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  1. Potential upcoming fights
  2. MMA Forum Sign-In Thread
  3. THQ Video Game UFC 2009 (Looks Sweet)
  4. Upcoming Events
  5. UFC Fantasy Leagues. Taking New Signups Now
  6. MMA World Rankings in each weight class
  7. UFC Fight Night 14 Jul 19
  8. Kimbo will face in October...........
  9. The legend of Frank Dux (Bloodsport) in doubt
  10. What does WAMMA mean for MMA?
  11. CBS July 26 Card
  12. Henderson Vs Palhares Likely At Ufc 88
  13. Affliction (Banned) or UFC - July 19th
  14. UFC 89 main event Michael Bisping vs Chris Leben....
  15. Recent Interview with Chuck has some good insight
  16. Favorite walkout song
  17. Serra Talks Hughes: "i'm Not Losing To Him"
  18. Affliction marketing poster using quotes from Rogan and Dana kinda funny
  19. Fighter who has underacheived
  20. Rampage vs the Spider
  21. Franklin 205
  22. Cornermen
  23. Rich Franklin vs. Matt Hamill on tap for UFC 88
  24. Georges St. Pierre gets ESPY Nomination for Fighter of Year
  25. Disappointed with UFC matchmaking
  26. Dana's Comments
  27. The Best Aspect of MMA
  28. BJ Penn To Fight The Winner Of GSP vs. Jon Fitch
  29. - Thiago Alves Vs. Diego Sanchez Likely At Ufc 89
  30. UFC 89 To Be Televised On Spike TV
  31. Is it right that current champs/former champs can jump right into other title shots?
  32. Expect more UFC fights to be announced after this weekends card
  33. Dana hints at "next Anderson Silva" on upcoming TUF and I have a good idea who it is
  34. is the ufc in love with C.B Dollaway?
  35. Is Carlos Condit underrated?
  36. Which UFC Champion goes down first?
  37. Andrei Arlovski to make boxing debut on HBO Sept. 13th
  38. Proposed Unified Rules of MMA
  39. Racism on sherdog
  40. Official UFC 86 Discussion Thread
  41. Forrest Griffin = NEW LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMP
  42. An interesting notion/question? Is Racial/Nationality issues the real draw to MMA?
  43. Sherdog view on Fights they want to see
  44. My lame MMA Story this weekend
  45. The Aftermath of UFC 86
  46. UFC and the New Weight Classes
  47. Anderson Silva possibly to fight 3 more times in 2008
  48. Dana White lays out the immediate future of the Lightheavyweight Division
  49. Wec 35
  50. st pierre vs silva or penn?
