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Thread: Traverse City

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    Traverse City has this:
    The Rangers roster for the 2017 Traverse City Tournament
    Aug 30 | 11:17AM
    ( Adam Hunger)

    The Rangers have announced their roster for the Traverse City Tournament, featuring:

    Forwards: Lias Andersson, Filip Chytil, Gabriel Fontaine, Vinni Lettieri, Kyle Pettit, Tim Gettinger, Ryan Gropp, Robin Kovacs, Dawson, Leedahl, Luc Smith, Adrian Carbonara, Ryan Moore, Ty Ronning, Malte Stromwall

    Defense: Alexei Bereglazov, Brandon Crawley, Sean Day, Brendan Kotyk, Vince Pedrie, Neal Pionk, Sergey Zborovskiy

    Goalies: Chris Nell, Alexander Georgiev

    The Rangers will play four games in Traverse City on 9/8, 9/9, 9/11 and 9/12 before training camp begins on 9/15.

    Players that have previously played in Traverse City include Gettinger, Gropp, Ronning, Kovacs, Stromwall, Day & Zborovskiy.

    Since 2006 the Rangers have had at least one player on the Traverse City roster play in the regular season:

    16-17: Pavel Buchnevich, Boo Nieves, Jimmy Vesey
    15-16: Brady Skjei
    14-15: Anthony Duclair, Kevin Hayes, Mackenzie Skapski
    13-14: Conor Allen, Jesper Fast
    11-12: Tim Erixon, Carl Hagelin
    10-11: Evgeny Grachev, Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan
    09-10: Michael Del Zotto, Chad Johnson
    08-09: Artem Anisimov
    07-08: Brandon Dubinsky, Lauri Korpikoski, Marc Staal
    06-07: Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubinsky

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    Man, Geny Grachev... what a throwback name... I had high hopes for him.

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    2,874 had this:

    9:21PM: The Rangers defeated Chicago 3-2 in the Traverse City opener.

    The Rangers goals were scored by:

    Malte Stromwall (Gabriel Fontaine)
    Ryan Gropp (Ty Ronning)
    Sean Day (Gabriel Fontaine, Malte Stromwall)
    Chicago scored twice in the third and goalie Chris Nell stopped 28 of 30 shots.

    Alexei Bereglazov: +1
    Neal Pionk: 1 shot, tripping penalty
    Lias Andersson: +1
    Gabriel Fontaine: 2 assists, +1, 2 shots, high sticking double minor & holding the stick penalty
    Ty Ronning: 1 assist, +1, 4 shots
    Ryan Gropp: 1 goal
    Malte Stromwall: 1 goal, 1 assist, +2, 4 shots
    Sean Day: 1 goal, +2, 3 shots
    Robin Kovacs: Nothing on scoresheet
    Tim Gettinger: +1, 2 shots
    8:35PM: Sean Day, from Gabriel Fontaine & Malte Stromwall, scored to put the Rangers up 3-0.

    The Rangers lead in shots 18-17 through two periods.

    7:40PM: After the first period the Rangers lead Chicago 2-0 in Traverse City.

    Malte Stromwall, from Gabriel Fontaine, and Ryan Gropp, from Ty Ronning have scored for the Rangers.

    Vince Pedrie was called for holding.

    5:23PM: Ty Ronning is the captain for the Rangers in Traverse City with Lias Andersson and Vince Pedrie being assistant captains. (NYR)

    4PM: For tonight's opening game of the Traverse City tournament, the Rangers lines to start will be (Craig Custance):

    Ryan Gropp, Lias Andersson, Ty Ronning
    Tim Gettinger, Gabriel Fontaine, Malte Stromwall
    Robin Kovacs, Vinni Lettieri, Ryan Moore
    Dawson Leedahl, Kyle Petit, Adrian Carbonara
    Vince Pedrie, Neal Pionk

    Alexei Bereglazov, Sergey Zborovskiy

    Sean Day, Brandon Crawley

    Chris Nell will start in goal with Alexander Georgiev backing up.

