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  1. Hart up, Fuld Down
  2. NL Central News: Brewers land Felipe Lopez
  3. What are you hoping for from Soriano in Philly?
  4. Jason Marquis.
  5. Will JH be fired by new owners?
  6. Cubs @ Phillies (7/20 - 7/22)
  7. J.A. Happ vs. Randy Wells
  8. Cubs Interested in O's Sherrill
  9. It's time to get Soriano out of left field!!!
  10. Dempster & Soto injury updates
  11. Bradley will return to the lineup on Wednesday
  12. Lou: "Sorianos move from leadoff is permanent"
  13. A few questions for the board...
  14. Milton Bradley's 2011 Option Vests
  15. Lou looking for LH power bat
  16. Cubs have Payroll flexibility to add a player at the deadline.
  17. NL Central News: PIT trades Adam LaRoche to Red Sox
  18. NL Central News: Cards send OF Duncan to Red Sox for SS Lugo
  19. A Fangraphs article on the Mark DeRosa trade we made
  20. Position Player Expectation Thread
  21. Update: Holliday to Cards for Brett Wallace and two other prospects
  22. Cub Arrivals
  23. NL Central News: Berkman to DL
  24. Anyone else feel this way?
  25. vitters slowing reminding me of a bust
  26. Cubs vs. Reds (7/24 - 7/26)
  27. Lilly to miss start with sore shoulder, will go to DL this weekend
  28. Cubs Recall Justin Berg
  29. Kaplan: Tigers want Bradley, Update: Dombrowski does not want Bradley on the Tigers
  30. Lilly to DL With Shoulder Inflammation, Will Also Have Knee Surgery, Miss 4 Starts
  31. Phillies fan with a question - best hotels and bars by Wrigley?
  32. Is Soriano back?
  33. Any one suprised with the quality starts out of our fill in players this year?
  34. Harden returning to form?
  35. CUBS vs ASTROS (7/27 - 7/30)
  36. Soto aiming for next week return - swinging real bat finally
  37. Cubs deal for Pirates' Grabow and Gorzelanny almost completed
  38. Soriano / Base Stealing
  39. Bradley the Buzzkill
  40. Cub World (the store accross from Wrigley with the Live Cam) is an affiliate with PSD
  41. Cubs Sign Wang Tsu-an
  42. Do we dare drink the Cub's Kool-Aid?
  43. Atkins up, Stevens down
  44. Former Cub News: Cedeno sent to Pittsburgh
  45. New statue outside Wrigley for Ron Santo?
  46. Reed Johnson injury update: foot fracture, could be out one month
  47. Trades For Prospects that Bust: Choi #2
  48. Cubs Eyeing Teahan or Hermida
  49. Reed to the DL, Stevens back up
  50. Joke Article: Cubs Acquire Left-Handed Bat, Should Arrive Via FedEX Tomorrow
  51. most overrated team in the NL
  52. Cubs Radar: Dodgers aquire Sherrill
  53. Remember When
  54. Cubs Get Grabow and Gorzelanny for Hart, Ascanio and Harrison
  55. ESPN to do a "30 to 30" on Steve Bartman
  56. Jake Fox
  57. Fuld up Atkins down
  58. Cubs at Marlins (7/31-8/2)
  59. Levine: Cubs looking for defensive outfielder, maybe Rajai Davis?
  60. NL Central News: Rolen to Reds, Pending his Approval
  61. Jake Peavy Dealt To White Sox Again
  62. Marlins marketing dept continues to take shots at Cubs
  63. Padres to Release Mark Prior
  64. Corey Patterson signs with Brewers!
  65. Soto set to rehab at Tennessee; Patton re-injured
  66. NL Central News: Corey Hart Undergoes Appendectomy, Goes to DL
  67. Should Kevin Gregg still be the closer?
  68. Cubs (55-48) @ Reds (45-59), 8/3 - 8/5
  69. NL Central Watch: 8/4 - 8/8
  70. Piniella to rest Gregg for a couple days due to "tired arm"
  71. September Call Ups
  72. Soto's Return
  73. Starlin Castro promoted to AA
  74. Miles Ready to Rejoin Cubs
  75. Castillo found guilty
  76. Blanco to the DL. Gorzo fills roster spot.
  77. A fine rookie: Randy Wells
  78. Dempster back at closer?
  79. Soto to return on Friday
  80. Yawn-Worthy Former Cubs News: Royals DFA Ryan Freel
  81. Cubs activate Erin Miles, Option Jeff Stevens back to Iowa
