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    Quote Originally Posted by esb View Post
    Either keep Tannehill or trade him to the Browns for the 4th pick. Browns get their QB and can address another need with the 1st overall pick.

    Draft Qb with 4th pick.

    Sign Cutler back for 1yr, let rookie qb sit for 1 yr.

    Draft linebacker or Gaurd with 11th pick.

    Pay Landry or trade him for a 1st to a team that needs a WR. (Say Panthers).

    Draft G or DE or LB which ever you didnt address with the 11 pick.

    Sign in free agent what you will need that you're not addressing in draft.

    FA is before draft so all that trading will happen before draft.....which means Excitement in offseason time.😁
    I don't think even the Browns are going to give up a 4th for Tannehill. I'd take it if they wanted to do that though!
    P.S. Thanks for the answers on my previous question everyone!

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    The dolphins don't have 14 million to drop on a wr, I don't care who you cut. The writing was on the wall awhile ago. I know people around here like the Stills contract and all but the second he signed that deal you knew it was going to be a nightmare to bring Landry back. You can only spend so much on receivers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KodytheKing View Post
    The best thing about his production is he’s a guy who’s done a lot with a little,” Bilbo said. “Like people want to talk about [Green Bay wide receiver] Davante Adams. He played with [quarterback] Aaron Rodgers. You talk about Julio Jones. He played with [quarterback] Matt Ryan. Antonio Brown, he played with [Pittsburgh quarterback] Ben Roethlisberger.

    Landry is so ****ing gone lol. He's not only dissing Tannehill but he's basically saying Gase isn't using him right and that no one else in the receiver room is gonna do anything. Someone brought up the idea on Twitter that the Dolphins leaked that info to see how Landry would handle it and he's done an awful job of it.

    Btw everyone loves to throw Tannehill under the bus but literally every receiver/TE that moved on have done nothing since leaving Tannehill. People forget Wallace had 11 TDs with Tannehill and now he's barely a 3rd receiver on the Ravens.
    I was thinking the same thing...the info was leaked to see what would happen. Needless to say, it didn't go well. Agreed, Landry is absolutely gone. We might as well begin looking into other options and stop the debate. I love Landry and I hate to see him go. But at the end of the day, he's a great slot receiver...not a player that is going to single-handedly take over the game. Is it our coaching? Our QB? The player? Maybe it's a combination of all of those things. Whatever the reason, it doesn't seem to be the "right fit".

    Either way (IMO), we just can't pay 14 million for a guy that is a short-yardage receiver with solid YAC. He's 22nd in the league in yards per game and number 2 in fumbles. Sure, he gets a lot of receptions, and even manages to turn some of those in to TDs. But when it came to "explosive (big) plays", he was barely in the top 100. His greatest ability is to get first downs, and that's important...but for 14 million dollars, I think we can find someone else to get some of those firsts and find one or two others to make up for the rest of the lost production.
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    ^^^^Yea I've been saying it for awhile, but even though I love Landry I don't think it's the end of the world. I honestly think you have options to replace his production in house. Parker is great at rub routes and crossers. And of course we've seen the potential Grant has if we give him the bubble screen plays. I'd also start working Damian Williams as a receiver more because I think he has a lot of Landry in him when he gets the ball in his hands. He's not quite as shifty as Landry but he's just as tough to bring down. I'd also love to sign someone like Kendall Wright as the vet guy in the room. I think he's one of those guys that's never put up amazing numbers but has never had a lot of help and was still solid.

    Honestly the toughest part of losing Landry will be the 3rd down conversions but you'd hope that with an offense that has opened up more you won't be in as many tough situations.
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