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    Quote Originally Posted by RCSownsU View Post
    He's kind of washed up but for 2-3 million he would he fine for depth and a big framed receiver for the endzone. Anymore more and I don't think it's worth it. Dont think the giants will sign him, though. But seems like some players like Jackrabbit have been pushing for him to be signed. But...not sure their opinions really matter haha.
    Yeah I donít think there is any way we do it but it would be fun lol
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    Might not be a bad option at the right price. Motivation is huge. Plus, if he canít make it in NY, he would be sent to TO avenue.

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    Dez and OBJ Working Out 👀: Dez starts all the Giants rumors by posting vid of him and Odell working out together on IG 🎥

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    Remember the comment Gettleman made about liking guys that have something to prove? Dez definitely fits into that. He also still demands attention from a defense. If not for his speed, then his physicality. He could play the role we were expecting fro Marshall. Except he is younger and little more explosive at this point.

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