Game 1: Rick Porcello (10-17, 4.46ERA) vs Sal Romano (5-6, 4.07ERA)
Game 2: Eduardo Rodriguez (5-6, 4.15ERA) vs Robertson Stephenson (5-5, 5.01ERA)
Game 3: Doug Fister (5-8, 4.86ERA) vs Jackson Stephens (2-0, 4.80ERA)

This season is starting to feel a LOT like 1999 with the rotation -- a stud (Pedro/Sale), a solid #2 (Saberhagen/Pomeranz), and then... well, not much. A bunch of guys with bad ERAs and a tendency to get shelled early. It's hard to believe that we were debating who would be the #2 in a playoff rotation a few weeks ago. Now the thought is more like "who can we avoid at #3 and 4?"