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    Quote Originally Posted by D1JM View Post
    U guys think shanahan likes Gesicki? 2 wr and 2 te plays for days
    Haven't seen any indication if he does or not.

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    I love the idea of Gesicki on the 49ers.
    MacLean's Law: Everywhere you go there will be a jerk. Corrolary: If you go somewhere by yourself you become a jerk.

    I don't care where anyone chooses to go in free agency. I really don't. Yes, KD "broke" the NBA for a year or two, but I can't blame him for going to the team that fit what he wanted.

    The worst part about the Warriors winning is that now I can't have an opinion without being a "homer" or a "hater". It used to be that dialogue had merit independent of accusations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J_mitch View Post
    Only 8 will make the 53 so who’s gone if we add a OG & OT we will have 6 spot left
    There are seven inactives on game days on the 53 man roster. There is no set number for any position group that will make the team.

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    Trade J.Staley, 3rd(2018), 1st(2019) for 1st(Buf #21), 4th(2018)

    1. D.James(Slb)
    1. H.Landry(De)
    2. K.White(Wlb)
    3. A.Cordett(C)
    4. M.Gallup(Wr)
    4. B.Parks(Ot)
    5. J.Dunlap(Db)
    6. C.Litton(Qb)
    7. K.White(Wr)
    7. R.Yurachek(Te)

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