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    NBA season predictions

    NBA season starts tonight! I absolutely cannot wait, and since I can't get basketball out of my mind I may as well make season predictions. Here they are

    Western Conference Standings
    1 Golden State Warriors-62-20
    2 San Antonio Spurs 58-24
    3 Houston Rockets 56-26
    4 Oklahoma City Thunder 53-29
    5 Minnesota Timberwolves 50-32
    6 Los Angeles Clippers 47-35
    7 Memphis Grizzlies 45-37
    8 New Orleans Pelicans 42-40
    9 Portland Trail Blazers 41-41
    10 Utah Jazz 38-44
    11 Denver Nuggets 37-45
    12 Los Angeles Lakers 33-49
    13 Sacramento Kings 29-53
    14 Dallas Mavericks 26-56
    15 Phoenix Suns 23-59

    Eastern Conference Standings
    1 Cleveland Cavaliers 58-24
    2 Boston Celtics 52-30
    3 Washington Wizards 49-33
    4 Toronto Raptors 48-34
    5 Miami Heat 46-36
    6 Milwaukee Bucks 45-37
    7 Philadelphia 76ers 43-39
    8 Charlotte Hornets 42-40
    9 Detroit Pistons 38-44
    10 Orlando Magic 36-46
    11 Atlanta Hawks 33-49
    12 New York Knicks 29-53
    13 Brooklyn Nets 26-56
    14 Indiana Pacers 21-61
    15 Chicago Bulls 15-67

    Western Conference Playoffs
    1 Warriors vs 8 Pelicans-Warriors in 4
    4 Thunder vs 5 Timberwolves-Thunder in 6
    3 Rockets vs 6 Clippers-Rockets in 5
    2 Spurs vs 7 Grizzlies-Spurs in 5

    1 Warriors vs 4 Thunder-Warriors in 6
    2 Spurs vs 3 Rockets-Spurs in 7

    1 Warriors vs 2 Spurs-Warriors in 6

    Eastern Conference Playoffs
    1 Cavaliers vs 8 Hornets-Cavaliers in 4
    4 Raptors vs 5 Heat-Heat in 6
    3 Wizards vs 6 Bucks-Wizards in 7
    2 Celtics vs 7 76ers-Celtics in 6

    1 Cavaliers vs 5 Heat-Cavaliers in 5
    2 Celtics vs 3 Wizards-Wizards in 6

    1 Cavaliers vs 3 Wizards-Cavaliers in 5

    NBA Finals 1 Warriors vs 1 Cavaliers-Cavaliers in 7
    Finals MVP-Lebron James

    Season Awards
    NBA MVP-Kawhi Leonard
    Rookie of the Year-Lonzo Ball
    Defensive Player of the Year-Kawhi Leonard
    Most Improved Player-Kristaps Porzingis
    6th Man of the Year-Tyler Johnson
    Coach of the Year-Gregg Popovich
    Executive of the Year-Sam Presti

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    I don't think the Griz and Pels make the playoffs in the West.
    MacLean's Law: Everywhere you go there will be a jerk. Corrolary: If you go somewhere by yourself you become a jerk.

    I don't care where anyone chooses to go in free agency. I really don't. Yes, KD "broke" the NBA for a year or two, but I can't blame him for going to the team that fit what he wanted.

    The worst part about the Warriors winning is that now I can't have an opinion without being a "homer" or a "hater". It used to be that dialogue had merit independent of accusations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoots View Post
    I don't think the Griz and Pels make the playoffs in the West.
    It's possible. Lillard will keep Portland relevant and Utah/Denver won't be terrible either. I do think Memphis will make it because Conley/Gasol are still quality players in the league and Dave Fizdale knows what he's doing.

    As for the Pelicans, I just think they have too much at stake not to make it. Everybody in that organization's job is on the line this season and Cousins is in the final year of his contract. With Rondo now there on a one year deal also, they have a lot of pressure to produce. I see them squeezing in.

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    it will be very nice and awesome if this predictions are true, am new to NBA though.

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    If the Sixers make the playoffs Sam Hinkie is your retroactive GM of the Year.


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