron Or Durant?
  47. Kobe/Duncan/Durant vs Lebron/Wade/KG
  48. more impressive statline?
  49. Rank these PG's for starting a Team with? Who would you take 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc
  50. Better Scorer: Kobe or Jordan?
  51. Great performance: Michael's 63 or Kobe's 81?
  52. Peak play: Chris Paul or Magic Johnson
  53. Shaq/Durant or Lebron/David Robinson
  54. Dwyane Wade/Patrick Ewing or Tracy Mcgrady/David Robinson
  55. 3 Years to win a championship.
  56. Tyson Chandler vs Brook Lopez
  57. How good would this team be?
  58. From 2000 on, who was the best PG in the NBA each year?
  59. From 2000 on, who was the best SG in the NBA each year?
  60. From 2000 on, who was the best C in the NBA each year?
  61. From 2000 on, who was the best PF in the NBA each year?
  62. Wade/Lebron or Kobe/Durant
  63. Aldridge vs Griffin
  64. Howard/Kobe or Hakeem/Drexler
  65. Top 3 pgs right now.
  66. Top 5 Players In The Game Today?
  67. Tyson Chandler vs. Dwight Howard
  68. Who was a bigger defensive and rebounding force?
  69. Ray Felton/J Kidd vs Mario Chalmers/Ray Allen
  70. What is the case for Iverson over Wade all time?
  71. 2003 Wade or 2008 Rose - Coming into the NBA
  72. 2005 CP3 or 2007 Durant - Coming into the NBA
  73. KG and TD
  74. Pick a current NBA player ...
  75. best player on the 94-95 Rockets in the playoffs
  76. To the few who belive rondo is the best PG in the nba look at this
  77. Closer Debate: Prime Wade vs Prime Tmac or Prime Hakeem vs Prime Shaq
  78. Pekovic or AK47?
  79. Joe Johnson vs Carlos Boozer, Who is the better player?
  80. Current Joe Johnson or Prime Michael Redd?
  81. On Defense - Chris Paul vs John Stockton
  82. Who would you pair up with LeBron - Durant, Love or Dwight?
  83. Best SG In NY?
  84. LBJ to OKC,Durant to NY, Melo to Mia.Which team best?
  85. Stephen Curry or Jrue Holiday
  86. Prime Baron Davis Vs Current James Harden
  87. CP3 & Griffin = GP & Kemp
  88. better pro prospect (drummond vs davis)
  89. Lillard,Lowry,or mayo?
  90. David Lee vs Chris Bosh...
  91. MVP so far this season
  92. Wade/Mourning or Tmac/Dwight
  93. Iverson vs Chris Paul
  94. Do you Consider Bill Russell A Top Ten Player Of All-Time?
  95. Which individual award signifies 'best basketball player on the planet'?
  96. Karl Malone or Tim Duncan? Who is the Best PF of all time?
  97. Start a Franchise - Charles Barkley vs Kevin Durant
  98. Is TD obviously better than KG?
  99. james johnson vs metta world peace
  100. Best rookie so far
  101. is Durant already better than Kobe ever was?
  102. Is current KD better than Wade ever was?
  103. Who are your top 5 LAL players ever?
  104. Who are the top 10 NBA players ever?
  105. Who are your top 5 MIL players ever?
  106. Compare NBA Players Swag... To NFL players Swag
  107. 1v1 Kyrie Irving vs prime A.I.
  108. Kobe's longest streak avg 40ppg, vs Jordan's?
  109. Bulls' Forum Mock-Trade Deadline Game Signups
  110. Top 10 players in NBA based on this year.
  111. rudy gay or paul george
  112. Nick Young or Marshon Brooks
  113. Rank the following non-HOF guards
  114. Dwight or Bynum?
  115. CP3 and Blake or GP and Kemp
  116. lebron @ 28, as good, better or worse than mj @ 28?
