In order for KD to "fix" his reputation, is for him to join a losing team and bring them to prominence. Right now, people are just haters and don't want to give the Warriors' front office any credit. Most of these people have no idea how the NBA salary cap works and just hard it is to build a dynastic team in today's money hungry players league. Its not just the on the court skills that Myers curated, but a culture that players want to be a part of. The players leave their egos in the locker room and come out and play team basketball. That can't be said for many teams. Even on bad teams, there is one player that is alienating his teammates to play "hero ball." KD is going to get hate wherever he goes except at his destination fanbase. Fans need a reason why their teams aren't winning and blaming another player or team is the easiest way to do it.

But, if KD really wants to stop the hate, he'd have to go to a team like the Wizards, which is his hometown team. Sure he's from Maryland, but he grew up a 15 minute drive from Capital One Arena. And that would be one hell of a team with Wall, Beal and Durant. But I think fans would leave him alone since there would be a bigger reason than just winning a title and thats playing for his home team.