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    Frank Vogel fired!!!!

    Orlando has fired coach Frank Vogel, league sources tell ESPN.
    My New York Giants offseason checklist:
    Andrew Norwell [x ] Bennie Logan [ ]
    Terrelle Pryor [ ] Ju’Wan James [ ]
    Kyle Fuller [ x] Anthony Hitchens [x ]
    TJ Carrie [ ] Zach Brown[ ]
    Jeremy Hill[ ]

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    Not surprised.
    He was a deception thru those 2 years.

    I know that most will say: He hadn't a team... and so on, but on the other hand, I remember that before Skilles has an altercation with our FO, the team that was younger and less talented than this one, was over 0.500. So, I am not saying that this team is a contender, but it could be performed much better than it has.

    Also, VO was traded under his tenure. How the hell he couldn't see the potential that this kid had? I was saying so many times here that VO would be an all star someday and this year he made it.

    So, considering all the possibilities, he underachieved for sure. This team started well, winning really good teams and even leading the NBA. There is no excuses for such a drop on the performance other than a soft manager. He had a very young team that needed discipline and he is not that guy.

    I am sorry, but I think that our FO took the right decision here. Wish him luck, but his job here wasn't his best.

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    I guess it's Vogels fault that the GM assembled one of the worst teams I've ever seen. Not to much that the players were terrible, but they didn't fit well together and still don't.

    We are currently the Browns of the NBA. I could barely watch them this year and historically I would rarely ever miss a game. Now I have no desire to.

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    Same here. I watched just 15 or 20 games this year.
    I think that I haven't watched any games after the all-star weekend.
    This team sucks with no possibilities to get better.
    Gordon is not a cornerstone. He is good but he is not our go-to-score or alpha dog.
    Mario has potential but he isn't our cornerstone as well.
    Fournier is inconstant and we can't rely on him. Picking him over Dipo was Henny worst fall ever. And look that he was the responsible for Biz contract, so you could imagine how bad was that decision. In fact, Henny has done just one good decision that was the Dwight trade. After that he just made dumb decisions that lead us to this *****.
    Isaack needs to gain muscles, if he doesn't improve his muscles this offseason, on the next season he will be injured all the next season again. I don't know if he could became a Durant, but right now he looks like a glass on the court.
    We need to be smart this draft. This is our last chance to have a good pick. We can't miss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic - Brazil View Post
    This is our last chance to have a good pick. We can't miss.
    Don't you mean you hope this is our last chance to have a good pick?

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