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    7,514,414 thats his cap hold to be exact

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    Quote Originally Posted by justcallmetm View Post
    The fact that teams still have that belief that you need 3+ superstars is pathetic.

    The Warriors only have 2 legit superstars (Durant, Curry) Green and Klay are no superstars, not even close. If you pull those 2 players and make them 1-2 option on another team, that team would flat out be borderline competitive like some other teams.

    Kyrie already has had multiple procedures which means he will continue for the rest of his career having some knee issues which won't even let him play a full 82.

    Butler is not even a player I would want, his level of play is only sustainable for 2 more years the way he plays. He also hasn't been able to stay health and has bad wheels already.

    ANY player who has EVER been on the Bulls/Minny team coached by Thibs I want no part of period especially if you have been on his team for longer than 3+ yrs. All his players are used up trash on it's way down after the age of 28 after he abuses them with obsessive amount of minutes (Noah, Rose, Butler, etc...)

    So I assume we have a bunch of hungry fans asking for a these 2 realizing we would need to hire the best trainers and medical staff to keep what would be our top 3 players from breaking down knee wise since all 3 would have had major injuries at one point or another on there knees.

    Pick one other superstar to pair with KP and then develop our young players to contribute to become all-stars or borderline all-stars. The way of copying the Warriors is 2 superstars and what I call all-nba players, those who has made the all-nba team for offense or defense and has made all-star appearances but are better comp players than one you use as the go to.

    ex. Paul George can't carry a team or be the main guy he doesn't have that type skill set, he is better as the #2 guy than the main guy.
    Agree to disagree. Stopped reading after the second paragraph (finished reading later). The Warriors have two of the best four players in the NBA (James, Durant, Leonard, Curry). Thompson and Green are all-stars in their own right, and you could argue Thompson is one of the best two-way players in the game (arguably the most underrated). Sure, he may not be great as the #1 option, but nothing so far in his career suggests he is not a superstar


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