  82. BJ Ryan asks for release from Cubs contract, request granted
  83. 2009 Minor League thread 2.0
  84. Waddell released for violating team rules, substance abuse issues
  85. Interesting Randy Wells Story.
  86. Julio Castillo sentenced to 30 days in jail for throwing baseball and injuring fan
  87. The Cubs Debut of Tom Gorzelanny
  88. Cubs @ Rockies (8/7 - 8/10)
  89. Pitts hides Rule V pick Donald Veal on the DL rather than bullpen
  90. Hoffpauir Sent Down, Soto Activated from DL
  91. Funny Cubs Vid
  92. Zambrano to the DL / Stevens recalled
  93. Sosa's name back in the clear?
  94. Former Cub news: Rich Hill has shoulder surgery out for season
  95. Samardzija expected to start Wednesday; Zambrano to cut back in batting practice
  96. Aramis likely to sit Monday & Gregg possibly tipping his pitches
  97. Milton Bradley
  98. Cubs looking at Smoltz
  99. Pedro to start Wednesday vs. Cubs
  100. Caridad up, Stevens down
  101. NL Central Watch
  102. Ramirez meeting with Team Doctors today, Could Need DL Time
  103. Cubs vs. Phillies (8/11 - 8/13)
  104. Ted Lilly to rehab on Wednesday; Update: Lilly goes 5 scoreless for Peoria
  105. 1 Extra Bleacher Ticket for Thursday, Face Value
  106. Sam Fuld Article on ESPN.com
  107. NL Central News: JJ Hardy Sent Down, Bill Hall also DFA'd
  108. David Kaplan - Z May Be Most Overpaid in Baseball
  109. Just a curious phillies fan
  110. Bradley looking good
  111. Why is he called 'the shark'?
  112. Hey Cubs fans
  113. Article about beaning folks from Rick Suttcliffe
  114. Shark Sent Down - Justin Berg Gets the Call
  115. Sun Times: Z due back next week against Dodgers and other news
  116. CUBS vs PIRATES (8/14 -8/16)
  117. Lilly to return on Monday
  118. Victorino Files Police Report Against Fan
  119. Cubs make another big-ticket signing in Korea
  120. Cubs Getting Ready To Can Lou?
  121. For anyone near Ottawa, IL or LaSalle County...
  122. Ex-Cubs News: Felix Pie hits for the cycle!
  123. Comparing The Cubsí Young Arms
  124. The NL Rookie of the Year Favorites
  125. Big Z set to make rehab start Thursday
  126. Should Baker Be Our Starting 2nd Baseman
  127. Tickets for august 28th game
  128. Rookie of the Year movie
  129. Kaplan: Sale of Cubs should be signed this week
  130. Cubs @ Padres(8/17 - 8/19)
  131. Steve Rosenbloom: "Z gets an F, but he's not alone in this embarrassment"
  132. White Sox's Peavy won't start vs. Cubs Sept. 3
  133. Tribune: Cubs demote Gregg from Closer role.
  134. Pitching changes: Harden on Wednesday; Zambrano next week
  135. ESPN Chicago: Big Z
  136. Marmol tabbed as Cubs' closer
  137. Lou encounters Thug Lyfe
  138. The Cubs are almost fully healthy...
  139. NL Central News: Smoltz is about to be a Cardinal
  140. Time for a firesale now or offseason
  141. Just For Fun: Your Top 10 Prospects
  142. Cubs(61-57) @ Dodgers(71-50) [8/20-8/23]
  143. Sandberg: Managing Cubs is ideal
  144. Fire Lou!
  145. Official: Cubs deal to Ricketts signed, awaiting court/MLB approval
  146. Zambrano: "Lazy People Don't Have This Body"
  147. Chicago Cubs sued for man's death in wall collapse
  148. Ramirez: "New owners should bring Hendry back"
  149. Zambrano to start Tuesday; Gorzelanny headed to bullpen
  150. Sun-Times: Lou is coming back in 2010
  151. One Positive For Us Cubs Fans In October...
  152. Cubs don't make the playoffs in 2009. So what...
  153. The "Waaah Cubs Won't Make the Playoffs" Whiny but Justified Thread
  154. Stop going to the games
  155. Ricketts sale could cost Cubs fans
  156. Tango Tiger's Fan Scouting Report
  157. NL Wild Card Watch:
  158. Looking Ahead: Your ideal Front Office
  159. Tribune: Cubs manager Lou Piniella loyal to a fault
  160. Cubs VS Nationals IGT (8/25 - 8/27)
