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    Can we just bring in Dougie Houda now?

    I mean really, anyone else getting tired of the uninspiring Blashill? He just has no emotion and seems to not be able to motivate anyone on this team. I know that the roster issues are more Holland (who we can address at a later time) but man, how many times are we going to keep hearing "we just need to play better". GEEZ, that's pretty damn obvious. Blashill needs to go and take the goalie coach with you on your way out.

    I was actually being serious about Dougie Houda taking over too. HE just came over from Boston where he did a great job. Not really sure why he came here unless he liked it here when he played. Either way, the guy's ready to be a HC in my opinion. Can't do any worse lately. Who else is available right now or at the end of the season?

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    The big thing is your last sentence. Who would be available at the END of the season. I don't think we will see anything happen until the end of the season, unless we take a Buffalo like plunge. Blashill's job rests on whether Holland remains. If Holland stays, Blashill is still going to be his guy for another year if we are "competitive". So end up somewhere 10-20 points from playoffs. If Holland is gone, Blashill will then be axed most likely as a fall guy and the new GM would be allowed to bring in his guy.

    So if we want a new coach, that probably only happens under those 2 circumstances.

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