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    Quote Originally Posted by CityofTreez View Post
    So basically he needs to improve on wrapping up opponents and then you’ll be high on him lol
    Absolutely. There are so many missed tackle and missed opportunities when you try to crush someone. I understand a big hit gets everyone pumped up, but you can't do that every single tackle. It'll kill his body and he's going to start missing tackles.

    He has everything you want in a linebacker. He just needs to wrap up. If he had Borland's instincts though...good Lord he'd be the best linebacker ever.
    Quote Originally Posted by heimdog8 View Post
    I didn't want to throw this information out here. I was a 3 year varsity starter at QB in high school. I played quarterback in junior college as well. I was considering playing division 1 football as well but chose to pursue my career in business instead. However, currently I am helping train with Derek Carr from Fresno State get ready for his pro day and the draft. I am also working with Cody Kessler, the USC quarterback.

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    George Kittle was a surprise for me and he really came alive with Jimmy Garoppolo under center. A month ago, a tight end would have been near the top of my wish list for this team. I mentioned the possibility of getting Jimmy Graham as a free agent or drafting a guy like Mark Andrews, but I think Kittle may really emerge next year. Garoppolo seems to rely on the TE like Brady relies on Gronkowski. Of course, Kittle is no Gronkowski, but he's a very capable option. Maybe Hikutini could be a factor next year as well.

    This was a really strong first draft by John Lynch. Would have liked to see Solomon Thomas be better and Foster less hurt, but a majority of this draft class has been a factor.

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