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    oops sorry left this out:

    Tampering by a player can result in a suspension by the commissioner and a fine of up to $50,000.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bamabama View Post
    If the Knicks get LeBron James I will be done with the Knicks. I have been a Knicks fan from the 1st time I've seen Patrick Ewing play. I never like LeBron James and I never will. LeBron James will never be as great as MJ if MJ played in todays soft NBA he would score 50-60 points a night.
    Foolish post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MJNetsIsles View Post
    Foolish post.
    That's how I feel xd Foolish or not. They are many things I hate about LeBron James for one he thinks he foul 99% of the time and he thinks he never foul anybody. Which goes back to why I think he would not be in the top 10 in the old NBA days you got foul back then You know it and felt it

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    Donít gotta worry they arenít getting bron
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