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    Quote Originally Posted by specialiststeve View Post
    Was nice to see the boys show up in a big way. Towns finally showed some passion... not sure what happened the first 2. I was clearly wrong about Rose being a non factor. He looked like he did in his prime tonight. Wiggins looked like the star he could be. Teague was very good. Butler - tough dude.

    Not sure what happened to a hard hedge. When we did tonight Harden was a basically a non factor. When we peel back and wait for him (Towns) Harden carves us up. Hedge hard and NO and I me NO layups. Hammer them if they come in. We get called for "soft" fouls when Harden comes in so go for the ball hard and make sure you follow through with the body. This is playoff ball boys - physicality is a huge part of it... clean but physical.

    If we bring the same energy we have a good chance at evening this up.
    They are young

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    Quote Originally Posted by IKnowHoops View Post
    Heís been th best player for us so far. Not saying much but itís true.
    In games 1 and 3 I liked what Wiggs brought, but in game 2 he was complete trash. There were at least 4 to 5 times where Wiggs just walked back on D while his man beat him down court for easy baskets. He was as accountable for the game 2 debacle as anyone else.

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