  161. Sun Times: Frustrated Cubs GM Hendry takes responsibility
  162. Report: Crane Kenney to remain under Ricketts Regime
  163. A Memo to the Ricketts Family
  164. Soriano to Undergo MRI, Surgery Possible? UPDATE: MRI Pushed Back to Sept 10th
  165. TDC moves forward with Cubs to Collier idea
  166. Carlos Zambrano.
  167. Wow
  168. I'm Hated Everyday at Wrigley
  169. Great "Classic" Cubs Video
  170. Will the Cubs Stay in Mesa?
  171. Murton DFA, Cubs Reunion?
  172. Milton Bradley feels hated by Chicago, elaborates on yesterday's comment
  173. Wild Marmol
  174. Sources: Cubs' Harden, Heilman Claimed
  175. Cubs/Cardinals Math
  176. Cubs vs. Mets [8/28-8/30]
  177. Other Cubs Claimed?
  178. OT: What is your favorite NFL team, and how did you become a Cubs fan?
  179. Wild Card chances
  180. Bradley Taking the Fall
  181. Baker hurts finger during batting practice
  182. "Good news on Soriano MRI"
  183. September Call Ups
  184. Lou benches Soto
  185. Cubs vs. Astros (8/31 - 9/2)
  186. Source: Harden, Heilman staying put
  187. Will Cubs finish below 2nd in Division?
  188. September callups announced
  189. Anyone think it's time for a new pitching coach?
  190. Geovany Soto's Sophomore Jinx
  191. AFL Preview: Mesa Solar Sox
  192. Projected Type A Free Agents
  193. jim hendry does an interview to answer no questions
  194. What to do With Soriano
  195. CUBS vs METS (9/4 - 9/6)
  196. Cubs Aquire former uber prospect Thomas Diamond from Rangers
  197. Good news: Soriano out indefinitely
  198. Shut Down Wells and Ramirez?
  199. Chone Figgins to the Cubs?
  200. Cubs Free Agent and Trade Ideas Thread 2.0
  201. Cubs vs Pirates IGT.. mods are lazy
  202. Rankings of every MLB Player.
  203. NL Central: Valverde To Test FA? Interest In Cubs?
  204. Lilly's Fly Balls
  205. Soriano ponders surgery (the saga continues..)
  206. Cubs tie MLB record with 8 straight hits
  207. Great Cubs tickets for sale this Sunday
  208. Would anyone like to GM the Cubs in 2021?
  209. 9-10-09 Off Day Thread
  210. CUBS vs REDS (9/11 - 9/13)
  211. Milton Bradley another chance?
  212. Chicago Tribune - Chicago Cubs should steal Dave Duncan
  213. Roy Oswalt???
  214. A little off-topic question
  215. Just a curious cub fan
  216. Cubs vs. Brewers (9/14 - 9/17)
  217. Sam Fuld
  218. Soriano to have knee surgery Tuesday
  219. Cubs Talking Extension with John Grabow
  220. Marmol closer for 2010
  221. Zambrano on the Market
  222. Cubs release 2010 "tentative" schedule
  223. Wild Card Update
  224. So Taguchi called up
  225. Buying Cubs could be a steal for Ricketts - Yahoo Sports article
  226. Harden shut down for rest of 2009. UPDATE: Or not
  227. Shawon Dunston files objection to sale of Cubs
  228. CUBS vs CARDS (9/18 - 9/20)
  229. Question for you guys - best Chicago tour bus?
  230. Derosa Open to Returning to the Cubs
  231. Milton: "You can understand why they haven't won in 100 years"
  232. Who would be on your 2010 Chicago Cubs?
  233. Peavy still could be heading to the Cubs
  234. Bradley Suspended for the Rest of the Season
  235. Cubs call up Colvin to replace Bradley.
  236. Paul Hagen: In hindsight, Phillies lucky they didn't get Soriano
  237. NL Central News: Astros fire Cecil Cooper
  238. MLBPA may file Bradley grievance
  239. Cubs (76-72) at Brewers (74-75) Sep 21-23
  240. Milton's Momma says...
  241. IRS may challenge Cubs sale?
  242. Guzman to miss remainder of season
  243. Jim Hendry OffSeason To Do List
  244. I blame Gregg for '09....
  245. Vernon Wells
  246. Milton Bradley issues statement of apology
  247. Home Strech: Federal Bankruptcy Judge approves Tribune's sale of Cubs
  248. Cubs (78-73) at Giants (82-70) Sep 24-27
  249. OTP - fantasy nerds
  250. Piniella wants a big bat