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    If u are going the mismanagement route it is irrelevant as that will happen with any player we draft that does not look like Mitchell the first year. You can use FA but you have to get your foundation through the draft. Sixers wasted two top picks and got nothing of value for those picks. How long did the 76ers tank and accumulate picks. Guys here cannot handle a year of this. We have two pieces we do not need to keeping adding the same pieces unless you want to do this for the next 5 years. The only way I break from that is if it is the Magic Johnson air apparent not for a player who may or may not be better than what we have who will need to be developed because he is BPA. No real FA is coming here and we are too far away to start trading away first. So the draft is where we are and the draft may not work anyway as the Knicks have the mentality once playoff contention is off the table let's win meaningless games against other teams that quit for the year and pretend they have accomplished something. I am sure Chicago will oblige us by playing all their scrubs and Kanter and company will be in delight over the win while shooting the organization in the foot. Sorry off topic. I am only drafting another PG if it is a Magic type player and a PF if it is apparent he is the next Tim Duncan. Other than I am filling out the roster
    That's a slippery slope for any team. The smart thing would be to trade down and maximize value. If a player at a need position isn't available, you don't reach. That will get the team nowhere. It's not good enough just to plug in players to say we have a PG, we have a SG, we have a SF...those players need to actually be good. Worst case scenario if you draft another PG because there isn't a wing player available is that he comes off the bench or pushes Frank to the bench. OKC had Harden come off the bench for years. The Clippers had Bledsoe coming off the bench for years. The team doesn't just end at the 5 starters. I'd rather have a bench player that can be a starter than a starter that should be a bench player because you forced the pick and reached.

    This probably won't be the case for the Knicks, but if they were picking at 11 there's no way they should pass on a PG just because they drafted one last year. Same for if they were to get one of the top three picks, there's no way they should pass on someone like Ayton just because he's not a wing. That's a failing recipe. Most execs will tell you BPA is the way to go and that drafting for need often times gets teams in trouble.
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