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    Honestly, if Lebron says "no," I have zero problem with just running it back and trying again with the same core. I agree that they'll probably need to find some way to get rid of Anderson's contract to soften the blow from luxury tax payments, but with only two years left, I don't think it's impossible.

    But if they can bring back last year's team, with a full year playing together under their belts, why couldn't they be every bit as good as last season, if not better? Barring some other super team forming in the league, the Rockets would still be the obvious second best team in the league behind Golden State and would have the best chance to knock the Warriors off their pedestal.

    Quote Originally Posted by Giannis94 View Post
    Bucks vs raptors in the ECF. Mark my words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by c.c. View Post
    Lebron puts 0 stock into something like this. Waste of money.

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    Glad I was correct in calling Melton a steal last night. If he puts in the time he can improve his shot, ala Avery Bradley coming out of UT. I feel like there were several solid players available in the 2nd round. Since you mentioned Pat Bev MBT, I really wanted Jevon Carter as a Bev type player. I watch a lot of Big 12 basketball and I think he's ready to contribute as a two way player right now.

    Don't know much about the guy from Purdue but he seems to have possible upside. They also signed Gary Clark out of Cincy and he's got a great work ethic and attitude. I remember them highlighting him in the tourney and coach Cronin genuinely praising the hell out of him.

    My brother told me we also invited Rob Gray to Vegas. I knew he wouldn't get drafted but I felt like he would be a good fit offensively. His defensive is kinda bad, not sure if it's just an effort thing? But he's got range with the 3 ball, I don't think his percentages were amazing but he did shoot a lot of bad shots that brought it down, which was probably a product of him being a one man show until this past season. Plus he has the quickness to consistently get to the rim, can use some work on finishing better though. Idk maybe I'm just being a homer but I say him play in person a few times and he is quick.

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