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Question: Why hasn't Byron Jones blossomed yet? He's freakishly athletic and fast... those are traits that are usually valuable commodities in the secondary. The guy tested through the roof at his combine. Most of the top teams in the playoffs have very strong defenses, so I don't even think we'll have a legit show until that defense is taken up a notch, or three.

And Zookman, I've noticed that some of the stronger teams were able to find gold after the first round. I still drool at that Kamara pick--literally changed the fortunes of the Saints. The guy can catch, run back kicks...he's better than their starting running back. If you recall, we picked Marcus Spears (need) over Aaron Rodgers. I absolutely prefer picking talent over position. Even if it's a valued position like offensive line or defensive line, if there's a clear stud, I'd rather go for that. I also think we need to give some more speedy threats to Dak or a young Tony Gonzalez type---why not make it easier on Dak---if he's your guy, then at least help him on the growing pains.
I am hopeful that the move of Byron Jones to corner will give him a lift. Pretty clear he doesn't really enjoy bringing the hammer like the great safeties in the league. As you say he is more than athletic enough to play the corner position.

A young stud field stretching TE would be great however I have heard reports in the media that the reason they didn't exploit the pass catching talents of Escobar was that he couldn't block well enough for their SCHEME! Stop me if you have heard me complain about being beholden to the Garrett scheme You could literally be a Gronkowski type end in the passing game but if you don't block like young Jason Witten your not seeing the field.