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    Quote Originally Posted by GREATNESS ONE View Post
    Watch the Lakers next year Loc
    oh right. After we sign Lebron, PG13, CP3 and trade for either Westbrook or Kawahi, and then re-sign Randle. We will be AWESOME

    seriously don't talk to me about the Lakers during playoff time I am just not in the #$%#$@##@#@ mood for it

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    Quote Originally Posted by nastynice View Post
    Actually the narrative is all about look how good Philly is doing after suffering so much, leagues gonna do everything in their power to get philly a chip this year. You should be excited about these narratives nba tryina push
    just saying....

    like look the media was literally calling out for Embiid to reenter the lineup. And sure he scored some points and he did well, the team is stronger with him. But does Philly lose that game if Embiid sits? No, I don't think so

    dont' get me wrong, the facemask is COOL and that is an awesome look/narrative in itself

    however let's say hypothetically, if Embiid were to sprain his ankle and miss a few more games, would that derail Philly's road to a potential Finals? I wouldn't be surprised if Philly just kept right on rolling with Ben Simmons

    so the point is, that the league doesn't seem ready for THAT narrative, i.e., "Ben Simmons is the 1st legit transformative player to come into the league since Lebron and he singlehandedly drags the last place Sixers into the NBA Finals in his rookie year"

    I mean go ahead and take a swig off that narrative, slosh it around a bit and tell me what you think

    because what I'm saying is the league/media/what's the difference seems vastly more comfortable with the "Simmons and Embiid are the greatest duo to enter the league since Kobe and Shaq" narrative. However in reality, even if they get that narrative it just kind of obscures the reality that Simmons is that guy. See also: 16 game win streak to finish the season and commanding playoff win in first game without Embiid

    don't get me wrong, I really like Embiid. Also he is the Mr Personality of the team, he's got jokes, foibles, he social medias, he has charisma, everything. Whereas Ben Simmons is almost like a Tim Duncan type dude that is very self-controlled and probably just all about game and doesn't really feel like being an entertainer or media type dude, so if he is paired up like a super duo with Embiid it is like a better TV series or whatever and there are cool commercials possible etc I am helping

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    Wait till Next Year He Will Be MVP

    #FreeYagyu And CSSTL

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