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    Matt Olson: the latest rookie slugger


    23HR in 55GP (176AB)

    8HR in his last 10G / 12HR in his last 16G

    No Hoskins, but not that far off.
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    Homered again and has 15 in 21 games

    Look I love the great stories of these rookie sluggers going bananas but it's gonna start to lose its effect if there's 5 of them every year. I don't mean to discredit or downplay how amazing this is but this year has certainly jaded me a bit.

    First we had Judge, then Bellinger, then Hoskins, now Olson. All of these guys looked like Babe Ruth at points this season. It's pretty absurd.

    Hoskins ISO is almost 100 points higher than Stanton's
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    I love it... I am so sick of the ******** that an 18 year old has to sit in the minors for 7 years then come up and play... **** that... let the dudes out of the cage... how much is there to learn?

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