  117. Should Lebron be compared to Duncan?
  118. Which big man will be better?
  119. Hakeem Olajuwon or Tim Duncan
  120. LeBron/Wade or Durant/Westbrook? Best Duo in the NBA now..
  121. fantasy h2h- Batum or Lillard?
  122. scoring: Jordan vs Wilt
  123. Spurs vs Heat(2013 NBA Finals)? Who Wins
  124. Tony Parker is flat out the best PG in the NBA
  125. Who is the Greatest 3-Point Shooter of All Time?
  126. What if Jordan made a big 3? How would they compare to Miami's Big 3?
  127. James Harden vs Rudy Gay( Better Overall Player?)
  128. Top 5 worst team players in the league (Iverson award nominees)
  129. If the '11 Mavs title team were to play '13 Miami in a 7 game series now, who wins?
  130. Who is the best SG today?
  131. Rudy Gay or Joe Johnson
  132. TOP 10 international players
  133. What if Kobe played with a wing scorer like Lebron, who would make a better duo?
  134. This is probably obvious, but Lebron surpasses Kobe's legacy with 3 rings
  135. Carmelo vs. Garnett (primes)
  136. See if you can beat my starting five--- Players in their PRIMES
  137. Jordan vs Pippen: Defense
  138. Kobe and Jordan have both been slam dunk champions. If Lebron never competes for one.
  139. How many players in NBA history are capable of taking weak/average casts to Finals?
  140. Name your all time Dunk contest participants, you get 4 of them.
  141. Is this really lebrons best season? or was 09-10 slightly better?
  142. Mark My Words, Lebron Will Finish At Least Top 10 In All Time Assist Leaders
  143. TOP5 Greatest Players You've Ever Seen
  144. Replace 34 year old Kobe with 34 year old Jordan: where are the lakers?
  145. Who had more help during the 93-94 nba season? Robinson or Hakeem?
  146. 2005 Tmac or 2013 (current) James Harden
  147. Who was better Hakeem or the Admiral? Advanced stats are heavily in David's favor.
  148. Kyrie Irving top 5 PG?
  149. Is LeBron a top 10 in-game dunker?
  150. Replace prime Vince Carter with Prime Kobe Bryant?
  151. PSD NBA Ultimate Team Game
  152. How many rings would Hakeem and Jordan win if they played together since their draft
  153. The Best Centers of the 90's
  154. Kobe is still better than Durant
  155. Westbrook or Iverson
  156. If Lebron and Colby swapped places right now how far would the Lakers go this season?
  157. Shaq or Wade and Bosh???
  158. Where does Wade, LeBron and Kobe rank as a playoff performer?
  159. Do you think these players are going to end up top 20?
  160. Who is The Greatest Scorer of All Time?
  161. How many more accolades until Lebron is better than Kobe all time?
  162. JJ Redick vs. Monta Ellis
  163. Who is the best Power Forward?
  164. Which Playoff Matchup? Lebron vs Wade or Lebron vs Kobe?
  165. Present-day Kobe or Carter in a slam dunk contest?
  166. Rose/Melo/Boozer/Asik or Rose/Deng/Boozer/Noah
  167. Lebron is 1-2 in the finals and has a BRONZE medal...
  168. Top 10 Players in the NBA for the 2012-2013 season thus far?
  169. TOP 10 perimeter/wing defenders
  170. Best PG
  171. Are these the 5 best athletes to ever play our sport?
  172. Most Stacked Team In NBA History
  173. How good would a Lebron/Kobe duo be?
  174. Prime Lebron or Prime Shaq?
  175. Replace Kobe with T-Mac on LA for the past 16 years
  176. 96 bulls vs current heat. who wins?
  177. chauncey billups, HOF?
