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  1. Welcome to the Angels Forum!
  2. Angels Random News/Injury Updates Thread
  3. Escobar's career may be over ....
  4. c.c. sabathia
  5. Oakland A's (44-37) vs Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (49-33)
  6. Matt Holliday to the Angels?
  7. Lackey gets award AL Pitcher of the Month for June 08
  8. Toronto Blue Jays 41-44 vs. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 51-34
  9. Proof there may, indeed, by a God.
  10. 3 Angels make ASG
  11. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 53-35 vs. The Texas Rangers 46-43
  12. Teixeira?
  13. Mike Napoli Placed on 15 Day DL
  14. Do You Like Your Team Name the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim?
  15. Trade Deadline.
  16. Ding dong, Rich Harden's gone!
  17. Gary Matthews benched in favor of Rivera
  18. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 55-37 vs. The Oakland Athletics 50-42
  19. Angels After Rockies' Fuentes
  20. Figgins leaves to be with ailing Father, Sean Rodriguez recalled
  21. Angels Minor League
  22. Angels Mid-Season Grade
  23. Report: Angels' K-Rod plans to file for free agency after season
  24. Tonight's All Star Game
  25. Barry Bonds?
  26. Conger belts 3 HR in one game!
  27. The Boston Red Sox 57-40 vs. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 57-38
  28. Will K-Rod stay?
  29. Trade offer from the Brewers
  30. Is Brandon Wood finally turning the corner?
  31. I don't think the Angels need to do anything major.
  32. George Sherrill
  33. World Series
  34. Angels Swept the Red Sox
  35. A's Throw in The Towel?
  36. Homer Red Sox Columnist: "Halos will find way to fade in October"
  37. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 60-38 vs The Cleveland Indians 43-54
  38. Angels aka "Road Warriors"
  39. Angels Eye Teixiera?
  40. Angels Minor League Conger Battling Back From Injuries
  41. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 62-39 vs Baltimore Orioles 48-51
  42. Angels Are Eyeing High School Prospect!
  43. Rockies Scout Adenhart
  44. I give yall props
  45. Angels' Rodriguez for MVP?
  46. if K rod leaves next year
  47. Angels @ Redsox July 28th -July 30th
  48. Mark Trumbo Promoted to Double-A, Goes 5-5, 2 HR
  49. Angels and D-Backs get going for Texiera
  50. Manny, Holiday, Dunn, or Texeira?
  51. Casey Kotchman pulled from pregame warmups - Strong indications of a Texiera trade
  52. Stark: Teixeira traded to Angels for Kotchman and Minor League Pitcher Stephen Marek
  53. Could Teixeria be just a rental player?
  54. Casey Kotchman considers trade a 'blessing'
  55. Marek?
  56. Kendry Morales = Texiera Insurance
  57. Angels minor leaguer suspended after drug test
  58. Angels 67-40 vs Yankees 59-48
  59. Stoneman would have failed again
  60. Will BIG TEX hurt K-ROD
  61. Boston Red Sox
  62. Angels all done dealing
  63. Teixeira's impact will be far-reaching
  64. Torii Hunter to miss the next two games
  65. Gary Matthews Jr. Seriously Has To Go
  66. Angels Mailbag: Will Teixeira Sign Long Term?
  67. Angels 69-42 vs. Orioles 53-57
  68. Loux called up;O'Day sent to AAA
  69. Angels win another one
  70. Interesting article on the Angels' rotation.
  71. Mark Teixeira: My 3 Favorite Places To Play Are.....
  72. Yankees (61-52) vs. Angels (71-43)
  73. Hunter & Teixeira- Gold Glove Bound?
  74. Frankie Rodriguez or Mark Teixeira?
  75. which one of these three players would you keep?
