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    Quote Originally Posted by sager729 View Post
    Yeah that makes sense. I would do that.

    One thing to consider is the Bills traded away their 3rd round pick to the Rams, but picked up the last pick in the 3rd round from the Eagles. So it would be the 96th pick they got. They do have two second round picks in #53 & #56. Maybe the Bears could sneak the 56th pick away.

    But this is all predicated on the fact the QB they want is on the board at #8. Reportedly they are trying to move up higher.

    Guys in that 21 range:
    Harold Landry (Edge) BC
    Carlton Davis CB Auburn
    Mike McGlinchey OT ND
    Orlando Brown OT OU
    Vita Vea DT/DE Washington
    Isaiah Oliver CB CU

    But if you could replace that third rounder you lost with #56 (Rd2) and a get another first rounder next year that could be a top 15 pick, may be a worthy gamble for Pace.
    This drafts money spot is on day 2. I like my odds that the Bills will be worse next year too. Even if we had to swap a 4 for a 2 I'd be okay with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toovey107 View Post
    This drafts money spot is on day 2. I like my odds that the Bills will be worse next year too. Even if we had to swap a 4 for a 2 I'd be okay with that.
    I would also prefer to bet on next year though I would not count on them being bad. But 22 vs next year is likely to be better.

    Maybe 21 a 3rd and next years first would be very good. Though I still worry about what guys will be at 21.

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    Iíd push for the latter 2nd rounder they have. At the moment they have the last pick in the 3rd round. I donít really want that.

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    Nice write-up on Landry from the Windy City Gridiron.
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    Tomorrow starts tag season. It will be nice to see who is actually available.

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    ESPN's Mike DiRocco expects the Jaguars to tag Allen Robinson if the two sides cannot work out a deal.
    Robinson has been angling for a long-term deal through the media, saying he is close to full health and his ACL injury is "not really an issue," but DiRocco believes the Jaguars are looking for a "one-year, incentive-laden deal." The tag is expensive and does not contain any incentives, but it would give Jacksonville a year to make sure Robinson is back to full health before they invest long-term guaranteed money. Robinson will arguably be the top receiver available if he is allowed to hit the open market.

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