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    Quote Originally Posted by Walter_White View Post
    Well, OBJ going down just ended my season.
    I lost Aaron Rodgers and did so days after trading Cam Newton. My luck has been comically bad.

    Aaron Rodgers
    Charles Clay
    Greg Olsen
    Corey Coleman
    Brandon Marshall
    Chris Carson

    All owned by me at the time they were injured. I'm a curse. My apologies in advance to Antonio Brown owners.

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    ^^ I feel you. On one team I have/had....

    Danny Woodhead,
    Odell Beckham Jr.
    Aaron Rodgers
    Chris Carson
    Brandon Marshall
    Golden Tate (injured Sunday... not sure to what extent)
    Emmanual Sanders (carted off the field on Sunday)
    Robert Kelley (has been injured)

    I was 5-0... now 5-1. I'll be lucky to win 6 games now. Now if Tyreke Hill or Travis Kelce have more concussion problems it wouldn't surprise me.
    49ers, Athletics, Warriors = Life!

    49ers = Rebuild Mode! Love my fellow Faithful
    Warriors = 2015 & 2017 NBA CHAMPIONS!
    A's = The young talent is here!

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