The Warriors have 48 minutes at the 5 and 7 guys who play there. How do you think their minutes will be distributed and how SHOULD they be distributed?

Pachulia - He's the best they have at playing physical post defense and the best screener on offense, but his offense is ... bad.
McGee - He's the best oop option, but his man post defense is not good and he makes a lot of mistakes on both ends.
West - The best offensive player at center for the team but that's not saying much. Good all around guy and the rock of the team, he needs to keep his minutes down for his last year.
Bell - super athletic natural man and help defender, undersized, not much on offense, but there is potential.
Jones - super athletc big who is still really raw.
Green - Need to keep his minutes down in general and at center it's even more important.
Looney - The less said the better. Maybe he pulls it together and his shot starts dropping, but otherwise he's a decent position rebounder but very limited athlete. I'd guess the 15th man on the roster right now.

I hope Kerr continues to do what he's done in the past and run strange lineups and play the young guys a significant amount. Last year he basically never ran the KD/Curry PNR until the finals. I'd like to see the big 4 average a few minutes less a game, and the key to that is getting significant minutes from Jones and Bell at the big positions.