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    Does Anyone Here Do Martial Arts?

    I've been doing Aikido for 5 years now. It's been a really great experience though I'm still terrible at it.

    I've tried a few others such as Muy Thai, Bujinkan Buyu, and Tae Kwon Do, but none ever clicked with me. They were all too aggressive. Besides, I have epilepsy and I really can't risk being hit in the head.

    I was thinking of doing Jujitsu as Aikido has no ground work.

    What about you all?
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    Nov 2010
    A friend of mine was an amateur mma fighter. He cut to 145-155 and with me weighing between 170-175, he asked if I wanted to train with him. I only training for about 6 months with him, kept breaking digits, but it was a mix between bjj, kickboxing and some wrestling. He drove to go to a wrestling specific coach so my training in that was so limited my sprawl looks more like a fish jumping out of water. Great question by the way and welcome to the forum!
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    Nov 2006
    I've never formally trained. I've had boxing matches with my friends, and I've been shown some wrestling and BJJ moves but obviously this is nothing like real training. I've been wanting to sign up to a gym and train in MMA. I'm leaning towards boxing, wrestling, and BJJ.....and after I feel like I have a strong base in those disciplines, I'd like to incorporate some taekwondo and muay thai. I need to find the time and finances to do it because I'm an all or nothing guy....when I'm passionate about a hobby or something, I go all in...and If I dove into something like MMA I know I would need plenty of time to hone my skills because obviously I'm way behind the 8 ball. For anyone that trains on many days per week/hours do you train and how do you balance it with work and other obligations?

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    I've always liked the sport of Muay Thai and BJJ as they are totally different when training (muscular vs cardio). I have done some BJJ training at gyms where I live but that was a while ago. I've done some Muay Thai in Thailand before which was a great experience and kept with it on and off. I never wanted to be a pro or anything because getting cracked in the face is not fun.

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