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    What to watch for in what will be a long loosing season, for our Hawks.

    I could go with the typical see how D.S. Develops, How much dose Prince improve in year two, or did we get a steal in Collins? However I will state what has the most influence in our future to watch for! Watch as many Duke, Kentucky, Arizona, and Missouri games as you possibly can! Because odds are Bagley III, Duval, Knox, Diallo, Ayton, or Porter will shape said futur and possibly 2 of them could be part of it. I didnít forget about Doncic from Slovenia, however it would take a huge set of balls to draft an over seas player over so much American Superstar talent. So watch those schools this season, the Hawks need this to work out!

    As of right now I would go with Beasley III with the #1 pick and Knoxís with the likely mid first pick from Minny. If Duval or Diallo is around with The Hou pick we own, thatíd be perfect! The Houston pick is only protected through 1-3, so root against them all season! The Minn pick is protected through 14, so we want them to be a 7/8 seed.
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    WOW! This entire forum is depressing!

    I clicked on Atlanta by accident instead of Boston! But since I am here I will respond. You guys have lots to look forward to. First this year's draft is tank away. Plus you have Denis Shroeder, Dedmon and Collins. If memory serves you should also have a lot of free agent money to spend this chin up. Better days ahead.
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