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  1. Does NFL have the same problem as NBA?
  2. Pigskin Pick Em' Anyone?
  3. The Blackhole: Raider fans, introduce yourself!
  4. Off-Topic Thread
  5. For Raiders who want McFadden!! Read it.
  6. What to expect from McFadden
  7. 9 other Rookies will make a bigger impact than DMac?
  8. Who will Show up
  9. Yahoo Fantasy Football Is On!
  10. Fact or Fiction
  11. Walker suspect arrested!!
  12. Sapp's Raider Experience: "as dark as a black-hole"
  13. Sources: Davis second-guessing offseason moves
  14. Who's our true Raider player?
  15. Who will have a break out season?
  16. Could Mooch coach the Raiders?
  17. Youth Movement
  18. Breaking down Run DMC
  19. Our 4th Linebacker?
  20. Time for the Guest's to SIGN UP!!! Lets Talk Raider Football!!!
  21. Lombardi adds fuel to the flame...
  22. NFL Sunday Ticket
  23. Bets..
  24. Any word on Jordan?
  25. I dont see it this way ( Fantasy TDs)
  26. Fantasy Defense/ Special teams...what do you guys think
  27. Nice to know that Ronald Curry's Foot is doing fine
  28. Please lets do up the chargers with Mcfadden throwing a TD in the red zone
  29. Forget our RB's for a second, we got awesom Full backs baby!
  30. Speaking of FB's, here is a fun little discussion topic
  31. happy b day
  32. Red Jersey
  33. What do you guys think...
  34. Sam Adams And/or Grady Jackson possibly comin to Oakland??
  35. Who, What, Why, Where, and How???
  36. Who Do You Wanna See Us Beat this year?
  37. Rate The Raiders Defense
  38. Al Davis
  39. 2009 Oakland Raiders Division Champs
  40. Raiders Insider: New strength coach makes big impact
  41. Another Article on our WR's.
  42. Would you like to?
  43. Lamont Jordan To The Patriots
  44. RIP: Fellow Raider Nation Brother
  45. Miller not far off in TE-stacked AFC West
  46. Five, Five and Five
  47. 3 days to sign Nnamdi Asomuagh
  48. Favre: Is Al Davis Crazy Enough...?
  49. This is the most potentially exciting Raider team in a long time
  50. Raiders @ Seattle 1987 NFL Network Monday 5 PM PT July 14th
  51. This is interesting
  52. Raiders vs Broncos Monday night football.
  53. Raiders go 11-5. Am I crazy
  54. My friend is wearing a 49ers jersey in the black hole
  55. Could this be a possibility?
  56. Could this be a possibility?
  57. Oakland Raiders Madden 09 Analysis
  58. Sporting News AFC predictions
  59. Arman Shields the next Devin Hester
  60. Henrys Charges Were Dropped... Good Or Bad Idea If We Show Interest???
  61. Could other teams problems actually Help us out this year?
  62. Raiders Sign Tyvon Branch!!!!
  63. The truth why we cut Stuart Schweigert....he tosses salad.
  64. Asomugha, Raiders do not reach long-term deal
  65. Justin Fargas a Running Back God from USC
  66. We have the best secondary in the league
  67. Season Tickets on the way
  68. Name 3 Raiders who had sub par seasons last year who you think.....
  69. McClown?
  70. Appropriate Age
  71. Schilens Signs!
  72. Super Bowl Predictions
  73. Stadium Help
  74. Jerry porter doing the jerry porter
  75. BSPN Finally Agree: Raiders boast best CB Duo in NFL
  76. Greg Wesley to meet with the Raiders
  77. Jason Taylor going to washington for a 2nd round pick
  78. Raiders Training Camp
  79. Who would your rather have as your 1/2 punch
  80. Raider Nation Celebration
  81. Raider Nation?
  82. What Happened To These Former Raider Draft Picks
  83. whats the section at the very top called
  84. ESPN Power Rankings.Raiders #27
  85. Raiders Sign Greg Wesley
  86. Lets play offensive coordinator for a bit
  87. freddie mitchell
  88. 10 key issues for Raider Nation
  89. Raiders MVP
  90. Raiders Add International Player
  91. what the hell is he saying
  92. Kiffin expects Walker to be ready for camp
  93. Clean Slate for Raiders
  94. USA Today: Rookie rushers to be all the rage
  95. Eric Parker
  96. Worst Owners
  97. Update: Lamont Jordan cut
  98. Funny Story Dealing w/ Fox's Brian Baldinger and the Raiders
  99. Asomugha signs one-year franchise tender
  100. Raiders signed 2 Rookies
  101. The raiders need another wide out to make Walker compete
  102. Bombs Away!
  103. Training Camp Update Thread
  104. We all knew Thomas Howard was fast but did we know he was this fast??
  105. On NFL Network Right now Raiders vs Pats from 02
  106. We should go after Chris Henry
  107. Javon Walker at Camp
  108. broncos are dreaming if they think the stand a chance 9/8/08
  109. Raiders bring in Paul Hackett
  110. what do you think Aso for Hester?
  111. Training camp pics
  112. Terry Glenn
  113. 2 more weeks till we see Mcfadden in silver and black
  114. Aso says "Its not about the money"
  115. 3 - 1 Into The Bye??
