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    2017-18 Pirates Offseason

    Post any offseason news here
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    The way I see it the Pirates have four real paths they can take this offseason.

    1. Go For It
    Without Kang this path is tricky because it means not only adding reinforcements but trying to add a core member at 3B. The move would probably be to take a chance on a power bat like Todd Frazier and see how that plays out. It goes without saying the team would probably have to look into adding at least a couple bullpen arms and ideally a starting pitcher with some upside. Obviously this would require a significant bump in payroll which given what we know seems highly unlikely.

    2. Take Some Risks/ Trust The Youth
    This path would probably make for the most interesting offseason. In this scenario the Pirates look to ship off mid level veterans like Mercer, Freese, Harrison, Rodriguez, Cervelli, Nova and Hudson while hanging on to Cole and McCutchen as they have the most star potential. In conjunction with moving these guys the team must be willing to trust the young players like Polanco, Glasnow, Bell and Frazier and throw them into key roles. They also must be willing to make some risky moves like perhaps trading for Ian Kinsler or signing Miles Mikolas to join the rotation. Either move has a high chance of working out poorly but could also end up being a steal.

    3. Status Quo
    This is unfortunately what I expect to see. Essentially the team sticks to the same plan its been doing for the last two years. Maybe they trade off Josh Harrison and allocate his money towards adding a couple bullpen arms but besides that the team remains largely unchanged. Meanwhile second base will be primarily covered by Sean Rodriguez. This hasn't worked the past two years and seems highly unlikely to work now but the Pirates seem adverse to choosing a real direction.

    4. Reset/Rebuild
    This was my preferred path before it was announced that Huntington and Hurdle were receiving contract extensions. I would have liked to see them let go and another management team brought in to try and attempt a two year reset. Essentially that would mean McCutchen and Cole were traded this offseason as well as some mid level veterans. I would probably choose to keep Cervelli as I think he can be a big help to the young pitchers. In this scenario the team looks towards 2020 and hopes to compete with a rotation anchored by Taillon/Glasnow/Keller and a lineup which will hopefully be infused with a power bat or two from the Cutch and Cole trades.
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    first they trade cole for 4 mediocre prospects now they move cutch for a pitcher with ontroll problems and a light hitting out fielder.another 18 years of losing awaits the pirates faithfull. its a shame that mlb cannot force the nuttings to sell the pirates.

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