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    How long will the Marlins rebuild take?

    5 years? 10 years? 15 years!? Who Knows!

    So far Derek Jeter is a hated man in Florida.

    Stanton is gone. Others will follow.

    How bad will the Marlins be?? For how long!?...

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    Min 7 years because it's going to be done horribly.

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    It won't end

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffy25 View Post
    Min 7 years because it's going to be done horribly.
    Less time than that elapsed from the torn down 1997 championship team to the 2003 World Series winner. The Marlins over the past 15+ years have been as good as nearly any team in baseball in regards to developing elite talent. From Miggy to Fernandez to Stanton.

    I don't know how much turn over there has been in the Marlin scouting department over the past several years. But if it were the same crew from a decade ago the rebuild would be capable of going very well relatively quickly.

    I think a better question would be how long will it be before the Marlins finish in the top ten in home attendance. You could make a legitimate case it wont happen within our lifetime. Florida baseball fans in general don't impress me in terms of coming out in large numbers to support their team.

    I remember after winning the world series in 2003 the following year the Marlins fielded a more than competitive team. Yet they finished below mid pack in home attendance. Pathetic.

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    They are going to be terrible for the next 10+ seasons. This rebuild will turn into another rebuild, and that one as well. The Marlins are not going to spend money, ever. They will trade away their talent for a box a cookies, a la the Stanton return, before they have to pay them. It's not entirely their fault considering that 50 people show up to the games. What will eventually happen is relocation because the team will lose money carrying a whopping $60 million payroll.

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    this is about economics not rebuilding. ownership cannot afford to operate in the red.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prior22 View Post
    Less time than that elapsed from the torn down 1997 championship team to the 2003 World Series winner.
    Ownership was willing to spend money then, this group seems to want an all league minimum team.

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    To be honest, I did not want MLB to give the Marlins org a new stadium (or however scummy way Loria got the new stadium) and I wanted baseball to relocated that franchise to a city that would have supported it (Montreal?). But now that the Marlins are now forced to stay in a city that will never trust them, I would say the Marlins will always be in a rebuilding process. It will be a loop. Get young players, developed young players into stars, trade said young stars for young players, and repeat.
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    If the Marlins trade Yelich, Ozuna, Bour, Castro

    Yelich can net you 2-3 top 100 prospects and MLB ready players, Ozuna probably a little less. Bour, trade him to the Red Sox. Would be a perfect spot for him. Might get a decent prospect back for him. Castro should be able to net you a prospect or two.

    Out of all of that, they should be able to get at least 3-4 top prospects, major league ready players, MLB players and a couple decent other prospects.

    Pitching should be high on their radar and outfielders. Something the Cardinals have a lot of. Alcantara, Hudson, Gallen, Flaherty, Gomber, Bader, O'Neill, Sierra, Mercado, Machado, Wacha, Jose Martinez.

    They should be able to get a deal done between the two. Hopefully for Yelich for the Cardinals.
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    The better question is, who cares?

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    Stanton being traded is absolutely not on ownership.

    It is 100% on a complete lack of fan base. They believed that a competitive team would bring in fans. They believed chasing 60HR's would bring in fans. Unfortunately... the Marlins will never be done rebuilding until they leave Miami.

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    In the year 2525, if Marlins can survive

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    It all goes back to whether or not the marlins supplement this talent acquired in trades with international free agents and spending in the draft. The marlins problem under loria was not the lack of spending, it was the lack of spending on the draft and IFA so that once we spent so much money foolishly in free agency on guys like Chen, Prado, Volquez, Ziegler, and Tazawa, we had no depth whatsoever in the farm system.

    At some point we stopped caring about developing our own talent, and its the reason we HAVE to rebuild and it's the reason why Jeter is doing the exact right thing. We were 2 top of the rotation arms away from being a playoff team with no real way of getting those 2 arms. Our payroll was already going to be around $140 million if we brought everyone back and we have nothing in the way of cost controlled talent on the farm.

    Ill say this, if Jeter doesnt invest smartly in the farm system, then this will be the exact same thing as it ws under loria. But if he does complement the huge amount of talent we are about to get into our system with smart investing in the draft and IFA, this will be a team to reckon with in 3-4 years. This team will have a headstart on the teams that have rebuilt successfully like the Cubs and Astros recently. Those 2 teams didnt have much in their system to start and the marlins will once they finish this fire sale.

    It all comes down to whether or not Jeter and company decide to invest smartly in the draft and IFA, and they have given every indication thus far that they will. IF they do, this will not be as terrible as the average fan with no detailed information about the situation thinks it will be.

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    If there were enough Marlins fans around for their anger at Jeter to matter then the team would not have had to trade Stanton in the first place.

    If Jete tears it all down they could likely put a solid team together and make a run at the NL Wild Card game in 3-5 years and contend in 5-7.

    A lot of talent that other teams would overpay for still sits on that roster, time to move it.
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