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    Jul 2013

    Preseason: Game Two

    Again, Nets looked good, Offense flowed, and defense and RHJ delivered.

    Sorry, but I like Kilpatrick. And Harris.

    You can never have too many shooters.

    KP will hopefully be able to manage the minutes.
    Short Cut, Draw Blood

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    Two games in and the Nets look like a competitive team. Before they even get Crabbe and Levert on the floor.
    Just some things I've noticed-
    Russell looked good against the Knicks but it looked like he was trying to get his shot a little too much for my taste. You can tell he's going to be the focal point of the offense but I hope he keeps the ball moving to some extent. He's a good ball handler, a good passer, and the offense stresses ball movement.
    RHJ's shot and ball handling look better. It's still preseason, but it looks like he has put a ton of work in.
    Lin didn't look good in his first game but Russell was able to pick him up. Last year we didn't have anyone that could do that. Lin looked better against the Heat.
    Allen will be a contributor right away. He's young, he needs to gain some weight, and he needs to refine his offensive game, but he will contribute day one. Loved that block against the Knicks (I think it was on Hernangomez).
    Carroll has looked good so far. It seems like the thought was that Crabbe would start, but he better get out there soon before Carroll/RHJ lock it up. Hopefully Carroll is healthier than he was in Toronto and can stay healthy the whole year.
    Harris looks good and is a great fit for this system when they have actual point guards running the offense.

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