  76. Willits placed on DL;Rodriguez called up
  77. Seattle Mariners (45-73) @ LA Angels (74-43)
  78. When It Counts, Count On Angels To Win
  79. Do The Angels Have What It Takes?
  80. Will Angels Grant Vladimir a Stay?
  81. Best acquisition in all of baseball
  82. Santana Moving The Ball Around
  83. Worst Angels Ever
  84. LA Angels (75-44) @ Cleveland Indians (54-66)
  85. Arredondo adds maturity, to secure his spot
  86. Maicer Izturis out for the Season
  87. Greatest Angel of all time?
  88. LA Angels (76-46) @ TampaBay Rays(74-48)
  89. Minnesota Twins (72-54) @ LA Angels (77-48)
  90. Shields the SU man Still?
  91. Which Broadcasting Team?
  92. Oakland A's (59-71) at Los Angeles Angels (79-50)
  93. Kotchman Update!
  94. Angels dealing for a new/old SS?
  95. Will Rodriguez leave?
  96. Kendrick to DL
  97. Rangers @ Angels
  98. Scioscia Tossed Again
  99. Los Angeles Angels (83-53) @ Detroit Tigers (66-70), Tues Sept 2 - Thur Sept 4
  100. Budde, Moseley, O'Day called up
  101. Angels Bullpen Deserve 2008 AL MVP Award
  102. Weaver's start pushed back to Monday
  103. Los Angeles Angels (85-54) @ Chicago White Sox (78-61), Fri Sept 5th - Sun Sept 8
  104. Angels Magic Number Countdown
  105. Los Angeles Angels (86-56) vs. New York Yankees (76-67), Mon Sept. 8 - Wed Sept. 10
  106. Torii Hunter, Ivan Rodriguez Disciplined
  107. AL West Champs LA Angels vs. inferior AL West opponent
  108. Angels rumored to be interested in CC Sabathia
  109. do you think injured infielders may lose job if wood continues to be hot?
