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    Maclin was a beast as a number 2 and a solid number 1 when he was here. He's only 29-30 so he's definitely still got something in the tank. With so many other weapons around, Maclin is basically an older version of Agholor. Clean route runner, sure hands, getaway speed. I'd love Maclin with this WR corp.

    The return... 2018-19

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    Maclin would be a nice player to have. I hope we seriously look at Rashaan Evans for the draft. I don't trust Hicks's health.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaydubb View Post
    Why wouldn't he? He wouldn't be coming in as the #1 receiver.. He'd be a great signing

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    His "Eagles desperate need to fill their MAJOR need at WR in the draft" narrative would be foiled.
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    I don't consider Brand New indie. I consider them ****ing awesome and don't belong to a genre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koldjerky View Post
    His "Eagles desperate need to fill their MAJOR need at WR in the draft" narrative would be foiled.
    Is Jeremy Maclin STILL a #1 receiver?
    I don't remember him doing anything since he left the Eagles.

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    2 things I want to address.
    First things first it's pitiful people even want Maclin back after he spurned us twice when we needed WRs bad. He can go kick rocks now that no one wants him and he's desperate we don't want his ***.
    Also comical people say we don't need to draft a WR because it's not a need but want to sign Maclin even though we don't have cap space. Which is it people? Sounding hypocritical.

    I rather draft a WR not because it's a need but because there aren't a lot of teams needing WRs or RBs and we can land someone with elite game changing potential to add to our already lethal offense.

    Every team with a franchise QB no matter what other needs they have always loads up their star QB. Let's not act like our offense was unstoppable last year. We still don't have a dynamic game changer on offense. I just have a gut feeling they'll get him a weapon.
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    100 says we win at least 8.
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    Your on.

    Homerism at its finest

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