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    Quote Originally Posted by GGGGG-Men View Post
    Ugh brain fart. Weird, I was actually thinking of him in a Phins jersey when I typed that.....need more caffeine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GGGGG-Men View Post
    I prefer a hybrid. Offenses are too explosive these days. I don't think the "base" defense really applies anymore. Gotta do it all and really, unless you're playing one of the 3-5 run-heavy teams, your base is really nickel in today's NFL.

    Vernon came from a 3-4 in Philly right?

    I'm a big dummy with this stuff, but if we did run with a 3-4 based we'd basically be looking at something like this (of course this is without offseason roster changes):

    NT - Snacks
    LE - JPP

    OLB - Vernon
    ILB - Goodson
    ILB - Sheppard/Casillas/Robinson
    OLB - Kennard

    Right? I mean the direct move is JPP to OLB, and he's dynamic enough, but wondering if you don't keep him on the line for 3-4 looks.
    Vernon was never a 3-4 LB, more of a hybrid but mostly a traditional 4-3 end but heís athletic enough to play LB.

    JPP idk if he would do will 3-4 end, heís prolly better suited at LB, Kennard isnít explosive/athletic enough for me to play 3-4 LB (even though thatís his natural position) we would need an explosive outside and inside LB

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCSownsU View Post
    You ain't kiddin

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