  110. K-rod!!
  111. Fransisco Rodriguez
  112. Season Awards: Offensive MVP
  113. Which Pitcher for Playoffs?
  114. Angels Offseason Plans
  115. Lyman Bostock
  116. If Evan Longoria Wasn't....
  117. Santana and K-Rod
  118. Texas Rangers (77-82)vs. AL West Champion LA Angels (99-60)
  119. A projection of the Angels roster in 2010 from the pre-2007 season
  120. Boston Series Playoff Roster
  121. ALDS Angels vs. Red Sox
  122. Playoff Games
  123. Congratulations From A Met Fan
  124. Chone Figgins is in rare playoff form
  125. Whats wrong with the Angels?
  126. Message to the Angels. [B]Relax![/B]
  127. Chone Figgins O for clicker Playoffs once again
  128. Kendrick is horrible
  129. Howie Kendrick o for playoff series clicker
  130. This series is officially anybody's to win
  131. Season Ticket
  132. As a Red Sox Fan
  133. To Squeeze Or Not to Squeeze.....?
  134. Angels Playoff Review
  135. What must Angels do to get past the first round?
  136. Well be honest. Your 100 wins was in a crap division
  137. Boston The Better Team
  138. Go Get: Great Hitter or Dominant Pitcher
  139. I STILL love the Angels!!!
  140. For his own protection, Gary Matthews Jr. should be in the witness protection program
  141. Angels Sign Korean Pitcher
  142. Winter Leagues
  143. Blockbuster delgado for vladimer
  144. I know everyone loves him but Vlad's numbers resemble A-Rods in postseason
  145. Carlos Lee?
  146. K-Rod Wants To Stay?
  147. We made John Lester look like Sandy Koufax
  148. Who would you give up for Peavy?
  149. Possible angels off season moves and new roster
  150. Who could be ours 1B and LF?
  151. What about Weaver as a closer?
  152. This is what the Angels SHOULD do...
  153. Figgins, Texeira, Vlad, Manny, Torri, Kendrick, Aybar, Rivera, Napoli
  154. Prince Fielder?
  155. The Angels announced 2009 options
  156. Who is your choice to play LF?
  157. Mock off-season?
  158. 2009 Angels Salary
  159. Torii Hunter wins Gold Glove
  160. Cordero's first choice is the Angels?
  161. Angels Off-Season Thread
  162. Any Interest in Top Cuban Prospect Viciedo?
  163. Mike Napoli's Contract
  164. Angels offseason moves
  165. Angels Rumors: K-Rod, Teixeira, Figgins
  166. A-rod is still thinking if he should have sign with the Angels
  167. Are the Angels still interested in Jake Peavy?
  168. Holliday apparently going to Oakland
  169. K-Rod signs with Mets
  170. Teixeira rather than Sabathia?
  171. Mark teixiera a 10 year deal?
  172. Brandon Wood Cut From Winter Ball
  173. Mark Trumbo and Anthony Ortega
  174. GA's new agent: Scott Boras
  175. What is the word on Kendry Morales?
  176. Mike Napoli
  177. Angels Top 10 Prospects
  178. Angels To Turn Their Focus Now On Sabathia?
  179. Interest in Maggs?
  180. Angels serious about CC and Peavy!!!
  181. Who will be are closer?
  182. When and How: 2010 All-Star Game Tickets?
  183. Angels projected roster with trades and signees!
  184. Would you take BJ?
  185. Will the Angels improve???
  186. Since CC is gone, Halos need to sign Tex or manny and trade for Peavy
  187. Source: Red Sox getting closer to Teixeira deal
  188. Are we going to let Boston take away our best player?
  189. Giambi & The Balanced Alternative
  190. Peavy and gonzalez
  191. Angels Make Eight Year Offer to Teixeira
  192. Kelvim Escobar be moved to the bullpen??
  193. Extend Lackey?
  194. Brian Fuentes sees Angels as a great fit
  195. Angels should pass on Teixeira
  196. Lackey to pitch in WBC
  197. Plan C
  198. Red Sox are "not going to be a factor" in the bidding for Teixeira.
  199. Angels "Close" to re-signing Juan Rivera
  200. Artie wins the court battle over team name.
  201. Angels Withdraw Offer to Tex
  202. would the angels trade for lee
  203. No Tex. What we really lose is...
  204. Angel fans should be furious!
  205. Mark just sign wit the yankees
  206. Should the Angels go after Peavy now that Texeira is gone ??? Here's an Idea......
  207. A Wish Going Forward
  208. For Angel fans whever you may be...
  209. Atlanta Angels
  210. Mike Napoli
  211. Question About Jonathan Bachanov
  212. Why don't we trade for Jermaine Dye...
  213. Angels sign Brian Fuentes
  214. One viable trade option
  215. Manny
  216. Manny
  217. MLB Mock Offseason?
  218. Scioscia Gets Extended
  219. Rose Parade
  220. Kendry update in the D.R.
  221. frustrated
  222. Kelvim Escobar
  223. Room for One More Signing
  224. Coming to Terms with 2009...
  225. Angels have interest in Dye
  226. Report: Scioscia, Angels agree 10 years
  227. Michael Young
  228. Figgins Get's 1 year deal
  229. will napoli finally get to start full time?
  230. Vladdy
  231. Napoli our DH
  232. Lineup changes
  233. Did anyone else hear this?
  234. Rate the Angels Off-Season
  235. Is there a detailed analysis of the Angels 09 payroll
  236. Just Get Peavy Already
  237. Erick Aybar
  238. Spring Training
  239. 2nd Best in the AL West?
  240. Angels reall don't care about winning the whole thing
  241. Escobar??
  242. Adam Dunn or Bobby Abreu?
  243. Angels sign RHP Sean Tracey to minor league deal
  244. Angels have "strong interest" in Abreu.
  245. Angels Agree with Abreu on 1 year....
  246. Wow, Abreu? Get the WS Rings ready...Yeah Right...
  247. Who do you think makes the 25 Man Roster
  248. Angels sign Santana to four-year extension
  249. Tim Salmon maybe?
  250. Hank Conger staying in Single-A?