  51. UFC 86 salaries: Forrest Griffin earns $250K, Quinton Jackson gets $225K
  52. Is Fedor Hiding An Injury Coming Into His US Debut?
  53. Nogueira suspended for one year for failed drug test
  54. TUF to run through at least 2012
  55. Fedor expected to have 2 more fights in 2008
  56. Crocop out of Dream 5 altogether
  57. Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida
  58. Rampage given medical suspension until Jan. 2nd due to leg injury
  59. Gina Carano does NOT respect her elders.
  60. What happens if Irvin beats Silva?
  61. Ricco Boxing Match
  62. UFC to air replay of UFC 84 for free to counter EliteXC on CBS
  63. Lyoto Machida thinks that Rampage was screwed UFC wanting Chuck vs Forrest
  64. Anderson Silva Will Not Stay At Light Heavyweight
  65. UFC Network deal
  66. Kimbo Slice Contract Question
  67. Dana White Interview about Affliction and more
  68. WAMMA hopes to have another title fight within the next 6 months
  69. Shogun Rua expects to return in December
  70. Tito Ortiz in renegotiations with the UFC dealing with Lorenzo Fertitta
  71. Affliction will adopt Unified Rules
  72. if i was a mma teacher i wish i could teach this class
  73. Anderson Silva vs. Yushin Okami Bout Confirmed
  74. Lyoto Machida expected to fight in October either at UFC 89 or 90
  75. UFC 91 probably heading to Portland, Oregon
  76. EliteXC retools Gary Shaw's role
  77. Tim Sylvia Talks About Fedor, Lesnar & More
  78. Keith Jardine fighting days over?
  79. EliteXC ditching rappers, dancers and elaborate entrances
  80. Arkansas mma fans tricked into watching fake event by Sacha Baron Cohen
  81. Mark Hunt on the UFC and how they handled his contract
  82. What fight would you most want to see as the next Affliction main event?
  83. floyd mayweather to ufc
  84. The Ultimate Fighter 8
  85. Fedor or Sylvia? Who's your pick?
  86. Joe Silva Prides Himself On Making “Competitive Matchups”
  87. Vote on Top 25 MMA fighters of All-Time on CBS Sports
  88. Coleman drop to 205
  89. Former MLB star Jose Canseco fought Former NFL player Via Sikahema this weekend
  90. Klitschko Fight
  91. Old School Legends of Martial Arts
  92. cbssportsline.MMA King's Quest: First round
  93. Vera on opponents turning him down, him turning down Machida and return to HW
  94. Baroni: Back on Track
  95. Rumoured Fedor might be hurt..
  96. affliction vs ufc fight night july 19th
  97. Does anyone Know if Affliction...
  98. Nate Diaz vs Josh Neer main event at UFN 15 over Guida vs Danzig....
  99. Anthony Johnson plans on cleaning out the Welterweight and Middleweight divisions
  100. Have To Work Saturday Night!!!! No!!!!
  101. Quotes from UFC 87 Promo
  102. Affliction: Banned will do horrible ppv numbers and reasons why
  103. MMA in the Olympics
  104. ufc 89
  105. Rampage Arrested: Felony Hit and Run, Felony Evading Arrest!
  106. question about affliction...
  107. EliteXC backing off on Kimbo vs Brett Rogers talk
  108. Fedor pic
  109. Faber to Defend Title Against Mike Brown at WEC 36?
  110. Sambo
  111. Who is next for Wandy and Shogun?
  112. Banned Press Conference pics
  113. Hottest Fighter's Wife/Girlfriend?
  114. espn bottom line
  115. Report: UFC To Purchase IFL
  116. Aleks Emelianenko
  117. fsn in my area not showing affcltion undercard
  118. Mixed Martial Arts Betting, MMA Lines, UFC Odds
  119. Dana whites terrorist attacks on Affliction
  120. Anthony Johnson v. K. Burns
  121. UFC Fight Night
  122. fedor made a fan out of me!!
  123. Silva Vrs Irvin
  124. Andrei Arlovski's performance
  125. Submit Your July PSD MMA Rankings
  126. Dream 5
  127. Amazing....epic Adventure...simply Epic!
  128. rampage
  129. Situation Regarding Aleksander Emelianenko's U.S. Debut
  130. Lil Nog and the UFC
  131. Dream 5 Update (Spoiler)
  132. Edgar, Franca, Markham and Dollaway earn $25K UFN 14 bonuses
  133. UFC Fight Night 14 salaries: Silva and Vera net $200,000 each
  134. Affliction Salaries and Bonuses
  135. Courts may decide this week on Couture
  136. Is Jesse Taylor really this dumb???
  137. CBS show
  138. UFC Fight Night 14 peaks with 3.8 million viewers
  139. Affliction likely to return Nov. 8
  140. GSP not worthy of facing Anderson Silva
  141. A Top 10 mma quote
  142. AA vs Fedor
  143. 6 Degrees of Fedor
  144. Ken Pavia To Appeal Anthony Johnson's Loss
  145. Matt Hughes Eyes Early '09 Return
  146. Jardine in action
  147. mma fight vids???
