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    Top 50 SEASONS (Hitters)

    *Strike-Shortened seasons prorated, 3% decrease post AS break
    *Post Season Stats included in single season totals
    *All Stats Adjusted for BPF, LQ, and based in 2017 league levels
    *GINP & CS estimated where blank

    *Josť Altuve is the top player in 2017, projected WAR = 9.27

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    What are your thoughts on PEDs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WOwolfOL View Post
    What are your thoughts on PEDs?
    I think the effects of PEDS during the "steroid era" has been greatly overblown to the point that Bonds (greatest hitter all-time) and Clemens (greatest pitcher all-time) might not even make the HOF -- subsequently making the HOF a joke as far as I'm concerned.

    It's my belief or hunch that the MLB commissions "juiced" baseballs as one of the tools in its arsenal when offensive production, especially Power numbers and slugging lacks, or when there's a perceived threat to the popularity of the sport. Why? Home Runs deliver higher ratings and ticket sales. But they must maintain a balance to protect the competitiveness and integrity of the sport.

    In 1911 the Majors changed to a cork-centered ball to increase scoring.

    Following WWI, then one-year later following the Black Sox scandal, I believe MLB and Spalding "juiced" the baseballs ushering in the "live ball" era, while also taking advantage of Ruth's popularity.

    From 1993-1994 Home Runs increased almost 16%.
    From 2014-2015 17.5%
    From 2016-2017 9.5%

    I don't believe PED use can explain the Home Runs increases better than a "juiced" ball theory.

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