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    Tremaine Edmunds > Roquan Smith... just personal preference.

    and Davenport scares me a bit... i watch him and i get flashbacks of Shawn Oakman... maybe i'm way off... i can't wait to see him at the combine, but that's my initial reaction...
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    Edmunds looks slower than Smith. We are already one of the slowest defenses in football. I guess I will wait till the combine to really judge but not really excited about drafting lesser athletic ILB's.

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    In other thread crewfan says letting Clay go would really hurt our pass rush, but I agree Papa..what pass rush? Perry even on good games gets a sack and doesn't do jack otherwise the rest of the game. Clay had 3 sacks in a game and had 8.5 on the year. Had like 2.5 through 10 games. I like Armstrong from Kansas too. I wonder if an OLB or CB slips into early R2 if Pack would trade up? Davenport could be a guy that really rises up boards also. Super athletic. Like Landry. Maybe OT from Texas. Evans from Bama. One name I think could be a sleeper for Packers to take is Kirk from A&M.

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    I watched a little on Lorenzo Carter OLB from Georgia. He didn't put up the stats but, I think he has the athletic ability to be a solid OLB in the NFL. Probably could get him in the 2nd or 3rd round depending on what his combine looks like.

    RIP Gene Wilder

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