  148. UFC signs IFL champ Dan Miller and brother Jim Miller
  149. Fedor vs Arlovski ***OCT 11TH in LAS VEGAS, NV***
  150. Fedor v. Arlovski
  151. UFC Game to Use Real Rankings
  152. Babalu vs Tito
  153. Ricardo Arona
  154. Deal Struck with FSN
  155. What If
  156. Sources indicate that Affliction done between 50,000 and 85,000 ppv buys
  157. The IFL has been sold but buyer yet to be announced (rumored to be Zuffa)
  158. My Interview With Nick Thompson
  159. WEC Carlos Condit rolling with US troops
  160. BJ Penn vs Georges St. Pierre Dec 27th
  161. Anderson Silva vs Cote Chicago UFC 90
  162. Smith vrs Lawler
  163. Did you Know?
  164. Does anyone think Dana White will get mad seeing Anderson Silva on CBS?
  165. Who should Kimbo fight on October 4th?
  166. CC VS Overeem
  167. UFC 89 Confirmed
  168. Idiotic Article
  169. Tito Ortiz signs with Affliction to fight Babalu in October
  170. Some questions about MMA
  171. Do Affliction’s numbers smell fishy?
  172. Just got into watching MMA...
  173. NSAC: UFC's James Irvin tests positive for methadone and oxymorphone
  174. Press Release: SpikeTV Goes On The Offensive
  175. Brock Lesnar Talks UFC 87 And Heath Herring
  176. Why is that all refs not named 'Big John' suck?
  177. Doug DeLuca and Gary Shaw resign ProElite, Inc. positions
  178. Jake Shields: Underrated?
  179. Affliction Apparel
  180. Report: Rampage Jackson splits with Juanito Ibarra; UFC looking towards November figh
  181. Potential Kimbo Opponent
  182. Attendance worse than Viewership
  183. Fedor vrs Couture (talks)
  184. Fedor Suspended 6 months
  185. Concerned that it will be a long time until the UFC has a legit rival
  186. Antonio Silva tops "EliteXC: Unfinished Business" official fighters salaries
  187. Report: Jesse Taylor released by UFC
  188. Affliction Vp Stands By Ppv Numbers
  189. Kimbo Slice to star in children's movie with Hulk Hogan "Kung Fu U"
  190. Roger Huerta unhappy with treatment by the UFC hints at leaving
  191. EliteXC on CBS III tickets already on sale
  192. Josh Barnett claims that Affliction is asking fighters to take paycut for next event
  193. - Belfort Vs. Lindland In Affliction 2
  194. Nate Marquardt vs. Martin Kampmann likely to finalize UFC 88 main card
  195. Why should the UFC sign Fedor now?
  196. Exclusive: Arlovski vs. Fedor likely to be scrapped
  197. ufc 46 payouts
  198. WEC 35 Tonight
  199. Wanderlei Preparing for December
  200. UFC Champions
  201. Nick Diaz and Dream
  202. Promoting Fighters
  203. Tyson Griffin VS Sherk in the works for ufc 90
  204. WEC Payouts
  205. Randy Loses latest rd to UFC
  206. Day of Reckoning card
  207. yahoo article on Brock Lesner
  208. almosy every HW would not fight Lesnar
  209. WEC-UFC Talent Merger in the Works?
  210. MMA Prospects:
  211. Betting on UFC 87...
  212. If Kimbo Slice fought Brock Lesnar next month who do you take and why?
  213. Who do you like more?.. the grapplers or the strikers?...
  214. Dana White video blog comments on Fedor, Tito, Cung Le, Affliction etc.
  215. What do you think about Nick and Nate Diaz?
  216. Penn Extended Contract and More
  217. ‘Rampage’ resurfaces/Ibarra speaks, 2 interviews
  218. Dana White: Neither Florian or Huerta guaranteed a title shot
  219. Do you think B.J Penn earned the right to fight gsp\fitch winner
  220. Official UFC 87 Thread
  221. Shogun Rua vs Rampage Jackson in December
  222. Gsp
  223. The New Force = Brock Lesnar
  224. Use of Stats on UFC 87
  225. Is Brock the UFC version of Bob Sapp?
  226. K1 World Grand Prix
  227. Future Mix Martial Artists
  228. Bull Ropes and BS: 'Respect' and Fan Foolery
  229. Bart Palaszewski to WEC
  230. UFC Medical Suspensions
  231. Fedor Returns
  232. Brock vs HH visual thread
  233. Brock over Fedor, R U Serious?
  234. Fighting Fedor reality show
  235. How to become a UF
  236. Matt Hughes claims that GSP vs Fitch was boring he left middle of fight
  237. Roy Nelson wants to fight Tito Ortiz
  238. Jim Ross cant wait to see BJ Noons vs St. Pierre....
  239. Kenny Florian: "MMA Live" could soon be headed to ESPN
  240. Contender going MMA?
  241. Ufc 100
  242. who would you want to be the coaches for tuff season 9?
  243. What do you guys think about Spencer Fisher?
  244. www.lockflow.com
  245. Favorite Fighter
  246. Fedor on Couture
  247. Rogan at his finest
  248. Georges St. Pierre To Sit Out The Rest Of This Year? Fight With Penn In Jeopardy?
  249. Machida tells Ortiz: “If I need to, I’ll do it all over again!”
  250. ufc 87 salaries WILL NOT BE made public