  178. Noah, Gasol, or Hibbert
  179. 1960's all nba team vs 2000's all nba team
  180. 2009 Wade/2004 Garnett or 2006 Dirk/2013 Lebron
  181. Foxsports top 10 SF's of all time
  182. 2005 Tmac or 2013 (current) James Harden
  183. Rank these players in order of easiest to build a championship team around
  184. New Franchise: Lebron/Duncan vs Kobe/Hakeem or Wade/Wilt or Durant/Shaq
  185. Jordan/Wade vs. Lebron/Pippen
  186. Clyde Drexler averaged 27, 8, 6, and 3 on 50% in 88-89...
  187. Isiash Austin next Kareem Abdul Jabarr?
  188. Whats your philosphy on opposing teams and head games in basketball? KG vs Hakeem
  189. Trey Burke next Russel Westbrook?
  190. The best team in the nba?
  191. Best potential - Detroits bigs or Utah's?
  192. NBA Trios
  193. rank these shooting guards
  194. With out Lebron, Durant, cp3, & Melo........
  195. Did prime shaq have the least help of any superstar?
  196. Were these players ever superstars?
  197. What is the greatest individual performance in a single game since Witl's 100?
  198. Does Kevin Durant's surpass LeBron's first six seasons?
  199. Kevin Durant on the 1998 Indiana Pacers, ECF (Swap KD for Reggie Miller)
  200. If you had to choose...
  201. Rank these starting 5's
  202. Dirk Nowitzki vs. Carmelo Anthony (All time)
  203. Assuming This Is The End, Where Does Kobe Bryant Rank All Time?
  204. Most annoying fans ?
  205. Better Career: Tony Parker or Chauncey Billups?
  206. Does LeBron become top 10 with a championship this season?
  207. Rank the following Small Forwards from 1-10
  208. Hakeem Olajuwon - Is he undervalued or Overvalued by most
  209. West vs. Heat
  210. The NBA Starts Over With a League-Wide Fantasy Draft...
  211. Better Value, Monta or J.R.
  212. Ray Felton vs Mario Chalmers
  213. Dream v. Jordan
  214. Dwyane Wade/Hakeem Olajuwon or Kobe Bryant/David Robinson
  215. Who you got? 90's edition
  216. Who you got? 80's edition
  217. All Injured team
  218. Duncan vs Kobe: Who's had the better career?
  219. Current Kevin Durant or Peak Tracy Mcgrady
  220. Antawn Jamison vs Scottie Pippen
  221. Kareem or Hakeem?
  222. New Team: Kevin Durant/Kevin Garnett or Dwyane Wade/David Robinson
  223. Top 5 active players in your opinion, disregarding any current injuries
  224. prime chris paul vs prime kobe
  225. Big 3 Pick Em
  226. Bill Russell/Kobe or Lebron/Hakeem or Wilt/Magic or Kareem/Bird
  227. Who is the best scorer out these players?
  228. Iman Shumpert, Avery Bradley, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Kwahi Leanord, Eric Bledsoe
  229. Who is the best Scorer out these players? Part II
  230. Who is the best scorer out these players? Part III
  231. Who are the top 5 players in the NBA right now.
  232. Who had a better supporting cast, LeBron in CLE or Durant without Westbrook?
  233. Rudy Gay or Paul George?
  234. Most TEAM oriented Championship squad in NBA History... ( aka the Worst Alpha)
  235. Out of these 4 PGs
  236. Your Dream All Star Game
  237. OKC losing or Knicks losing in round 2, which loss is more legit?
  238. Melo on the Heat and Lebron on the Knicks
  239. Hypothetical - SF choices
  240. Is Kevin Love A Top 10 player?
  241. Create a team that can beat the ALL-NBA THIRD TEAM...
  242. which Superstar had the most help??
  243. Paul George vs Carmelo Anthony?
  244. Granger vs. George
  245. Which team is better?
  246. Are these players top 20 all time?
  247. Create your all time starting starting 5
  248. Your 2013 Miami HEAT versus you guessed it, the 1996 CHICAGO BULLS
  249. Choose only 3 of these 7 Big Men to Build Teams around, who do you take?
  250. which team would win?