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    Quote Originally Posted by mightybosstone View Post
    I came in here specifically to mention this Philly team with baby Barkley and ancient Dr. J. That squad would have been a monster with those guys in their peaks. That would be the greatest rebounding front court in the history of the league. Obviously those Lakers teams with past-their-prime versions of Payton and Malone would be ridiculous as well.
    Yeah forgot about those Lakers with GP and Malone. Not as deep as other teams, but the top 4 players are unreal. Not too sure how well the chemistry works with all of them though. Somethings gotta give with the post touches between two of the elite scoring bigs. A lot of high IQ players so it can work. If Kobe can buy in and not want to glory hog is still a filthy team. Fox probably starts at the 3 for spacing. Horace, Fisher and Byron Russell should round out a solid 8 man rotation.

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    I'd like to believe Mikhail Prokhorov was thinking of a thread like this when he helped assemble Kevin Garnett, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Jason Terry and Andre Kirilenko.

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