    The Rangers play the Blackhawks at 7PM.
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    2,874 has this;

    The lines for today's Rangers game in Traverse City

    ( Adam Hunger)
    5:21PM: The Rangers lost to Dallas 4-1, giving up four answered goals, including 3 in the third period, to finish the Traverse City tournament 1-3.

    Alexei Beregelazov: +1, roughing penalty
    Neal Pionk: minus 1, 3 shots
    Lias Andersson: 1 assist, plus 1, 5 shots, high sticking penalty
    Gabriel Fontaine: Nothing on scoresheet
    Ty Ronning: 1 shot
    Sergei Zborovskiy: plus 1
    Brandon Crawley: minus one, 1 shot, slashing, roughing and boarding penalties
    Ryan Gropp: 1 assist, plus 1, 1 shot
    Malte Stromwall: 1 goal, plus 1, 3 shots
    Sean Day: Nothing on scoresheet
    Vinni Lettieri: 3 shots, goalie interference penalty
    Robin Kovacs: 1 shot
    Tim Gettinger: 2 shots
    3:42PM: The Rangers are up 1-0 on Dallas.

    Malte Stomwall scored with assists from Lias Andersson and Ryan Gropp.

    2:29PM: The Rangers play the Dallas Stars at 3PM in their finale for Traverse City and will use the following lines (NYR):

    Ryan Gropp,
    Lias Andersson, Malte Stromwall

    Robin Kovacs
    ,Gabriel Fontaine, Vinni Lettieri

    Tim Gettinger, Kyle Pettit, Ty Ronning

    Dawson Leedahl, Luc Smith,
    Adrian Carbonara

    On defense, Brandon Crawley &
    Neal Pionk
    Alexei Bereglazov
    Sergei Zborovskiy
    Sean Day
    & Brendn Kotyk

    Alexander Georgiev will start in goal.

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    2,874 has this:

    The Rangers finished 1-3 in the Traverse City tournament, scoring 5 goals while allowing 14 goals.

    For the Rangers:

    Ryan Gropp: 4 games - 2 goals, 1 assist, minus one, 6 shots
    Malte Stromwall: 3 games - 2 goals, 1 assist, plus two, 10 shots
    Gabriel Fontaine: 4 games - 2 assists, minus three, 6 PIM, 7 shots
    Sean Day: 4 games - 1 goal, plus one, 4 shots
    Lias Andersson: 4 games - 1 assist, plus one, 4 PIM, 9 shots
    Ty Ronning: 4 games - 1 assist, minus four, 2 PIM, 4 shots
    Brandon Crawley: 4 games - 1 assist, minus two, 10 PIM, 4 shots
    Vinni Lettieri: 4 games - 1 assist, plus one, 4 PIM, 12 shots
    Alexei Bereglazov: 4 games - minus three, 2 PIM, 0 shots
    Neal Pionk: 4 games - minus three, 2 PIM, 8 shots
    Tim Gettinger: 4 games - minus three, 9 shots
    Sergey Zborovskiy: 3 games - minus one, 3 shots
    Robin Kovacs: 3 games - minus one, 2 PIM, 2 shots
    Vince Pedrie: 2 games - minues one, 2 PIM, 2 shots
    Lias Andersson spoke after the final game and said (NYR):

    On how he felt about his play in the tournament, "It was very good, playing on the small rinks and a new type of game. It was very important for me. I didn't know it was that fast over here, it's getting better and better. We played a bad tournament, not going to stand here and lie. We did not play good enough." (NYR)
    On going into Ranger camp, "be ready to go, learn some small things on the small rink, learned about the speed. Just going to soak everything in and learn from teammates and coaches." (NYR)
    "I'm a pretty strong guy, physically I think I am ready. Just the game over here, it's not a sport, it's very tough. On the big ice at home in Sweden we have more time and space and can slow it down and make plays, here you have to be faster and think fast. I am learning every day." (NYR)
    Andersson added that his focus is now on getting to know the players on the Rangers and talking and learn from them about what it takes to play in the NHL. (NYR)

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