  116. Oakland Raider CB ratings for Madden
  117. Good article on Curry...
  118. Most Active Forum on PSD Question...
  119. McFadden: "the black and gold"
  120. Nnamdi Asomuagh Interview (video)
  121. NFL Live Breaks Down The Power Rankings
  122. A Free Safety In Disguise
  123. Go after Terry Glenn
  124. Ten predictions for Raiders
  125. yesterday on the Radio
  126. Gallery @ LT
  127. Ryan showing some fire!!
  128. Question on the Raiders O line
  129. Question on Oakland Raider tickets
  130. J-Rock Hurts Throwing Elbow??
  131. Worst draft picks ever
  132. Secondary gelling with Wilson
  133. Source: Al Davis talked Raiders WR Walker out of retiring
  134. Okay Okay
  135. Wish Sapp would have stuck around!
  136. chiefs 1st rounders hurt.....
  137. Walker speaks on retirement issue
  138. Report: Walker unhappy with Raiders treatment
  139. Other WR options at this point if Javon doesn't work out
  140. Preseason: San Francisco 49ers v.s Oakland Raiders
  141. Pushing Kelly
  142. Raiders-Niners Practice Videos
  143. Schweigert cut again!
  144. Raiders/Niners Game on TV?
  145. Quick Question On The Raider Nation Celebration
  146. Marshall out vs. Raiders 09/08/08
  147. Raiders 1st Depth Chart
  148. Last Raiders Superbowl Team
  149. What to look for: Oakland Raiders Pre-Season opener vs. S.F 49ers
  150. Arguement about Kirk Morrison
  151. John Clayton: "McFadden is the real deal"
  152. What do you guys think about Pennington backing up JR?
  153. We get to see Favre Oct 19th now guys
  154. Why Nnamdi Asomuagh Won't Be With The Raiders Next Year
  155. Javon Walker 'fully committed' to Oakland
  156. Chances Of A New Stadium
  157. Alternative ways to watch Raider games
  158. Schedule
  159. Game One
  160. raiders game (sopcast???)
  161. Trade?
  162. Madden Cover!!!
  163. Over-rated!!....over-rated!
  164. Michael Bush....
  165. Jamarcus Slow wind up and haven't seen him snap that ball yet
  166. Higgins
  167. A very crowded backfield
  168. Re-Airing of Last Night's Game
  169. J-Rock's Weight
  170. Anyone pick it up yet?
  171. Raiders 1st game Preason highlights
  172. Raider Nation Celebration
  173. Simulated Season -Fun Read
  174. Madden Online Season 360/PS3
  175. Raiders Sign Safety Adam Archuleta
  176. Marcus Tubbs a Free Agent
  177. MNF Broncos v.s Raiders
  178. Raiders released Greg Wesley
  179. Preseason: Oakland Raiders v.s Tennessee Titans (8/15)
  180. Raiders should bring Jay Feely to camp
  181. trade thought
  182. Guys losing their Helmets!!
  183. Kiffin and Al
  184. UH OH D-dog couldnt hold onto the ball in practice
  185. DeAngelo Hall has a broken bone in his hand
  186. Nnamdi Asomugha is getting X rays on his foot!!
  187. Injury updates
  188. Javon Walker stepping it up?
  189. Should we be worried
  190. Kiffins practices to intense??
  191. Good video on the Raiders
  192. Joe Horn
  193. Henderson starting at LT
  194. If Jamarcus Hustle has to pass...
  195. Raiders Release Hartwell
  196. Lynch and Harrison
  197. Hall and Nmandi 2nd best duo on NFL
  198. Madden Highlight Videos
  199. Calling on my Raider Brothers!!!!!
  200. Bye-Bye, Sea Bass??
  201. Russell last night
  202. Raiders #2 team to keep on Radar
  203. After 2 Preseason Games, things to be excited about
  204. O-line
  205. Betting sites?
  206. Javon Walker miss block on Dmac run at the end of the half
  207. Dmac's running style
  208. Can we Sign Usain Bolt?
  209. Raiders Game Music
  210. Anyone taking vacation or callin in sick on opening day week
  211. Saving pictures from Raiders.com?
  212. new formation im 09?
  213. surprises and disappointments so far
  214. Kiffin says this Raider team lacks a bunch of talent
  215. Next Roster Cuts Are When??
  216. Big Mistake signing Walker?
  217. Anquan Boldin
  218. #30 TE.....I think not
  219. Kiffin Questions Al Davis's Methods
  220. Preseason--8/23--Arizona Cardinals @ Oakland Raiders
  221. Does Raiders coach Kiffin want confrontation with Al Davis?
  222. Javon Walker to the bench?
  223. its official
  224. Raiders' Walker turns it on at end of camp
  225. Darren McFadden Nike Commercial
  226. This doesnt seem right
  227. Players Raiders could have had!
  228. Hall has damaged ligaments
  229. Tha Raiders on 09 are a beast!!!!
  230. Something postitive about the O Line
  231. Raiders getting some respect
  232. Training days: Rebuilding Raiders display a quiet confidence
  233. Shawne Merriman to visit Dr.James Andrews
  234. Raiders looking to strike it rich with ex-49er Harris
  235. Chris Clemons may get cut
  236. Raiders fans: Is trading for Boldin possible? ESPN article
  237. Is Echy the odd man out?
  238. Joe Horn
  239. Gene Upshaw Dies at 63
  240. david hawthorne
  241. DMC gunna play more at Wr than RB??
  242. Raider All black Jerseys??
  243. Honest Kiffin doing it his way in Oakland
  244. Broncos that will be out
  245. Eyes on WR core and Corners tonight
  246. Raiders First Round Cuts
  247. Watching games online?
  248. O’Neal and Carter out for the season
  249. When will we...?
  250. Plain & Simple: We Got Spanked!